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The English word games are:
○   Anagrams
○   Wildcard, crossword
○   Lettris
○   Boggle.


Lettris is a curious tetris-clone game where all the bricks have the same square shape but different content. Each square carries a letter. To make squares disappear and save space for other squares you have to assemble English words (left, right, up, down) from the falling squares.


Boggle gives you 3 minutes to find as many words (3 letters or more) as you can in a grid of 16 letters. You can also try the grid of 16 letters. Letters must be adjacent and longer words score better. See if you can get into the grid Hall of Fame !

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moonseed - クレマチスclematis - allamanda - Beaumontia grandiflora, Easter lily vine, Nepal trumpet flower - confederate jasmine, star jasmine, Trachelospermum jasminoides - つた, アイビー, キヅタ, 蔦common ivy, English ivy, Hedera helix, ivy - Aristolochia clematitis, birthwort - ブーゲンビリアbougainvillea - Barbados gooseberry, Barbados-gooseberry vine, Pereskia aculeata - climbing corydalis, Corydalis claviculata, Fumaria claviculata - Adlumia fungosa, Allegheny vine, climbing fumitory, Fumaria fungosa - Delairea odorata, German ivy, Senecio milkanioides - climbing boneset, climbing hemp-vine, climbing hempweed, Mikania scandens, wild climbing hempweed - ヤムイモ, ヤム芋yam, yam plant - Dioscorea elephantipes, elephant's-foot, Hottentot's bread vine, Hottentot bread vine, tortoise plant - Dioscorea paniculata, wild yam - black bindweed, black bryony, Tamus communis - ヒョウタン, 瓜の蔓gourd, gourd vine - カボチャ, スカッシュsquash, squash vine - briony, bryony - へちま, ヘチマ, 天糸瓜, 糸爪, 糸瓜dishcloth gourd, luffa, rag gourd, sponge gourd, strainer vine - 猿梨Actinidia arguta, bower actinidia, tara vine - キーウィActinidia chinensis, Actinidia deliciosa, Chinese gooseberry, kiwi, kiwi vine - またたび, マタタビ, 木天蓼Actinidia polygama, silvervine, silver vine - ウィール・オブ・フォーチュン, トケイソウ, 転変passionflower, passionflower vine, Wheel of Fortune - ホップhop, hops - Bomarea edulis, salsilla - Bomarea salsilla, salsilla - 山帰来Asparagus asparagoides, smilax - sarsaparilla - briar, brier, bullbrier, catbrier, greenbrier, horse brier, horse-brier, Smilax rotundifolia - Carolina jasmine, evening trumpet flower, Gelsemium sempervirens, yellow jasmine, yellow jessamine - calabar-bean vine, Physostigma venenosum - Amphicarpa bracteata, Amphicarpaea bracteata, hog peanut, wild peanut - 落花生Apios americana, Apios tuberosa, groundnut, groundnut vine, Indian potato, potato bean, wild bean - Canavalia ensiformis, giant stock bean, jack bean, wonder bean - なたまめ, ナタマメ, 鉈豆Canavalia gladiata, sword bean - butterfly pea, Centrosema virginianum - butterfly pea, Clitoria mariana - チョウマメblue pea, butterfly pea, Clitoria turnatea - Derris elliptica, derris root, tuba root - Australian pea, Dipogon lignosus, Dolichos lignosus - Hardenbergia comnptoniana, Western Australia coral pea - coral pea - 藤豆bonavist, Dolichos lablab, Egyptian bean, hyacinth bean, Indian bean, Lablab purpureus - vetchling - everlasting pea - スイートピーLathyrus odoratus, sweetpea, sweet pea - earthnut pea, earth-nut pea, heath pea, Lathyrus tuberosus, tuberous vetch - Pachyrhizus erosus, yam bean - Pachyrhizus tuberosus, potato bean, yam bean - シカクマメgoa bean, goa bean vine, Manila bean, Psophocarpus tetragonolobus, winged bean, winged pea - クズ, 葛kudzu, kudzu vine, Pueraria lobata - ふじ, 藤wistaria, wisteria - China fleece vine, mile-a-minute plant, Polygonum aubertii, Russian vine, silver lace vine - boxberry, Mitchella repens, partridgeberry, twinberry - soapberry vine - American bittersweet, bittersweet, Celastrus scandens, climbing bittersweet, false bittersweet, shrubby bittersweet, staff vine, waxwork - 蔓梅擬Celastric articulatus, Celastrus orbiculatus, Japan bittersweet, Japanese bittersweet, oriental bittersweet - Euonymus fortunei radicans, Euonymus radicans vegetus, evergreen bittersweet - black-eyed Susan, black-eyed Susan vine, Thunbergia alata - Bignonia capreolata, cross vine, quartervine, quarter-vine, trumpet flower - ひるがお, 昼顔convolvulus - bindweed, convolvulus - silverweed - ネナシカズラdodder - アオイゴケ, ダイコンドラdichondra, Dichondra micrantha - あさがお, アサガオ, 朝顔, 槿花convolvulus, morning glory - alehoof, field balm, gill-over-the-ground, Glechoma hederaceae, ground ivy, Nepeta hederaceae, runaway robin - potato tree, Solanum crispum - Solanum commersonii, Uruguay potato, Uruguay potato vine - Solanum jamesii, wild potato - potato vine, Solanum jasmoides - じゃが, じゃがいも , じゃが芋, ジャガイモ, ジャガタラいも, ジャガタラ芋, ジャガ芋, ポテト, 馬鈴薯potato, Solanum tuberosum, white potato, white potato vine - giant potato creeper, potato vine, Solanum wendlandii - cock's eggs, Salpichroa organifolia, Salpichroa rhomboidea - climber - とうほん, 藤本creeper, liana - ブドウgrape, grapevine, grape vine - ツタBoston ivy, Japanese ivy, Parthenocissus tricuspidata - アメリカヅタ, バージニアヅタAmerican ivy, Parthenocissus quinquefolia, Virginia creeper, woodbine - pepper vine, true pepper - Araujia sericofera, cruel plant - hoya - Periploca graeca, silk vine - haoma, Sarcostemma acidum, soma - negro vine, Vincetoxicum hirsutum, Vincetoxicum negrum - braghină (ro) - gordin (ro) - semi-climber[Spéc.]

climber (n.) • creeper (n.) • vine (n.) • つるのある植物 (n.) • つる植物 (n.) • ぶどうのつる (n.) • ぶどうの木 (n.) • (n.) • 蔦葛 (n.) • 蔦蔓 (n.) • (よじのぼる)植物 (n.)



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