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The English word games are:
○   Anagrams
○   Wildcard, crossword
○   Lettris
○   Boggle.


Lettris is a curious tetris-clone game where all the bricks have the same square shape but different content. Each square carries a letter. To make squares disappear and save space for other squares you have to assemble English words (left, right, up, down) from the falling squares.


Boggle gives you 3 minutes to find as many words (3 letters or more) as you can in a grid of 16 letters. You can also try the grid of 16 letters. Letters must be adjacent and longer words score better. See if you can get into the grid Hall of Fame !

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analogical dictionary

はいにんざい, 背任罪breach of trust - おうしゅう, せっしゅう, ぼっしゅう, 押収, 接収, 没収arrogation, confiscation, distrainment, seizure - ひょうしょう, 表彰award, awarding - assignable, conveyable, negotiable, transferable, transferrable - ふうし, 諷刺innuendo, insinuation - 合法化するdecriminalise, decriminalize, legalise, legalize, legitimate, legitimatise, legitimatize, legitimise, legitimize - 一手販売権, 免許, 許可, 許可証clearance, franchise, licence, license, permit - けいほう, 刑法criminal code, penal code - いつわりもの, にせもの, よたろう, 与太郎, 偽り者, 偽者, 嘘つき, 贋者fibber, liar, prevaricator - Cosa Nostra, Maffia, Mafia - 不法に, 無法にillegally, illicitly, lawlessly - つり下がりsuspension, temporary removal - unlawfully - こうこ, こまか, しめた, せいろう, せんさい, ちみつ, はんそくきん, ばっきん, ゆうりょう, りっぱ, ファイン, 優良, 占めた, 反則金, 好個, 晴朗, 立派, 細か, 緻密, 繊細, 罰金amercement, fine, forfeit, mulct - おいはぎ, さんぞく, つじごうとう, ひょうとう, 乗っ取り犯, 剽盗, 山賊, 辻強盗, 追いはぎ, 追い剥ぎ, 飛行機乗取犯highjacker, highwayman, hijacker, road agent, skyjacker - ぎくんし, ぎぜんしゃ, にせくんし, まやかし, 偽君子, 偽善者dissembler, dissimulator, hypocrite, phoney, phony, pretender - ふぶんほう, ふぶんぽう, ふぶんりつ, 不文律, 不文法unwritten law - いましめ, けい, けいごく, けいばつ, けいりく, ざいか, しおき, しょばつ, しょぶん, じゅけい, せいさい, せいばい, ちょうあく, ちょうかい, ちょうばつ, ばつ, ほう, むくい, ようちょう, 仕置, 仕置き, 処分, 処罰, 刑, 刑戮, 刑獄, 刑罰, 制裁, 受刑, 報, 報い, 懲悪, 懲戒, 懲罰, 成敗, 戒め, 罪科, 罰, 膺懲, 警めpenalisation, penalization, penalty, punishment, retribution - introduce - damage, legal injury, wrong - しゅんが, わいせつぶんしょ, わいほん, エロチカ, ポルノ, ポルノグラフィー, 春画, 猥本, 猥褻文書blue movie, erotica, obscene literature, porn, porno, pornographic literature, pornography, smut - Jpan, 犯罪crime, criminal offence, criminal offense, foul play, law-breaking, offence, offense - じゅうざい, じゅうはん, じゅうぼん, ちょうはん, 犯罪, 重犯, 重罪crime, criminal act, criminal offence, criminal offense, delict, delinquency, felony, offence, offense, outrage, wrongful act - いはん, けいざい, けいはんざい, ざいごう, つみ, はんそく, びざい, 反則, 微罪, 罪, 罪業, 軽犯罪, 軽罪, 違反, 違犯breach of the law, contravention, infraction, infraction of the law, infringement, infringement of the law, invasion, lapse, misdemeanor, misdemeanour, offence, offense, penal