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The English word games are:
○   Anagrams
○   Wildcard, crossword
○   Lettris
○   Boggle.


Lettris is a curious tetris-clone game where all the bricks have the same square shape but different content. Each square carries a letter. To make squares disappear and save space for other squares you have to assemble English words (left, right, up, down) from the falling squares.


Boggle gives you 3 minutes to find as many words (3 letters or more) as you can in a grid of 16 letters. You can also try the grid of 16 letters. Letters must be adjacent and longer words score better. See if you can get into the grid Hall of Fame !

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Most English definitions are provided by WordNet .
English thesaurus is mainly derived from The Integral Dictionary (TID).
English Encyclopedia is licensed by Wikipedia (GNU).


The wordgames anagrams, crossword, Lettris and Boggle are provided by Memodata.
The web service Alexandria is granted from Memodata for the Ebay search.
The SensagentBox are offered by sensAgent.


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analogical dictionary

active - tulekadvent, coming - boot, bring up, reboot, reset - continue - olema, saamaexperience, have - kõikuma, muutma, transformeerima, vahelduma, varieerumaalter, change, vary - kahjustama, mõjutamaaffect, bear on, bear upon, impact, touch, touch on - hakkama, jääma, minema, muutuma, saamabecome, fall, get, go, grow, make - muutma, muutuma, riideid vahetama, vahetamachange, commute, convert, exchange, replace - modifitseerima, muutma, teisendama, varieerimamodify - muutmine, muutuminechange - metrication, metrification - diversification, variegation - vahetamine, vahetusadjustment, alteration, change, changing, edit, modification, variation - transfer, transference - lõpetamine, lõpetusconclusion, ending, termination - lõpetamine, lõpuleviimine, valmissaamineclosing, completion, culmination, mop up, take up, windup - engage - algatamine, algatus, alguse panek, alustamine, pealehakkamine, pihtahakkaminebeginning, commencement, start - debut, entry, first appearance, introduction, launching, unveiling - asutamine, loomine, rajaminecreation, foundation, founding, initiation, innovation, instauration, institution, introduction, origination - tasakaalu viimafirm up, stabilise, stabilize, steady - regularise, regularize - aset leidma, juhtuma, sündima, toimumacome about, fall out, go on, hap, happen, occur, pass, pass off, take place - jätmaleave, leave behind - transformed - sulama panema, sulatamadefrost, deice, de-ice - muundama, teiseks tegema, teisendama, transformeerimamodify, remodel, transform, transmute, transubstantiate - transformation, translation - alteration, change, modification, revision - muundumine, muutmine, pöördumineconversion, transformation - metsastamineafforestation, forestation - reafforestation, re-afforestation, reforestation - disappear, vanish - detract, take away - avamaopen, open up - lülitama, pöörama, vahetamachange, shift, switch - transfer, transplant, transpose - draw - make - read, scan - outclass - come - tõestamaaffirm, confirm, corroborate, substantiate, support, sustain - eeldamapresuppose, suppose - dateerima, kuupäevastamadate, date stamp - moonutama, pöörama, väänama, võltsimadistort, falsify, garble, pervert, twist, warp - garanteerima, kindlustama, tagama, veendumaassure, ensure, guarantee, insure, secure - leevendama, pehmendamaextenuate, mitigate, palliate - näitamaread, record, register, show - show - intend, mean, signify, stand for - kustutamadelete, erase - alla kriipsutama, esile tooma, esile tõstma, markeerima, rõhutama, toonitamaaccent, accentuate, emphasise, emphasize, lay/put stress on, punctuate, stress, underline, underscore - exit of underground stream, rebirth, renaissance, renascence, resurgence, revitalisation, revitalization, revival, revivification - ülestõusmineresurrection - käsitlema, kauplemaaddress, cover, deal, handle, plow, treat - ammendama, tarbimaconsume, deplete, eat, eat up, exhaust, run through, use, use up, wipe out - hold, hold up, support, sustain - püsti hoidma, toestama, toetama, ülal hoidmahold up, prop, prop up, shore, shore up, support, sustain, uphold - add on, affix, append, supplement - interconnect, interlink - külgnema, piirnemaabut, abut on, adjoin, border, border on, butt, butt against, butt on, edge, march - akumuleeruma, kuhjamaback up, block, choke, choke off, clog, clog up, congest, foul - haarama, kiskuma, köitma, kütkestama, meelitama, paelumaattract, draw, draw in, pull, pull in - run - bring, make for, play, work, wreak - kutsumaarouse, bring up, call down, call forth, conjure, conjure up, evoke, invoke, put forward, raise, stir - käivitama, plahvatama panema, põhjustama, sisse töötama, valla päästmaactivate, actuate, run in, set off, spark, spark off, touch off, trigger, trigger off, trip - establish, give - agiteerima, ajendama, ässitama, kehutama, kihutama, õhutamaactuate, incite, motivate, move, prompt, propel - alustama, asutama, hakkama, käivitama, käivitumacommence, embark on, proceed, set about, start, start up - kandmabear, turn out - alandama, degradeerimadebase, degrade, demean, disgrace, put down, take down - hämmastama, oimetuks löömaball over, blow out of the water, floor, shock, stun, take aback - stochastic - ajama, kihutama, kupatama, peletamachase away, chase off, dispel, drive away, drive off, drive out, rout, run off, turn back - kaduma, kuluma, läbi minema, langema, minema, mööda, mööduma, vahele tulema, vajumaelapse, fly, fly by, glide by, go along, go by, intervene, lapse, pass, slide by, slip, slip away, slip by, slip past - subject - go - saamabecome, turn - on visa kadumadie hard, endure, persist, prevail, run - modification - parapsychology, psychic phenomena, psychic phenomenon - juht, juhtum, sündmushappening, natural event, occurrence, occurrent - episoodepisode - võimaluscontingence, contingency, eventuality - casus belli - muudatus, muutus, teisend, vaheldusalteration, change, modification, transformation - juhusaccident, chance event, fortuity, stroke - juhtumincident - force majeure, loodusõnnetusact of God, force majeure, inevitable accident, natural disaster, unavoidable casualty, vis major - erinevusfluctuation, variation - tsükkelcycle, oscillation - tsükkelcycle - kordumine, kordus, korduvus, perioodilisus, retsidiiv, taastumine, tsüklilisusrecurrence, return - transition - muutus, niheshift, transformation, transmutation - changeover, conversion, passage, transition - green revolution - eruption, irruption, outbreak - business cycle, trade cycle - affair, function, occasion, social function, social occasion - change - abiogenesis, autogenesis, autogeny, spontaneous generation - capillarity, capillary action - food chain - cold front, polar front - squall line - occluded front, occlusion - paduvihm, vihmavalingcloudburst, deluge, downpour, pelter, pouring rain, rainstorm, shower, soaker, torrent, waterspout - reactance - lumetorm, tuiskblizzard, snowstorm - Doppler effect, Doppler shift - electrical storm, electric storm, thunderstorm - torque, torsion - vapor pressure, vapour pressure - ilm, ilma-, ilmastikunähtusatmospheric condition, conditions, weather, weather condition - loodusjõudelements - acidification, anthropogenic acidification - kõvastumine, parandamine, tahkestamine, tervendaminecuring, hardening, heat setting, set, solidification, solidifying, thermosetting, thermo setting, thermo-setting - looduslik protsessaction, activity, natural action, natural process - areng, protsessphysical process, process - protseduur, töötlemine, töötlusprocessing - ecological succession, succession - natural selection, selection, survival, survival of the fittest - change - occurrence - käituminebehavior, behaviour - circadian rhythm, nychthemeron[Domaine]



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