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analogical dictionary

營養物, 营养物food, nutrient, nutriment - 香槟酒, 香檳酒bubbly, champagne - 橘如树, 腰果cashew, cashew nut - Chianti - 美味飲料, 美味饮料nectar - diet, dieting - fresh - 鮮嫩的, 鲜嫩的crisp, crispy - good, undecomposed, unspoiled, unspoilt - 最新的hot - 发霉的, 發黴的mildewed, mildewy, moldy, mouldy, musty, stale - fresh - 腌的, 醃的brine-cured, salt-cured, salted - white - 伏击, 伏擊, 埋伏, 放哨, 潛伏, 潜伏ambuscade, ambush, be on the lookout, be on the watch, be on watch, bushwhack, keep a lookout, keep watch, lie in ambush, lie in wait, lurk, scupper, take cover, wait in ambush, waylay - 蛋黃, 蛋黄vitellus, yolk - 干燥的, (酒等)不甜的dry - macrobiotic - 味觉, 味道, 香味flavor, flavour, gustatory perception, gustatory sensation, savor, savour, tang, taste, taste perception, taste sensation - diet - macrobiotic diet - 素食主义vegetarianism - board, table - 厨房, 廚房, 烹飪法, 烹饪法cuisine, culinary art - almond - areca nut, betel nut - brazil, brazil nut - pignolia, pine nut, pinon nut - 食物feed, provender - ensilage, silage - broad bean, horse bean - 干草 , 干饲草, 秣hay - petfood, pet food, pet-food - 飲料, 饮料beverage, brew, concoction, drink, drinkable, potable - (液体药或毒物的)一服,一剂potion - elixir of life - 酒, 酒(精)alcohol, alcoholic beverage, alcoholic drink, booze, inebriant, intoxicant - drink - hooch, hootch - kava, kavakava - aperitif - 啤酒ale, beer - bock, bock beer, dark beer, stout - Pilsener, Pilsner - 強麥酒, 强麦酒, 淡色啤酒, 麥芽酒ale - kvass - mead - ginger beer - 果子酒, 葡萄酒vino, wine - claret, red wine - white wine - sparkling wine - Burgundy, Burgundy wine - Beaujolais - Bordeaux, Bordeaux wine - Cabernet, Cabernet Sauvignon - macon, Mâcon, maconnais - Moselle - retsina - Rioja - Soave - zinfandel - Sauterne, Sauternes - straw wine - table wine - 苦艾酒vermouth - fortified wine - 葡萄酒port, port wine - 雪利酒sherry - Marsala - muscadel, muscadelle, muscat, muscatel - 汁, 烈性酒, 烈性饮料(酒)alcoholic beverage, booze, hard drink, hard liquor, John Barleycorn, liquor, spirits, strong drink - akvavit, aquavit - arak, arrack - bitters - 白兰地酒, 白蘭地酒brandy - Calvados - Armagnac - 法国白兰地酒, 法國白蘭地酒brandy, Cognac - grappa - geneva, Holland gin, Hollands - grog - ouzo - 兰姆酒, 糖酒, 蘭姆酒rum - dram, drink, drop, nightcap, schnapps, schnaps, short, short drink, snifter - pulque - 龙舌兰酒tequila - 伏特加酒vodka - 威士忌酒whiskey, whisky - blended whiskey, blended whisky - bourbon - corn, corn whiskey, corn whisky - Irish, Irish whiskey, Irish whisky - rye, rye whiskey, rye whisky - malt whiskey, malt whisky, Scotch, Scotch malt whiskey, Scotch malt whisky, Scotch whiskey, Scotch whisky - 兴奋饮料, 利口酒, 提神飲料, 甜露酒cordial, liqueur - absinth, absinthe - anisette, anisette de Bordeaux - Chartreuse - triple sec - Grand Marnier - pastis - collins, Tom Collins - daiquiri, rum cocktail - gin and tonic - manhattan - margarita - martini - Tom and Jerry - Irish coffee - espresso, espresso coffee - Turkish coffee - 苹果酒, 蘋果酒cider, cyder - pear wine, perry - 可可飲料chocolate, cocoa, drinking chocolate, hot chocolate - 奶昔, 牛奶和冰淇淋等的混合饮料milkshake, milk shake, shake - 果汁 guózhīfruit crush, fruit juice - 蘋果汁/苹果汁apple juice - 橘子汁, 橘汁orange juice - ade, fruit drink - 柠檬水, 檸檬水lemonade, lemon soda - orangeade - mulled wine - negus - 饮料soft drink - 苏打水, 蘇打水carbonated drink, pop, soda, soda pop, soda water, tonic - cola, dope - egg cream - 姜汁酒,姜啤酒, 薑汁酒,薑啤酒ginger ale, ginger beer, ginger pop - Coca Cola, Coke - Pepsi, Pepsi Cola - 植物根茎制成的一种啤酒, 植物根莖製成的一種啤酒root beer - coffee, coffee bean, coffee berry - 咖啡coffee, java - May wine - egg flip, egg-flip, eggnog, egg nog - tea - herbal, herbal tea, herb tea, infusion - AA, Alcoholics Anonymous - Job's tears - castor bean - rapeseed - achene - key, key fruit, samara - 穀類, 谷类caryopsis, grain - 橡子acorn - calabar bean, ordeal bean - palm kernel, palm nut - apple nut, corozonuts, ivory nut, vegetable ivory - buckeye, conker, horse chestnut - jumping bean, jumping seed, Mexican jumping bean - 水果fruit - seed - nut - drupe, stone fruit - false fruit, pome - accessory fruit, pseudocarp - chyme - 发酵粉, 發酵粉baking powder, yeast[Domaine]



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