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analogical dictionary

数学的にmathematically - algebraically - 2乗second power, square - develop - serialise, serialize - arithmetically - exponentially - presuppose, suppose - わりだす, 割り出す, 割出す, 計算するcalculate, cipher, compute, cypher, figure, reckon, reckon up, work out - extract - げんじる, げんずる, 差し引く, 引く, 減じる, 減ずるdeduct, deduct from, subtract, subtract from, take, take off - 掛けるmultiply - 割るdivide, fraction - 判断する, 見積もる, ~と見なすapproximate, assess, estimate, gauge, guess, judge, make, price - give - Fermat, Pierre de Fermat - リーマンBernhard Riemann, Georg Friedrich Bernhard Riemann, Riemann - 計算calculation, computation, computing - うんざん, 運算mathematical operation, mathematical process, operation - combination - division, long division - addition, plus, summation - exponentiation, involution - くしょう, 矩象quadrature - ほのめかすimply - 提案するintimate, suggest - 設定するdefine, determine, fix, limit, set, specify - ブール代数のBoolean - かさんき, 加算器, 加算機adding machine, adding-machine, totaliser, totalizer - 代数のalgebraic, algebraical - parametric - とうけいてき, 統計の, 統計的statistical - Napier's bones, Napier's rods - quipu - accuracy - ひたいしょう, ふきんせい, ふせい, ふつりあい, アシンメトリー, 不均斉, 不斉, 不釣り合い, 不釣合い, 非対称asymmetry, dissymmetry, imbalance - lopsidedness, skewness - handedness, laterality - ひだりきき, 左利, 左利きleft-handedness, sinistrality - みぎきき, 右利きdextrality, right-handedness - logic, logical system, system of logic - distribution, statistical distribution - えんえき, 演繹deduction, deductive reasoning, synthesis - すいだん, すいり, すいろん, 推断, 推理, 推論illation, inference - さんだんろんぽう, 三段論法syllogism - analog, analogy - いんすうぶんかい, ファクタリング, 因数分解factoring, factorisation, factorization - diagonalisation, diagonalization - digitalisation, digitisation, digitization - reductio, reductio ad absurdum - はんれい, 反例counterexample - formula, rule - えんざんてじゅん, アルゴリズム, 演算手順algorithm, algorithmic program, algorithmic rule - sorting algorithm - かいき, リカージョン, 回帰recursion - quantity - value - オペランドoperand - じゅうぞくへんすう, 従属変数dependent variable - parameter, parametric quantity - lcm, least common multiple, lowest common multiple - 合計amount, sum, total - series - power series - Fourier series - vector - がいせき, ベクトルせき, ベクトル積, 外積cross product, vector product - ないせき, 内積dot product, inner product, scalar product - 数学math, mathematics, maths - じゅんせいすうがく, 純正数学, 純粋数学pure mathematics - きゅうめんさんかくほう, 球面三角法spherical trigonometry - origin - おうざひょう, おうせん, よこじく, よこせん, 横座標, 横線, 横軸abscissa, line segment - さんかくほう, 三角法trig, trigonometry - だいすう, だいすうがく, 代数, 代数学algebra - Jpan, せんけいだいすう, 線形代数linear algebra - calculus, infinitesimal calculus - Fourier analysis, harmonic analysis - びぶんがく, 微分学differential calculus, method of fluxions - どうかんすう, びけいすう, 導関数, 微系数derivative, derived function, differential, differential coefficient, first derivative - せきぶんがく, 積分学integral calculus - へんぶんがく, 変分学, 変分法calculus of variations - 集合論set theory - interval - group, mathematical group - ぐんろん, 群論group theory - ガロアりろん, ガロア理論Galois theory - Abelian group, commutative group - おうようすうがく, 応用数学applied math, applied mathematics - リネアプログラミングlinear programming - とうけい, スタティスティックス, 統計, 統計学statistics - least squares, method of least squares - statistic - moment - そうかへいきん, 相加平均, 算術平均arithmetic mean, expectation, expected value, first moment - そうじょうへいきん, 相乗平均geometric mean - harmonic mean - standard deviation - covariance - せいきぶんぷ, 正規分布Gaussian distribution, normal distribution - Poisson distribution - かいきぶんせき, 回帰分析regression analysis - linear regression, rectilinear regression - time series - にこうぶんぷ, 二項分布Bernoulli distribution, binomial distribution - にこうていり, 