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analogical dictionary

严重地,认真地,严肃地, 嚴重地,認真地,嚴肅地badly, gravely, seriously, severely - 瞬间地in a flash, in a jiffy, in a second, in a trice, in no time, instantaneously, instantly, in two shakes, outright - 附加的, 額外的, 额外的additional, extra, other - 从前, 以前, 以前,先前antecedently, before, formerly, previously - 所购物, 购买purchase - 买来的东西, 购物shopping - succession, taking over - dispossession, expropriation - grant, subsidisation, subsidization - 最近, 近來, 近来late, lately, latterly, of late, recently - 国际地internationally - 租賃, 租赁letting, letting out, rental, renting, renting out - 仲裁人, 裁判员, 裁判員arbiter, arbitrator, judge, referee, umpire - 禁止貿易令, 禁止贸易令;禁运令embargo, trade embargo, trade stoppage - critical - 全球性地comprehensively, globally, universally - 可支付的collectable, collectible, payable - 上升climb, go up, rise - accrue - 不得要領的,不合適的, 不得要领的,不合适的, 徒劳, 徒劳地, 徒勞, 徒勞地, 无结果, 無效, 無結果avail, for nothing, futilely, ineffectually, in vain, to no effect, to no purpose, unavailingly, unsuccessfully, vainly - 節省, 节省economy, saving - 引渡extradition - 解雇, 退役,解职, 退役,解職discharge, dismissal, dismission, firing, liberation, release, sack, sacking - 取消cancellation - block, freeze, immobilise, immobilize - 不拿報酬, 不拿报酬complimentarily, for free, for nothing, free, free of charge, gratis, gratuitously - estimated - pay cut, salary cut - 福利国家, 福利國家welfare state - 耗尽depletion - deduction, discount, price reduction - grievously - 积累accrual, accruement, accumulation - 貧窮impoverishment, poorness, poverty - cap, ceiling, roof - 种植园, 種植園plantation - 价格damage, price, terms - 殖民主义colonialism - neocolonialism - 領退休金者, 领退休金者pensionary, pensioner - atonement, expiation, satisfaction - 加寬branch out, broaden, diversify - labor, labour, toil - 严重的, 危急的, 重大的dangerous, grave, grievous, life-threatening, serious, severe - fraud - close - indexation - Malthus, Thomas Malthus, Thomas Robert Malthus - breeding - capitalisation, capitalization - 直接, 瞬間的, 瞬间的, 立即的immediate, instant, instantaneous - 分配allocation, allotment, apportioning, apportionment, assignation, assignment, award, conferment, grant, parceling, parcelling - reallocation, reallotment, reapportionment - new deal - rationing - 一部分, 部分grist, parcel, portion, share - 慈善事业, 慈善事業charity, humanitarianism, philanthropic gift, philanthropy - 办理, (一笔)交易,事务dealing, dealings, transaction - international affairs, world affairs - transfer, transference - 財產轉讓法律事務, 财产转让法律事务conveyance, conveyance of title, conveyancing, conveying - delivery, legal transfer, livery - bailment, deposit, payment into court - lease-lend, lend-lease - 报酬, 支付defrayal, defrayment, payment - compensatory spending, deficit spending, pump priming - 准許, 准许, 许可approval, go-ahead, license, permission, permit - get back, win back - collectivisation, collectivization - protect - aid, economic aid, financial aid - 雇用employment, engagement - 动员mobilisation, mobilization - decentralisation, decentralization, devolution - 免費的, 免費贈送的, 免费的, 免费赠送的, 无偿的, 沒有…的, 無償的complimentary, costless, free, gratis, gratuitous, groundless - 多产的productive, prolific - 徒劳的, 徒勞的, 无效果的, 無效果的abortive, bootless, fruitless, futile, sleeveless, unfruitful, vain - nominal - 富有的, 富裕的, 富(裕)的, 穷的;富的affluent, badly, flush, loaded, moneyed, wealthy, well off - 寬裕的, 惬意的comfortable, easy, prosperous, well-fixed, well-heeled, well-off, well-situated, well-to-do - badly-off, poor - 一个钱也没有的broke, bust, flat broke, skint, stone-broke, stony-broke - 缺乏的;一貧如洗的, 缺乏的;一贫如洗的, 貧窮的, 贫穷的destitute, impecunious, impoverished, indigent, necessitous, needy, poverty-stricken - 缺錢, 缺钱, 貧窮的,身無分文的, 贫穷的,身无分文的, (錢)不多, (钱)不多hard up, impecunious, in straitened circumstances, penniless, penurious, pinched - 迁移, 遷移remove, transfer - 举起, 捐赠, 给予contribute, put up - 預付, 