offence, transgression, transgression of the law, trespass against the law, violation, violation of the law - ぎしょう, ぎせい, 偽証, 偽誓bearing false witness, lying under oath, perjury - commission, committal, perpetration - 襲撃assassination attempt, assault, attack, attempt, onslaught, terrorist attack - せいてきぎゃくたい, せいはんざい, 性犯罪, 性的虐待sex crime, sex offense, sexual abuse, sexual assault - せんりょう, たいほ, だほ, だ捕, ほかく, 占領, 拿捕, 捕獲, 捕獲物, 逮捕captive, capture, seizure - ひとさらい, ゆうかい, ゆうかいじけん, らち, りゃくしゅゆうかいざい, 人攫い, 拉致, 略取誘拐罪, 誘拐, 誘拐事件abduction, kidnaping, kidnapping, ravishing, snatch - こうはく, ぞうしゅうわい, ぞうわい, とくしょく, ばいしゅう, わいろを贈ること, 涜職, 買収, 贈収賄, 贈賄, 黄白bribery, corruption, graft - おうだつ, おうりょう, せつよう, ちゃくふく, つかいこみ, とうよう, 使い込み, 横奪, 横領, 盗用, 着服, 窃用defalcation, embezzlement, misapplication, misappropriation, peculation - しんようさぎ, とりこみさぎ, 信用詐欺, 取り込み詐欺bunco, bunco game, bunko, bunko game, cheat, con, confidence game, confidence trick, con game, flimflam, gyp, hustle, sting - せっしゅ, せっとう, せっとうざい, せっとうはん, ちゅうとう, とうなん, とうはん, とうるい, どろぼう, ぬすみとり, 偸盗, 泥坊, 泥棒, 盗取, 盗塁, 盗犯, 盗難, 窃取, 窃盗, 窃盗犯, 窃盗罪fossicking, heist, larceny, misappropriation of funds, raiding, robbery, stealing, theft, thievery, thieving - にぬき, 盗み, 荷抜きpetty larceny, pilferage - たいぎゃく, だいぎゃく, 反逆, 大逆high treason, lese majesty, treason, treason against the state - せんそうはんざい, 戦争犯罪war crime - dacoity, dakoity - ぼったくりheist, rip-off - おしこみ, きりとり, きりとりごうとう, ごうとう, とうはん, よかせぎ, 切り取り, 切り取り強盗, 切取り, 夜盗, 夜稼ぎ, 強盗, 押し込み, 押込み強盗, 盗犯break-in, burglary, housebreaking - 告白するconfess, fink, squeal - 判断assessment, judgement, judgment - はんだん, 判断adjudication - 無罪にする, 疑いを晴らすacquit, assoil, clear, clear of, discharge, exculpate, exonerate, free from blame, vindicate - おくりかえす, かえす, かえる, さしもどす, つきかえす, つきっかえす, ひきかえす, 差し戻す, 帰す, 引き返す, 引返す, 突きっ返す, 突き返す, 送り返す, 還す, 還るremand, remit, send back - procedure - file, register - きっぱりと言うdeclare - recusal, recusation - りっぽう, 法律, 法律制定, 立法lawmaking, legislating, legislation - 上演enactment, passage - あしどめ, きんしん, じたくなんきん, ゆうへい, 幽閉, 自宅監禁, 自宅軟禁, 謹慎, 足止め, 足留めhouse arrest - たいけい, たいばつ, 体刑, 体罰corporal punishment - むち打ちdrubbing, flagellation, flogging, hiding, lacing, lashing, licking, tanning, thrashing, whipping - きょっけい, しけい, しけいせいど, 実行, 極刑, 死刑, 死刑制度capital punishment, death penalty, executing, execution - auto-da-fe - burning, electrocution - due process, due process of law - そつい, ほうてきこうい, ほうりつこうい, 法律行為, 法的行為, 訴訟, 訴追action, action at law, criminal prosecution, legal action, legal proceedings - うったえ, おもてざた, そしょう, そしょうじけん, 事件, 表沙汰, 訴え, 訴訟, 訴訟事件case, causa, cause, lawsuit, legal proceedings, suit - lis pendens - しゅっこう, プロスィーディング, 出向legal proceeding, proceeding, proceedings - 訴えappeal - こうさい, はんけつ, 公栽, 判定, 判決, 決定, 裁判, 評決adjudication, decision, decree, judgement, judgment, judicial