二項定理binomial theorem - かくりつろん, 確率論probability theory, theory of probability - きごうろんりがく, けいしきろんり, すうりろんりがく, 形式論理, 数理論理学, 記号論理学formal logic, mathematical logic, symbolic logic - ブール代数Boolean algebra, Boolean logic - propositional calculus, propositional logic, sentential calculus - functional calculus, predicate calculus - deontic logic - epistemic logic - ファジーロジックfuzzy logic - proof - mathematical proof - しき, ほうていしき, 式, 方程式chemical equation, equation - いちじほうていしき, 一次方程式linear equation - にじほうていしき, 二次方程式quadratic, quadratic equation - Jpan, びぶんほうていしき, 微分方程式differential equation - Jpanpartial differential equation - wave equation - ぎゃくせつ, パラドックス, 逆説paradox - expression, formula - 条件condition, precondition, stipulation - ただしがき, なおがき, なお書, 但し書き, 但書, 但書き, 取りきめ, 尚書きprovision, proviso - mathematical notation - きすうほう, 記数法number representation system, number system, numeration system, system of numeration - positional notation, positional representation system - 記号sign - equals sign - しょうすうてん, デシマルポイント, 小数点, 少数点decimal point, percentage point, point - たいすう, 対数log, logarithm - common logarithm - Napierian logarithm, natural logarithm - Lukasiewicz notation, Polish notation, prefix notation - ぎゃくポーランドしき, 逆ポーランド式postfix notation, reverse Polish notation, suffix notation - ひけつ, むじゅん, 否決, 矛盾contradiction, contradiction in terms - ぶぶんしゅうごう, 部分集合subset - くうしゅうごう, 空集合empty set, null set - mathematical space, topological space - metric space - ユークリッドくうかん, ユークリッド空間Euclidean space, Euclidian space - ヒルベルトくうかん, ヒルベルト空間Hilbert space - scalar field - row - 縦の行column - とうさすうれつ, 等差数列arithmetic progression - とうひすうれつ, ねずみさん, ねずみざん, 等比数列, 鼠算geometric progression - すうがくしゃ, 数学的の得意な人, 数学者mathematician - ブールBoole, George Boole - Gottfried Wilhelm Leibnitz, Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz, Leibnitz, Leibniz - John Napier, Napier - ニュートンIsaac Newton, Newton, Sir Isaac Newton - Blaise Pascal, Pascal - ノイマンJohn von Neumann, Neumann, von Neumann - ぜったいち, 絶対値absolute value, numerical value - number - constant - すうけいすう, 数係数coefficient - absorptance, absorption coefficient, coefficient of absorption - coefficient of drag, drag coefficient - とうかりつ, 透過率transmission, transmittance - 素数prime number - だい, 第no., ordinal, ordinal number - きすう, 基数cardinal, cardinal number - ていすう, 底数base, radix - absolute frequency, frequency - しぜんすう, 正数, 自然数natural number, nonnegative integer - せいすう, インテジャ, 整数integer, set, total, whole, whole number - 複素数complex number, complex quantity, imaginary, imaginary number - じっすう, ほんごし, ほんとう, 実数, 本当, 本腰real, real number - rational, rational number - むりすう, 無理数irrational, irrational number - transcendental number - algebraic number - こんごう, じじょうこん, にじょうこん, へいほうこん, 二乗根, 平方根, 根号, 自乗根square root - さんじょうこん, 三乗根, 立方根cube root - は, ぶあい, 分数, 歩合, 派fraction - ぶんし, 分子numerator - ぶんぼ, 分母denominator - じょうすう, 乗数multiplier, multiplier factor - ひじょうすう, 被乗数multiplicand - じゅんかんしょうすう, 循環小数circulating decimal, recurring decimal, repeating decimal - れんぶんすう, 連分数continued fraction - half, one-half - 4分の1fourth, fourth part, one-fourth, one-quarter, quarter, quartern, twenty-five percent - e - function, map, mapping, mathematical function, single-valued function - inverse function - affine transformation - operator - identity, identity element, identity operator - さんかくかんすう, 三角関数circular function, trigonometric function - サイン, 正弦sin, sine - cos, cosine - よかつ, コセカント, 余割cosec, cosecant - exponential, exponential function - difference - ほのめかしconditional relation, implication, logical implication - plane, sheet[Domaine]



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