预付prepay - 抵消, 补偿, 补救,纠正, 補救,糾正compensate, indemnify, recompense, repair - 付清, 支付pay - 全部付清ante up, pay, pay up - pay - 付清工资而解雇(工人), 补偿, 補償, 賠償, 赔偿,compensate, make it up, make up, pay, pay off - lose, turn a loss - 轉向, 转向bear, pay, yield - 出价, 投标bid, make a bid, make an offer, offer, tender - 储蓄, 把錢存入銀行bank, deposit - borrow - give - prefer - 僱用, 开始雇用(工人等), 雇用employ, engage, hire, take on - collectivise, collectivize - declare - 登記,招收, 登记,使入学,使入会enrol, enroll, enter, inscribe, recruit - 經濟上的, 经济上的economic, economical - ergonomic - byproduct, by-product, child company, corporate restructuring spin-out, independent spin-off, independent spin-off company, restructuring spin-out, spinoff, spin off, spin-off, spinoff business, spin-off business, spinoff company, spin-off company, spinoff enterprise, spin-off enterprise, spinoff firm, spin-off firm, spin-off venture company, spin out, spin-out, swarming - Keynesian - facility, installation - 产量output, outturn, turnout - 大輪船, 大轮船, 小船, 飞船barge, boat, craft, vessel - 內有軌電車, 内有轨电车, 有軌電車, 有轨电车线路streetcar, tram, tramcar, tramway, trolley, trolley car - 合計, 合计, 总数, 总计, 總數, 總計aggregate, sum, total, totality - commutability, replaceability, substitutability - deficit, shortage, shortfall - pension account, pension plan, retirement account, retirement plan, retirement program, retirement savings account, retirement savings plan - egalitarianism, equalitarianism - Malthusianism, Malthusian theory - monetarism - bioengineering, biotechnology, ergonomics - 經濟學, 经济学economics, economic science, political economy - game theory, theory of games - 计量经济学econometrics - supply-side economics - utilitarianism - Maoism - arbitration clause - 特許狀, 特许状charter - Magna Carta, Magna Charta, The Great Charter - 专利, 專利patent, patent of invention - 发货清单, 帐单, 帳單, 發貨清單account, bill, check, invoice - 收据, 收據, 收条, 收條bank cash certificate, delivery note, receipt, short-term borrowing - 契約,合同, 契约,合同contract - collective agreement, collective labour agreement, labor agreement, labor contract - contract of employment, employee's statement, employment agreement, employment contract - economic policy - fiscal policy - control - price administration, price control, price maintenance - base, floor - protectionism - 一致agreement, understanding - 状况condition, term - collective bargaining - business cycle, trade cycle - financial institution, financial organisation, financial organization - carrier, common carrier, contract carrier, haulage business, haulage contractor, haulage firm, hauler, haulier, transit company, transport company - 集团, 集團axis, bloc, block, power bloc - 人力, 劳动力, 勞動力employees, hands, labour, manpower, men, workers, workforce, work force - day shift, day watch - 工会, 工會brotherhood, labor union, trades union, trade union, union - company union, entreprise union - fleet - 資本主義, 资本主义capitalism, capitalist economy - industrialism - free enterprise, laissez-faire economy, market economy, private enterprise - state capitalism - International - national socialism, Naziism, Nazism - 經濟, 经济economic system, economy - 基金(會)foundation - trust company, trust corporation - 內地, 内地back country, backwoods, boondocks, hinterland, primaeval forest, primeval forest - 經紀人,中間商, 经纪人, 調解人, 调停者, 调解人go-between, intercessor, intermediary, intermediator, mediator, middleman - 受領人,接受者, 受领人,接受者, 接收机, 破产产业管理人receiver, recipient - 收信人addressee - 銀行家banker - 收礼的人beneficiary, donee - 借用者borrower - broker-dealer - 债务人, 債務人debitor, debtor - dragoman - 經濟學家, 经济学家economic expert, economist - finance minister, minister of finance - foreign minister, secretary of state - guarantor, surety, warranter, warrantor - 譯員, 译员dragoman, interpreter, translator - leaseholder, lessee - Lord Chancellor, Lord High Chancellor - government