decision, pronouncement, sentence, sentencing, verdict - けっせきさいばん, 欠席裁判default judgement, default judgment, judgement by default, judgment by default, judgment in absence, judgment in contumacy - そっけつ, 即決, 速決judgement on the pleadings, judgment on the pleadings, summary judgement, summary judgment - finding - さばき, せんこく, はんてい, ひょうけつ, ひょうじょう, ろんだん, 判定, 宣告, 捌き, 裁き, 評定, 評決, 論断finding of fact, verdict - しゃくほう, ほうめん, むざいほうめん, めんざい, めんそ, 免罪, 免訴, 放免, 無罪放免, 釈放acquittal - いけんりっぽうしんさけん, しほうしんさ, ふくしん, 司法審査, 覆審, 違憲立法審査権judicial review - 否定, 申し立てdefence, defense, demurrer, denial, plea, repudiation - 適合abidance, compliance, conformation, conformity - 正当なlawful, legal, legislative, licit, statutory - unlawful - 合法のjuridical, juristic, legal - いほう, ひごうほう, 不法の, 違法, 非合法haram, illegal, unlawful - extrajudicial - left-handed, morganatic - draw - engage - 自由にするdeliver, free, liberate, loose, release, set at liberty, unloose, unloosen - gaol, immure, imprison, incarcerate, jail, jug, lag, put away, put behind bars, remand - 弁護するdefend, represent - 告訴する, 求める, 訴えるaction, litigate, process, sue - おかす, しでかす, やらかす, 仕出かす, 仕出来す, 為出かす, 為出来す, 犯す, 遣らかすcommit, perpetrate, pull - make - でんきいす, 電気いす, 電気椅子chair, death chair, electric chair, hot seat - こうしゅだい, しょけいだい, 処刑台, 絞首台gallows, gibbet - ガス室death chamber, gas chamber - gulag - iron maiden - penal facility, penal institution - げんぶつ, さらし台, 現物pillory, stocks - rack, wheel - ごうほう, てきほう, ほうてき, 合法, 合法性, 法的, 適法legality, legitimacy - validity, validness - effect, force - ごうほうせい, 合法性lawfulness, legitamacy, legitimacy, rightfulness - right - 入場許可, 利用の権利access, accession, admission, admittance, entree - けんり, とくてん, とっけん, 権利, 特典, 特権exclusive right, exclusive rights, perquisite, prerogative, privilege - 権利, 権利付与entitlement, right - せいぞんけん, 生存権right to life - しそうのじゆう, 思想の自由freedom of conscience, freedom of thought - equality before the law, equality of rights, equality of status - こうけん, こうみんけん, みんけん, 公権, 公民権, 民権civil liberties/rights, civil right, civil rights - freedom of religion, freedom of religious beliefs, freedom of worship, religious freedom - freedom of speech - しゅっぱんのじゆう, 出版の自由freedom of the press - freedom of assembly - さんせいけん, せんきょけん, ひせんきょけん, 参政権, 被選挙権, 選挙権franchise, right to vote, suffrage, vote - きかいきんとう, イコールオポチューニティー, 機会均等equal opportunity - 司法権jurisdiction, legal power - ほうりつせいど, リーガルシステム, 法律制度legal system - ぜいせい, 税制tax law, tax system - せんきょせいど, とうひょうせいど, 投票制度, 選挙制度electoral system, voting system - scrutin uninomial system, scrutin uninominal voting system, single-member system, uninominal system, uninominal voting system - list system, scrutin de liste, scrutin de liste system - jus sanguinis - jus soli - 法律学jurisprudence, law, legal philosophy - article, clause - しょめい, ちょういん, らっかん, サイン, 署名, 落款, 調印asterisk signature, signature, starred signature - こうぶん, こうぶんしょ, ほうてきぶんしょ, 公文, 公文書, 法的文書act, deed, instrument, legal document, legal instrument, official document, official paper - negotiable instrument, negotiable security, transferable instrument, transferable security - かたがき, ぜんか, たいほれき, はんざいきろく, 前科, 犯罪記録, 肩書, 肩書き, 逮捕歴criminal record, police record, record - パスポート, 旅券passport - だいりいにんじょう, 代理委任状power of attorney - ろうどうきょかしょう, 労働許可証working papers, work papers, work permit - 法, 法律law - しゅっそきげんほう, じこう, 出訴期限法, 時効statute of limitations - 憲法constitution, fundamental law, organic law - Constitution, Constitution of the United States, U.S. Constitution, United States Constitution, US Constitution - こうほう, 公法public law - ローマほう, ローマ法civil law, jus civile, Justinian code, Roman law - Salic law - blue law - poor law - けいほう, けいりつ, 刑律, 刑法criminal law - しょうしょ, しょうちょく, はんけつ, みょう, めい, めいれい, めいれいしょ, 判決, 命, 命令, 命令書, 布告, 法令, 詔勅, 詔書decree, edict, fiat, order, rescript - ukase - judicial separation, legal separation - 禁止, 禁止令ban, prohibition, proscription - ゆいごんほそくしょ, 遺言補足書codicil - リビングウィルliving will - cachet, lettre de cachet - ぜいきんしんこく, のうぜいしんこく, 税金申告, 納税申告income tax form, income tax return, return, tax assessment, tax form, tax return - building licence, building license, building permit, planning application, planning consent, planning permission - うんてんめんきょ, うんてんめんきょしょう, 運転免許, 運転免許証driver's licence, driver's license, driving licence, driving license - letter of mark and reprisal, letter of marque, letters of marque - letters patent, patent - judgement, judgment, legal opinion, opinion - はんたいいけん, 反対意見dissenting opinion - judicial writ, writ - authorisation, authorization, mandate, proxy, warrant - process, summons - charge, complaint - しほうとりひき, 司法取引plea bargain, plea bargaining - れいき, 例規, 法令legislative act, statute - ほうてん, 法典legal code - さしょう, りょけんさしょう, ビザ, 旅券査証, 査証stamp, visa - 証拠evidence - corpus delicti - declaration - きょうじゅつ, きょうじゅつしょ, くちがき, こうきょう, こうきょうしょ, こうじゅつしょ, せんせいきょうじゅつしょ, 供述, 供述書, 口供, 口供書, 口書き, 口述書, 宣誓供述書affidavit - 契約compact, concordat, covenant - inquisition - notice - 非難accusal, accusation - recrimination - だんがい, 弾劾contesting, disputation, impeachment - 弁護defence, defense, defense lawyers, defense team - ほうそう, 法曹bar, legal community, legal profession - そしきはんざい, 組織犯罪gangdom, gangland, organized crime - Black Hand - Camorra - crime syndicate, family, mob, syndicate - ICJ, International Court of Justice, World Court - Bench - 法廷, 裁判官, 裁判所bar, bench, court, court of justice, court of law, judicature, law court, tribunal - consistory - けいじほういん, 刑事法院criminal court - しょうねんしんぱんしょ, しょうねんしんぱんじょ, 少年審判所juvenile court - ぐんじさいばんしょ, 軍事裁判所military court - Star