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The English word games are:
○   Anagrams
○   Wildcard, crossword
○   Lettris
○   Boggle.


Lettris is a curious tetris-clone game where all the bricks have the same square shape but different content. Each square carries a letter. To make squares disappear and save space for other squares you have to assemble English words (left, right, up, down) from the falling squares.


Boggle gives you 3 minutes to find as many words (3 letters or more) as you can in a grid of 16 letters. You can also try the grid of 16 letters. Letters must be adjacent and longer words score better. See if you can get into the grid Hall of Fame !

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analogical dictionary

商業のcommercial - operation - いんこう, はんこう, 出版, 出版業, 印行, 版行handing-in, issue, publication, publishing - パンや, パン屋, パン店, パン製造販売所, ベーカリーbakehouse, baker, baker's, baker's shop, bakery, bakeshop - しょし, しょせきしょう, しょてん, しょぼう, しょりん, ほんや, 書店, 書房, 書林, 書籍商, 書肆, 本屋bookshop, bookstall, bookstore - ブテックboutique, dress shop - ブラスリーbrasserie - しゅぞうじょう, じょうぞうしょ, じょうぞうじょ, ビール醸造所, 酒造場, 醸造所brewery - さぼう, カフェ, コーヒーショップ, コーヒーハウス, コーヒー店, 茶房, 食堂bar, cafe, cafeteria, coffee bar, coffeehouse, coffee house, coffee shop, coffee-shop, pub - 缶詰め工場cannery, canning factory, canning industry, packing-house - canteen - とくやくてん, れんさてん, チェーンてん, チェーンストア, チェーン店, 特約店, 連鎖店chain store - charcuterie - コンビニ, コンビニエンスストアconvenience store - ざっかしょう, 雑貨商, 雑貨店country store, general store, trading post - デパート, デパートメントストア, 商店, 商業の中心地department store, emporium - ディスカウントストアdiscounter, discount house, discount store, wholesale house - くすりや, やくほ, やっきょく, ドラッグストア, 薬局, 薬屋, 薬舗apothecary's shop, chemist, chemist's, chemist's shop, drugstore, grocery, pharmacy - ぎょく, ぎょろう, 漁労, 漁区fisheries bank, fishery, fishing bank, fishing ground, piscary - ガスステーション, ガソリンスタンドfilling station, filling-station, gasoline station, gas station, petrol station, service station - greasy spoon - 金物類hardware store, ironmonger, ironmonger's shop, ironmongery - ハイパーマーケット, 大スーパーマーケットhypermarket, superstore - Levi's, levis - Marineland - cake shop, confectioner's, confectioner's shop, confectionery, patisserie - pizza parlor, pizza shop, pizzeria - びしょういん, びよういん, ビューティーサロン, ビューティーパーラー, 美容室, 美容院, 美粧院beauty parlor, beauty parlour, beauty salon, beauty shop, salon - かんいしょくどう, スナックバー, 簡易食堂buffet, fast-food restaurant, snack bar, snack counter - speakeasy - スパームバンクsperm bank - スーパーマーケットsupermarket - さくしゅこうじょう, 搾取工場sweatshop - いざかや, 居酒屋inn, tap house, tavern - きっさてん, さぼう, ちゃしつ, 喫茶店, 涙にぬれた, 茶室, 茶房teahouse, tea parlor, tea parlour, tearoom, tea room, tear-stained, teashop - やくひんがいしゃ, 薬品会社drug company, pharma, pharmaceutical company - business, company, corporate, enterprise, venture, works - つうしんがいしゃ, コモンキャリア, 通信会社carrier, common carrier, contract carrier, haulage business, haulage contractor, haulage firm, hauler, haulier, transit company, transport company - chain - 会社company - かっこ, がんじょう, きじょう, きょうこう, けんご, げんじゅう, こしがつよい, しょうかい, しょうかん, しょうしゃ, しょうてん, だんこ, だんだんこ, つよき, ふばつ, ろうこ, ファーム, 不抜, 厳重, 商会, 商店, 商社, 商館, 堅固, 強気, 強硬, 断乎, 断固, 断断乎, 断断固, 気丈, 牢乎, 牢固, 確乎, 確固, 腰が強い, 頑丈business firm, firm, house - 会社business, business concern, business organisation, business organization, concern - ぎんこうシステム, 銀行システムbanking industry, banking system - かがくこうぎょう, かせいこうぎょう, 化学工業, 化成工業chemical industry - coal industry - electronics industry - film industry, movie industry - ぐんじゅこうぎょう, 軍需工業arms industry, munitions industry - oil business, oil industry, refining industry - plastics industry - ほけんがいしゃ, 保険会社assurance company, insurance company, insurance firm, insurance underwriter, insurer, underwriter - とうししんたく, とうしん, 投信, 投資信託fund, investment company, investment firm, investment trust - ヘッジファンドhedgefund, hedge fund - ミューチュアルファンドmutual fund, mutual fund company, open-end fund, open-end investment company - service industries, service industry - tobacco industry - toy business, toy industry - もちかぶがいしゃ, 持ち株会社controlling company, holding, holding company, shell company - こうこくしゃ, 広告社ad agency, advertising agency - つうしんしゃ, 通信社news agency, news organisation, news organization, press agency, press association, wire service - トラベルエージェンシー, 旅行社travel agency, travel bureau - しょうぎょうぎんこう, 商業銀行commercial bank, full service bank, mercantile bank, retail bank - 銀行bank, banking company, banking concern, depository financial institution - building and loan association, building society, mortgage bank, real estate company, real estate corporation, savings and loan, savings and loan association - しんたくがいしゃ, 信託会社trust company, trust corporation - さいじょういのビット, そうごぎんこう, 最上位のビット, 相互銀行MSB, mutual savings bank - シンクタンクthink factory, think tank - ゆうえんち, 遊園地amusement park, fair ground, funfair, pleasure ground[Domaine]



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