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analogical dictionary

composite, composite plant - compass flower, compass plant - ebediyet, sonsuzlukeverlasting, everlasting flower - genus Achillea - Ageratina, genus Ageratina - genus Ageratum - Amberboa, genus Amberboa - genus Ambrosia - Ambrosiaceae, family Ambrosiaceae - genus Ammobium - Anacyclus, genus Anacyclus - Anaphalis, genus Anaphalis - genus Andryala - Antennaria, genus Antennaria - Anthemis, genus Anthemis - Antheropeas, genus Antheropeas - Arctium, genus Arctium - Arctotis, genus Arctotis - Argyranthemum, genus Argyranthemum - Argyroxiphium, genus Argyroxiphium - genus Arnica - Arnoseris, genus Arnoseris - Artemisia cinsi, Artemisia genusugenus Artemisia - acı şey, acı veren şey, çil baş, misk otu, pelinabsinthe, wormwood - sagebrush, sage brush - Aster cinsi, Aster genusugenus Aster - genus Ayapana - Baccharis, genus Baccharis - Balsamorhiza, genus Balsamorhiza - Bellis cinsi, Bellis genusuBellis, genus Bellis - Bidens, Bur Marigold, Bur-Marigold, genus Bidens, stick-tight, Tickseed - Boltonia, genus Boltonia - Brachycome, genus Brachycome - Brickellia, genus Brickelia - Buphthalmum, genus Buphthalmum - Cacalia, genus Cacalia - Calendula cinsi, Calendula genusugenus Calendula - Callistephus, genus Callistephus - deve dikenithistle - Carduus, genus Carduus - Carlina, genus Carlina - Carthamus, genus Carthamus - genus Catananche - Centaurea cinsi, Centaurea genusuCentaurea, genus Centaurea - Chamaemelum, genus Chamaemelum - genus Chaenactis - genus Chrysanthemum - chrysanthemum - Chrysopsis, genus Chrysopsis - Chrysothamnus, genus Chrysothamnus - Cichorium, genus Cichorium - Cirsium, genus Cirsium - Cnicus, genus Cnicus - Conoclinium, genus Conoclinium - Conyza, genus Conyza - genus Coreopsis - Cosmos cinsi, Cosmos genusugenus Cosmos - Cotula, genus Cotula - Craspedia, genus Craspedia - Crepis, genus Crepis - Cynara, genus Cynara - genus Dahlia - Delairea, genus Delairea - Dendranthema, genus Dendranthema - Dimorphotheca, genus Dimorphotheca - Doronicum, genus Doronicum - Echinacea, genus Echinacea - Echinops, genus Echinops - Elephantopus, genus Elephantopus - EmineEmilia, Emily, genus Emilia - Encelia, genus Encelia - Enceliopsis, genus Enceliopsis - genus Engelmannia - genus Erechtites - Erigeron, genus Erigeron - Eriophyllum, genus Eriophyllum - Eupatorium, genus Eupatorium - Felicia, genus Felicia - genus Filago - genus Gaillardia - genus Gazania - genus Gerbera, Gerbera - genus Gerea, Gerea - genus Gnaphalium, Gnaphalium - genus Grindelia, Grindelia - genus Gutierrezia, Gutierrezia - genus Gynura, Gynura - genus Haastia, Haastia - genus Haplopappus, Haplopappus - genus Hazardia, Hazardia - genus Helenium, Helenium - Helianthus cinsi, Helianthus genusugenus Helianthus - genus Helichrysum, Helichrysum - genus Heliopsis - genus Helipterum, Helipterum - genus Heterotheca, Heterotheca - genus Hieracium, Hieracium - genus Homogyne, Homogyne - genus Hulsea, Hulsea - genus Hyalosperma, Hyalosperma - genus Hypochaeris, genus Hypochoeris, Hypochaeris, Hypochoeris - genus Inula - genus Iva - genus Krigia - genus Lactuca, Lactuca - genus Lagenophera, Lagenophera - genus Lasthenia, Lasthenia - genus Layia, Layia - genus Leontodon, Leontodon - genus Leontopodium, Leontopodium - genus Leucanthemum, Leucanthemum - genus Leucogenes, Leucogenes - genus Liatris, Liatris - genus Ligularia, Ligularia - genus Lindheimera, Lindheimera - genus Lonas, Lonas - genus Machaeranthera, Machaeranthera - genus Madia, Madia - genus Matricaria, Matricaria - genus Melampodium, Melampodium - genus Mikania, Mikania - genus Mutisia - genus Nabalus, Nabalus - genus Olearia, Olearia - genus Onopordon, genus Onopordum, Onopordon, Onopordum - genus Othonna - genus Ozothamnus, Ozothamnus - genus Packera, Packera - genus Parthenium, Parthenium - genus Pericallis, Pericallis - genus Petasites, Petasites - genus Picris, Picris - genus Pilosella, Pilosella - genus Piqueria, Piqueria - genus Prenanthes, Prenanthes - genus Pteropogon - genus Pulicaria, Pulicaria - pire otugenus Pyrethrum, Pyrethrum - genus Raoulia, Raoulia - genus Ratibida, Ratibida - genus Rhodanthe - genus Rudbeckia, Rudbeckia - genus Santolina, Santolina - genus Sanvitalia, Sanvitalia - genus Saussurea, Saussurea - genus Scolymus, Scolymus - genus Senecio, Senecio - genus Scorzonera - genus Sericocarpus, Sericocarpus - genus Seriphidium, Seriphidium - genus Serratula, Serratula - genus Silphium, Silphium - genus Silybum, Silybum - genus Solidago, Solidago - genus Sonchus, Sonchus - genus Stenotus, Stenotus - genus Stevia - genus Stokesia, Stokesia - genus Tagetes, Tageteste - genus Tanacetum, Tanacetum - kara hindibagenus Taraxacum, Taraxacum - genus Tetraneuris, Tetraneuris - genus Tithonia - genus Townsendia, Townsendia - genus Tragopogon, Tragopogon - genus Trilisa, Trilisa - genus Tripleurospermum, Tripleurospermum - genus Tussilago, Tussilago - genus Ursinia - genus Verbesina, Verbesina - Actinomeris, genus Actinomeris - genus Vernonia - genus Wyethia - genus Xanthium, Xanthium - genus Xeranthemum - Zinnia cinsi, Zinnia genusugenus Zinnia[membre]


Asteraceae (n.) • aster family (n.) • Compositae (n.) • family Asteraceae (n.) • family Compositae (n.)



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