Chamber - じょうきゅうさいばんしょ, 上級裁判所superior court - high court, state supreme court, supreme court - jurisprudence, law - ぎょうせいほう, 行政法administrative law - きょうかいほう, カノンほう, カノン法, 教会法canon law, ecclesiastical law - international law, law of nations - かいしょうほう, かいじょうほう, 海上法, 海商法admiralty law, marine law, maritime law - かいげん, かいげんれい, ぐんぽう, ぐんりつ, 戒厳, 戒厳令, 軍律, 軍法martial law - しょうかんしゅうほう, しょうほう, 商慣習法, 商法commercial law, commercial legislation, law merchant, mercantile law - statutory law - apache - あくにん, いはんしゃ, げしゅにん, とがにん, はんにん, 下手人, 咎人, 悪事をする人, 悪人, 犯人, 犯罪者, 科人, 違犯者evildoer, offender, wrongdoer - abetter, abettor, accessory, accomplice, partner in crime - 共犯者, 従犯accessary, accessory, accomplice - ひこく, ひこくにん, 被告, 被告人defendant, suspect, the accused - かがいしゃ, アタッカー, 侵略者, 加害者, 攻撃者aggressor, assailant, assaulter, attacker - さんぞく, ぞくと, ひぞく, ひと, やとう, 匪徒, 匪賊, 山賊, 盗賊, 賊徒, 野盗bandit, blackguard, brigand, desperado, mugger, raider, villain - 法廷弁護士barrister - bootlegger, moonshiner - あばれもの, あばれんぼう, あらむしゃ, ごろつき, ならずもの, ならず者, ふりょう, よたもの, らんぼうもの, フーリガン, 不良, 与太者, 乱暴者, 悪党, 暴れん坊, 暴れ者, 與太者, 荒武者brute, bully, hooligan, rough, roughneck, rowdy, ruffian, tough, yahoo, yob, yobbo, yobo - おしいり, おしこみ, きりとり, きりとりごうとう, ぞく, どろぼう, 切り取り, 切り取り強盗, 切取り, 夜盗, 押し入り, 押し込み, 押込み強盗, 泥坊, 泥棒, 賊burglar, housebreaker - きょうはんしゃ, こぶん, 共犯者, 共謀者, 子分, 腹心collaborator, confederate, henchman, partner in crime - 詐欺師con artist, confidence man, con man - かんさつい, 検死官, 監察医coroner, court doctor, forensic doctor, medical examiner - コルセアBarbary pirate, corsair - きょうかん, きょうと, けいじじょう, げしゅにん, ざいにん, しおきもの, つみびと, とがにん, なわつき, にんがい, はんざいしゃ, はんにん, むほうしゃ, むほうもの, アウトロー, 下手人, 人外, 仕置者, 兇徒, 兇漢, 凶徒, 凶漢, 刑事上, 咎人, 無法者, 犯人, 犯罪者, 科人, 縄付き, 罪人, 重罪犯人crime, criminal, crook, felon, malefactor, outlaw - displaced person, DP, stateless person - DA, district attorney - 検査官examiner, inspector - けいり, 刑吏, 死刑執行人executioner, public executioner - ゆいごんしっこうしゃ, エクスキューター, 遺言執行人, 遺言執行者executor, executrix - deportee, exile - ターミネイタ, ターミネータeradicator, exterminator, terminator - ぼうりょくだん, ぼうりょくだんいん, よたもの, ギャング, 与太者, 暴力団, 暴力団員, 與太者gangster, mobster - ころしや, ガンマン, ヒットマン, 殺し屋gun, gun for hire, gunman, gunslinger, hired assassin, hired gun, hired killer, hitman, hit man, shooter, torpedo, triggerman - こうけいり, 絞刑吏, 絞首刑執行人hangman - ひとじち, 人質hostage, surety - 模倣者imitator, impersonator - いかさま師, いつわりもの, えせ, えせもの, ぎじ, さぎし, てきや, にせもの, ぺてんし, ぺてん師, やし, やまし, 似非, 似非者, 偽り者, 偽者, 山師, 弥四, 擬似, 疑似, 的屋, 詐欺師, 贋者, 野師, 香具師cheat, deceiver, fake, faker, fraud, imposter, impostor, pretender, pseud, pseudo, role player, sham, shammer - スレイヤー, 殺人者cut-throat, killer, slayer - Jpan, けんさつ, げんこく, だいげん, だいげんにん, だいり, だいりしゃ, だいりにん, べんごし, ほうそう, ほうりつか, 代理, 代理人, 代理者, 代言, 代言人, 原告, 弁護士, 検察, 法律家, 法曹attorney, lawyer - ぎし, りっぽうしゃ, 立法者, 議士lawgiver, lawmaker, legislator - やし, やまし, 山師, 弥四, 野師, 香具師charlatan, mountebank - さつがいしゃ, さつじんしゃ, さつじんはん, ひとごろし, 人殺し, 殺人犯, 殺人者, 殺害者assassin, cutthroat, liquidator, manslayer, murderer, murderess, strangler - obscurantist - オンブズマン, 行政監察官ombudsman - 政党party - child molester, paederast, pederast - ざいにん, ちょうほんにん, つみびと, はんざいしゃ, ひこく, 張本人, 犯人, 犯罪者, 罪人, 被告culprit, evildoer, guilty person, perpetrator - げんこく, こくそにん, こくはつしゃ, そしょうにん, もうしたてにん, 原告, 告発者, 告訴人, 申し立て人, 申立人, 訴訟人accuser, complainant, plaintiff - ごうだつしゃ, 強奪者, 略奪者brigand, corsair, despoiler, freebooter, looter, pillager, pirate, plunderer, raider, robber, rover, spoiler - 毒殺者poisoner - 政治犯political prisoner - けいと, ざいかんしゃ, しゅうじん, しゅうと, じゅけいしゃ, とらわれびと, とりこ, ひとじち, ふ, りょしゅう, 人質, 俘, 刑徒, 受刑者, 囚人, 囚徒, 在監者, 捕らわれ人, 捕虜, 虜, 虜囚captive, prisoner - ふりょ, ほりょ, 俘虜, 捕虜POW, prisoner of war - operative, PI, private detective, private eye, private investigator, shamus, sherlock - けんさつ, けんさつかん, けんじ, げんこく, 原告, 検事, 検察, 検察官prosecuting attorney, prosecuting officer, prosecutor, prosecutrix, public prosecutor - Queen's Counsel - 強姦者raper, rapist, violator - なんみん, ぼうめいしゃ, 亡命者, 難民displaced person, emigré, fugitive, person seeking political asylum, refugee - リッパーripper - きりとり, きりとりごうとう, ごうだつしゃ, ぞくと, ちゅうとう, とうぞく, どろぼう, ぬすっと, ぬすびと, ロバ, 偸盗, 切り取り, 切り取り強盗, 切取り, 強奪者, 強盗, 泥坊, 泥棒, 盗っ人, 盗人, 盗賊, 賊徒robber - sadomasochist - れんぞくさつじんはん, 連続殺人犯serial killer, serial murderer - ざいにん, つみびと, 罪人evildoer, sinner - skin, skinhead - ばいにん, みつゆせん, 売人, 密輸者, 密輸船contrabandist, moon curser, moon-curser, runner, smuggler - bugger, pederast, sod, sodomist, sodomite - Tartufe, Tartuffe - Ted, Teddy boy - くせもの, しらなみ, ぞく, とうぞく, どろぼう, どろ棒, ぬすっと, ぬすびと, ものとり, 曲者, 泥坊, 泥棒, 物取り, 白波, 白浪, 盗っ人, 盗人, 盗賊, 賊robber, stealer, thief - debt security, legal guardian, trustee - せんしゅ, 僭主, 強奪者supplanter, usurper - しょうにん, 目撃者, 証人, 連署人informant, informer, witness, witnesser - attestant, attestator, attestor, witness - yardie - Mary Magdalen, Mary Magdalene, St. Mary Magdalen, St. Mary Magdalene - Henry Morgan, Morgan, Sir Henry Morgan - Bartholomew Roberts, Roberts - Blackbeard, Edward Teach, Edward Thatch, Teach, Thatch - きょうりゃく, ごうだつ, ごうだつぶつ, ごうりゃく, せんりひん, だつりゃく, ぶんどりひん, ぶんどりもの, りゃくだつ, ろかく, 分捕り品, 分捕り物, 劫掠, 劫略, 奪掠, 奪略, 強奪, 強奪物, 戦利品, 掠奪, 略奪, 略奪品 , 鹵獲booty, dirty money, loot, pillage, plunder, prize, spoils, swag - heritage, inheritance - いあい, いさん, いざい, いぞう, いりゅう, 遺愛, 遺産, 遺留, 遺財, 遺贈, 遺贈物bequest, legacy - exemplary damages, punitive damages, smart money - escrow - 成長growth - legal status - 解放liberty - constraint, restraint - ゆうへい, 幽閉captivity, immurement, imprisonment, incarceration - durance - emergency - めんじょ, 免除exemption, freedom - impunity - はんざいはっせいりつ, はんざいりつ, 犯罪率, 犯罪発生率crime rate[Domaine]



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