minister, minister - 合股人partner - 统计学家actuary, statistician - 出納員, 出纳员bank clerk, cashier, teller, ticket clerk - 司库, 司庫financial officer, treasurer - V.P., vice-chairman, vice president, vice-president - John Maynard Keynes, Keynes - J. P. Morgan, John Pierpont Morgan, Morgan - crown land, Crown property, demesne of the Crown, national domain, public domain, public land, Royal demesne, state land - 废旧物, 房地产, 房地產, 所有物, 材料, 物质belongings, holding, property, stuff, substance - personal estate, personal property, personalty, private property - effects, personal effects - 衣服things - immovable, immovable property, real estate, real property, realty - 地产, 地產, 庄园, 莊園acres, demesne, estate, land, landed estate, landed property, landholding, landownership, landowning, property, real estate - glebe - lease, letting, rental - common property, public property - 地产land - 貨幣, 货币, 金錢, 金钱 , 錢money - gross national product, national income - GNP, gross national product, gross national profit - 国内生产总值GDP, gross domestic product - aid to the developing countries, foreign aid - 奖金,红利, 獎金,紅利bonus, incentive - 调整adjustment, allowance - 支出, 支出,費用, 支出,费用expenditure, outgo, outlay, spending - disbursal, disbursement, expense - 价格, 费用cost - capital expenditure, capital outlay - 支付,報酬, 支付,报酬payment - 挣得的钱,收入, 掙得的錢,收入, 酬劳earnings, pay, remuneration, salary, wage - minimum wage, wage-floor, wage minimum - discount, rebate - 补偿, 補償, 赔偿金compensation, damage - alimony, maintenance - payola - 利息interest, stake - reimbursement - 薪水,酬金emolument - 归还, 赔偿amends, damages, indemnification, indemnity, redress, restitution - 工資, 工资, 薪水, 薪金 salary, stipend, wage - prebend - fringe benefit, perk, perquisite - 小費, 小费, 賞錢, 赏钱backsheesh, baksheesh, bakshis, bakshish, gratuity, pourboire, tip - child support - penalty - cost of living - distribution cost - production cost - price - asking price, offered price, offering price, offer price, sale price, selling price - purchase price - opportunity cost - financial loss - moral hazard - paper gold, special drawing rights - intangible, intangible asset - 投資額, 投资, 投资额investment, investment funds - book value - 冒险, 冒險speculation, venture - security, surety - 存款;押金;定金, 押金, (分期付款購貨時)先支付的部分貨款, (分期付款购货时)先支付的部分货款deposit, down payment - 抵押契据mortgage - guarantee, guaranty - account, accounting, account statement - 现款, 現款cash in hand, finances, fund, funds, monetary resource, pecuniary resource - 賒欠期, 赊购credit, deferred payment, part payment, payment on account - deficit - budgetary deficit, budget deficit - limited liability - 债, 債debt - domestic debt, national debt, public debt - note, note of hand, promissory note - 貸款, 贷款borrowing, loan, money loan - charge - 記錄, 记录record - 帐目收支表, 帳目收支表balance, balance sheet - balance of international payments, balance of payments - 活期存款帐户;往来帐户, 活期存款帳戶;往來帳戶current account - 登記簿,注冊簿, 登记簿,注册簿register - conspicuous consumption - 消費, 消费consumption, economic consumption, usance, use, use of goods and services - 要求call, demand - economic growth - exponential decay, exponential return - 供給, 供给supply - competition - account, business relationship - affiliation, association, tie, tie-up - 危机, 危機crisis - autarchy, autarky, economic self-sufficiency, self-sufficiency - solvency - insolvency - 破产bankruptcy, failure - 所有权ownership - credit crunch, liquidity crisis, squeeze, tightening of money, tight money policy - Great Depression - full employment - 繁荣昌盛prosperity - obligation - 感激financial obligation, indebtedness, liability - debt - 富裕affluence, opulence, richness - mammon - destitution, indigence, need, neediness, pauperism, pauperization, penury - financial year, fiscal year, trading year - 租约lease, term of a contract[Domaine]



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