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The English word games are:
○   Anagrams
○   Wildcard, crossword
○   Lettris
○   Boggle.


Lettris is a curious tetris-clone game where all the bricks have the same square shape but different content. Each square carries a letter. To make squares disappear and save space for other squares you have to assemble English words (left, right, up, down) from the falling squares.


Boggle gives you 3 minutes to find as many words (3 letters or more) as you can in a grid of 16 letters. You can also try the grid of 16 letters. Letters must be adjacent and longer words score better. See if you can get into the grid Hall of Fame !

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analogical dictionary

matematisch, mathematisch, mathematisch gesproken, wiskundigmathematically - algebraïschalgebraically - kwadraat, quadraat, tweede macht, vierkantsecond power, square - develop - als feuilleton publiceren, als serie publicerenserialise, serialize - aritmetisch, rekenkundigarithmetically - exponentially - toedenken, veronderstellen, vooronderstellen, vooropstellenpresuppose, suppose - becijferen, begroten, beramen, calculeren, cijferen, omrekenen, rekenen, uitrekenencalculate, cipher, compute, cypher, figure, reckon, reckon up, work out - extract - aftrekken, aftrekken van, verrekenen metdeduct, deduct from, subtract, subtract from, take, take off - vermenigvuldigenmultiply - delen, segmenterendivide, fraction - begroten, benaderen, beoordelen, beramen, calculeren, koersen, oordelen, prijzen, ramen, schatten, uitlatenapproximate, assess, estimate, gauge, guess, judge, make, price - give - Fermat, Pierre de Fermat - Bernhard Riemann, Georg Friedrich Bernhard Riemann, Riemann - berekening, calculatie, cijferwerk, rekenwerkcalculation, computation, computing - mathematical operation, mathematical process, operation - combination - delen, deling, staartdelingdivision, long division - summatieaddition, plus, summation - involutie, machtsverheffingexponentiation, involution - kwadratuurquadrature - implicerenimply - voorstellenintimate, suggest - vaststellendefine, determine, fix, limit, set, specify - booleaansBoolean - telmachine, totalisatoradding machine, adding-machine, totaliser, totalizer - algebraa asch, algebraïschalgebraic, algebraical - parametric - statistischstatistical - Napier's bones, Napier's rods - quipu - accuracy - ametrie, asymmetrie, disproportie, onevenwicht, wanverhoudingasymmetry, dissymmetry, imbalance - lopsidedness, skewness - lateralisatie, lateraliteithandedness, laterality - linkshandigheidleft-handedness, sinistrality - rechtshandigheiddextrality, right-handedness - denkleer, logica, logikalogic, logical system, system of logic - distribution, statistical distribution - aftrekpostdeduction, deductive reasoning, synthesis - gevolgtrekkingillation, inference - sluitrede, syllogismesyllogism - analogie, overeenkomstigheidanalog, analogy - factoring, factorisation, factorization - diagonalisation, diagonalization - digitalisation, digitisation, digitization - reductio, reductio ad absurdum - tegenvoorbeeldcounterexample - formula, rule - algoritmealgorithm, algorithmic program, algorithmic rule - sorting algorithm - recursion - grootheidquantity - meetwaarde, waardevalue - operand - dependent variable - parameterparameter, parametric quantity - lcm, least common multiple, lowest common multiple - eindbedrag, totaal, totaalbedragamount, sum, total - massaproductie, massaproduktie, seriewerkseries - power series - Fourier series - vectorvector - cross product, vector product - dot product, inner product, scalar product - matematica, matematika, mathematica, mathematika, rekenkunde, wiskundemath, mathematics, maths - pure mathematics - spherical trigonometry - origin - abscissa, line segment - driehoeksmeting, triangulatie, trigonometrietrig, trigonometry - algebraalgebra - lineaire algebralinear algebra - calculus, infinitesimal calculus - Fourier analysis, harmonic analysis - differentiaalrekeningdifferential calculus, method of fluxions - differentiaalquotiënt, differentieelderivative, derived function, differential, differential coefficient, first derivative - integraalrekeningintegral calculus - calculus of variations - verzamelingenleerset theory - interval - bedrijfschapgroup, mathematical group - group theory - Galois theory - Abelian group, commutative group - applied math, applied mathematics - linear programming - statistica, statistiek, statistieken, statistikastatistics - least squares, method of least squares - statistiekstatistic - moment - arithmetic mean, expectation, expected value, first moment - geometric mean - harmonic mean - spreiding, standaardafwijking, standaarddeviatiestandard deviation - covariance - Gaussian distribution, normal distribution - Poisson distribution - regression analysis - linear regression, rectilinear regression - time series - Bernoulli distribution, binomial distribution - binomial theorem - probability theory, theory of probability - logistiekformal logic, mathematical logic, symbolic logic - Boolean algebra, Boolean logic - propositielogicapropositional calculus, propositional logic, sentential calculus - functional calculus, predicate calculus - deontic logic - epistemic logic - fuzzy logic - proof - mathematical proof - equatie, reactievergelijkingchemical equation, equation - linear equation - kwadraatsvergelijking, quadraatsvergelijkingquadratic, quadratic equation - differentiaalvergelijkingdifferential equation - partial differential equation - wave equation - paradoks, paradoxparadox - formuleexpression, formula - beding, bepaling, conditie, mits, modaliteit, proviso, randvoorwaarde, stipulatie, voorbeding, voorwaardecondition, precondition, stipulation - bepalingprovision, proviso - mathematical notation - number representation system, number system, numeration system, system of numeration - positional notation, positional representation system - tekensign - equals sign - decimaalteken, kommadecimal point, percentage point, point - log, log., logaritmelog, logarithm - common logarithm - Napierian logarithm, natural logarithm - Lukasiewicz notation, Polish notation, prefix notation - postfix notation, reverse Polish notation, suffix notation - contradiction, contradiction in terms - deelverzamelingsubset - lege verzamelingempty set, null set - mathematical space, topological space - metric space - Euclidean space, Euclidian space - Hilbert space - scalar field - row - kolomcolumn - arithmetic progression - geometric progression - matematica, matematicus, mathematica, mathematicus, wiskundigemathematician - Boole, George Boole - Gottfried Wilhelm Leibnitz, Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz, Leibnitz, Leibniz - John Napier, Napier - Isaac Newton, Newton, Sir Isaac Newton - Blaise Pascal, Pascal - John von Neumann, Neumann, von Neumann - absolute value, numerical value - getalnumber - constanteconstant - coefficient - absorptiecoëfficiëntabsorptance, absorption coefficient, coefficient of absorption - coefficient of drag, drag coefficient - transmission, transmittance - priemgetalprime number - ordegetal, rangtelwoordno., ordinal, ordinal number - hoofdtelwoordcardinal, cardinal number - radixbase, radix - absolute frequency, frequency - natural number, nonnegative integer - geheel, verzamelinginteger, set, total, whole, whole number - complex number, complex quantity, imaginary, imaginary number - reëel getalreal, real number - reëel getalrational, rational number - irrational, irrational number - transcendental number - algebraic number - tweedemachtswortel, vierkantswortel, wortelsquare root - derdemachtswortel, kubiekwortelcube root - breuk, deel, fractiefraction - tellernumerator - deler, noemerdenominator - multiplicator, multiplier, multipliër, vermenigvuldigermultiplier, multiplier factor - vermenigvuldigtalmultiplicand - circulating decimal, recurring decimal, repeating decimal - continued fraction - kinderkaarthalf, one-half - kwartaal, kwartierfourth, fourth part, one-fourth, one-quarter, quarter, quartern, twenty-five percent - ee - function, map, mapping, mathematical function, single-valued function - inverse function - affine transformation - operator - identity, identity element, identity operator - circular function, trigonometric function - sinussin, sine - cos, cosine - cosec, cosecant - exponential, exponential function - difference - implicatieconditional relation, implication, logical implication - plane, sheet[Domaine]



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