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Boggle gives you 3 minutes to find as many words (3 letters or more) as you can in a grid of 16 letters. You can also try the grid of 16 letters. Letters must be adjacent and longer words score better. See if you can get into the grid Hall of Fame !

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analogical dictionary

着るassume, don, get about, get into, put on, tie on, wear - 追加のadditional, extra - 追加のsupplemental, supplementary - bespectacled, monocled, spectacled - 増す, 高めるadd, step up - 昇進promotion - そうちゃく, 装着installation, installing, installment, instalment - fill - 汚染contamination, pollution - consignment - けいさい, そうにゅう, 導入, 挿入, 掲載insertion, introduction, intromission - cannulation, cannulisation, cannulization, canulation, canulisation, canulization, intubation - 荷造りboxing, packing - きんちゅう, きんにくちゅうしゃ, 筋注, 筋肉注射intramuscular injection - 輸血blood transfusion, transfusion - 置き去るleave, leave behind - spread, spreading - そかい, ひさん, りさん, 分散, 疎開, 離散, 飛散diffusion, dispersal, dispersion, dissemination - deposit, deposition - くらいれ, せいふく, ちくせき, にゅうこ, 倉入れ, 入庫, 庫入れ, 整復, 蓄積, 貯蔵repositing, reposition, storage, storing, warehousing - 包含inclusion - がっぺい, ごうどう, ごうへい], そうにゅう, へんにゅう, 合併, 合同, 挿入, 編入incorporation - かがくりょうほう, 化学療法chemotherapy - ほうしゃせんちりょう, ほうしゃせんりょうほう, 放射線治療, 放射線療法actinotherapy, irradiation, radiation, radiation therapy, radiation treatment, radiotherapy - application, coating, covering - anointing, anointment, unction - いぶし, くんじょう, 熏蒸, 燻し, 燻蒸, 薫蒸fumigation - 注油lubrication - exposure - こせんがく, 古銭学coin collecting, coin collection, numismatics, numismatology - dangling, hanging, suspension - 隠してくれるものcover, covering, masking, screening - ポジショニングemplacement, locating, location, orientation, placement, position, positioning - きゅうよう, きょうきゅう, きょうよ, ちょうしん, のうにゅう, ほきゅう, 供与, 供給, 納入, 給養, 補給, 調進provision, supply, supplying - へいたんがく, ロジスティクス, 兵站学, 物流, 運送logistics - packaging - 家具付きのequipped, furnished - ぐんたいか, 軍隊化militarisation, militarization, mobilisation, mobilization - そうちゃく, 装着armament, arming, arms supply, equipping - さいぐんび, さいぶそう, 再武装, 再軍備rearmament - quarantine - 孤立closing off, isolation - 息を切らすdrag, draw, puff - concentration - amendment - うめる, ふさぐ, みたす, 埋める, 塞ぐ, 壅ぐ, 満たすfill, fill up, plug, plug up, secure, stop, stop up - 漂うsuspend - pack - 包みにする, 箱に入れるbox, package, prepackage - 荷を積むlade, laden, load, load up - しまい込むstow - ポーズをとる, 提出する, 置くdeposit, lay, place, pose, position, put, set - juxtapose - なくす, 置き忘れるlose, mislay, misplace - はめ込む, 埋め込むembed, engraft, imbed, implant, plant - うえる, 植えるplant, plant out, plant with, set - すえつける, そなえつける, 備えつける, 備え付ける, 取り付ける, 就任させる, 据えつける, 据え付ける, 組立てるinstal, install, put in, set up - 取り決めるdeposit, fix, posit, situate - set - adorn, beautify, bedeck, bedight, deck, embellish - 露出するexpose - cense, incense, thurify - 保管するhive away, lay in, put in, salt away, stack away, stash away, store - かさむ, ためる, つむ, もる, 溜める, 盛る, 積む, 連れに行く, 集めるaccumulate, amass, collect, compile, hoard, pile up, roll up, run up - つけるapply, give - 預けるbank, deposit - 与える, 供給する, 備える, 用意する, 養うfurnish, procure, provide, render, supply - 食料を供給するprovision, purvey, supply, victual - 備える, 取付ける, 装備する, 装備をするequip, fit, fit out, kit out, outfit, rig out - 椅子を張るprovide with soft furnishings, upholster - accouter, accoutre - addition, add-on, improver - configurational - かみがた, けっぱつ, 結髪, 髪型, 髪形coif, coiffure, haircut, hairdo, hair-do, hairstyle, hair style - どそう, 土葬, 葬儀, 葬式 burial, entombment, funeral, humation, inhumation, interment, sepulture - accretion by alluvion, alluviation, bottom lands, deposit, sedimentation - carbonation - deposit, deposition - りゅうにゅう, 流入assembly, concourse, crowds, flock, flow, inflow, influx, onrush, rush, stampede, surge - ちっそこてい, 窒素固定nitrogen fixation - きゅうちゃく, 吸着adsorption, sorption - embolism, insertion, intercalation, interlineation, interpolation, putting in[Domaine]



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