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analogical dictionary

v bistvubasically, essentially, fundamentally - edino, preprostobut, exclusively, just, merely, none but, only, simply, solely - avtomatičnoas a matter of course, automatically - vznemirljivoalarmingly, hideously, horribly, horrifically, horrifyingly - brezmejnoamply, capaciously, commodiously, comprehensively, hugely, immensely, roomily, spaciously, sweepingly, vastly, widely - grobo, hudobluntly, boorishly, churlishly, coarsely, crudely, curtly, grossly, roughly - znatnoappreciably - čistpure, saturated - bolj ali manj, do neke mere, okoli, okrog, približno, recimo, skorajabout, almost, approx, approximately, around, broadly, close on, close to, in the region of, just about, more or less, or so, or thereabouts, roughly, roundabout, some, something like, somewhere in the region of, sort of - comparative, relative - absolutely - absolutno, čisto, popolnoma, povsem, v celotiabsolutely, all, altogether, clean, completely, dead, downright, entirely, fully, perfectly, quite, right, thoroughly, to one's fingertips, totally, to the fingertips, utterly, very, whole, wholly - izključnoalone, entirely, exclusively, only, solely - absolutely, dead, perfectly, utterly - perfectly - nepopolnoamiss, imperfectly - do dna, popolnomafull, fully, to the full - only - gluttonous, voracious - only - good, well - well - well - well - well - comfortably, well - ugodnoadvantageously, well - obilenabundant - considerably, substantially, well - well - well - intimately, well - well - obilen, prekipevajoč, živahenexuberant, lush, luxuriant, profuse, riotous - resnobadly, gravely, seriously, severely - porednobadly, mischievously, naughtily - even, still, yet - even - sprejemljivacceptable - nenehno, stalnoalways, e'er, ever, for ever / forever - always, forever - občasno, od časa do časa, tu in tam, tu pa tamat intervals, at times, every now and then, every now and then / every now and again / every so often, every once in a while, every so often, from time to time, now and again, now and then, occasionally, off and on / on and off, once in a while, on occasion - conventionally - kljub temu, seveda, vendar, vseenoall/just the same, all the same, at the same time, even so, gee up, however, nevertheless, nonetheless, none the less, notwithstanding, still, though, withal, yet - doslejas yet, heretofore, hitherto, so far, thus far, til now, until now, up to now, yet - mojstrski dosežek, podvigachievement, effort, exploit, feat, performance - zaresrattling, real, really, very - dejavenactive - akrobatskiacrobatic, athletic, gymnastic - pravkar, prav zdajjust, just now - takojin a flash, in a jiffy, in a second, in a trice, in no time, instantaneously, instantly, in two shakes, outright - gibčen, okreten, živahenagile, nimble, quick, spry - zgodajbefore long, in a little while, presently, shortly, soon - frequently, oft, often, oftentimes, ofttimes - redko, redkokdajrarely, seldom - tvornik, veljaven, v veljaviactive, in/into force, in effect - as such, in and of itself, intrinsically, per se - poudarjenoby all odds, decidedly, definitely, emphatically, in spades, unquestionably - genuinely, really, truly - equalisation, equalization, leveling - sevedacourse, naturally, of course - clearly - active - očitno, preprostoapparently, evidently, just, manifestly, obviously, patently, plain, plainly, simply - na prvi pogled, očitnoapparently, at first glance, by all appearances, by the look of it, on the face of it, ostensibly, seemingly, to all appearances - inactive, passive - posebejspecifically - na srečoas luck would have it, by luck, fortuitously, fortunately, happily, luckily, through luck - record, track record - na nesrečo, na žalost, obžalovanja vrednoalas, regrettably, unfortunately, unhappily, unluckily - chronic - nenavadnoextraordinarily, inordinately - pretirano, prevečexceptionally, excessively, extravagantly, extremely, inordinately, lavishly, outrageously, overly, to a fault, too, uncommonly - prej ali slejin time, sooner or later, yet - končno, na koncu, navsezadnjeat last, at length, at long last, at the end of the day, eventually, finally, in the end, in the event, in the long run, ultimately - kot iz puške, nemudoma, pri priči, zdaj, zelo hitroat once, at the double, directly, forthwith, immediately, instantly, like a shot, now, on the double, outright, promptly, right, right away, right now, right off, straightaway, straight away, straight off, this instant - now - at present, now - now - now - now - aimed, direct, directly, pointed, straight - neizčrpno, neutrudnoindefatigably, inexhaustibly, tirelessly, unflaggingly, untiringly, unweariedly - adequate, equal - fleetly, swiftly - trenutno, zaenkratfor the moment, for the present, for the time being, provisionally - inadmissibly, intolerably, unacceptably, unendurably - abusively - spretnoadroitly, deftly, skilfully - awfully, dreadfully, horribly - mnogo, zelogreatly, much - drastičnodrastically - sploh neat all, in the least, the least bit - na noben način, nikakorby no means, not by a blame sight, not by a long sight - uspehsuccess - exhaustively, thoroughly - ploskodirectly, flat, straight, straightly - in a roundabout way, indirectly, on the grapevine, secondhand, through the grapevine - mnogo, preceja good deal, a good deal / a great deal, a great deal, a lot, lots, much, very much - neuspeh, okvarafailure - naenkrat, nenadomaabruptly, dead, precipitously, short, suddenly - error, fallacy, fault, misconception, misconstruction, mistake, oversight - spretendeft, dexterous, dextrous - nazadnjeafter all, all in all, at last, finally, in conclusion, in the final analysis, last, lastly, to close - durably, enduringly, firmly, lastingly, staunchly, steadily, strongly, tightly - advantageous - omission, skip - groba napaka, huda napakabloomer, blooper, blunder, boner, boob, boo-boo, botch, botched job, botch-up, bungle, bungled work, eyewash, flub, foul-up, fuckup, gaffe, pratfall, shoddy work, sloppy work - napakafaux pas, gaffe, gaucherie, lapse, slip, solecism - šibkofaintly - na slepo, slučajnoarbitrarily, at a venture, at random, every which way, haphazardly, indiscriminately, on the off chance, randomly, willy-nilly - about, almost, most, near, nearly, next to, nigh, pretty well, virtually, well-nigh - predvsem, v glavnemabove all, chiefly, especially, in the main, mainly, mostly, primarily, principally - brazenly - naivno, nežno, prisrčnoaffectionately, dear, dearly, fondly, lovingly, softly, tenderheartedly, tenderly - javnoovertly - nedvomnobeyond all doubt, beyond doubt, confessedly, doubtless, doubtlessly, for sure, no doubt, undoubtedly, unquestionably, without a doubt - pasivnopassively - omalovažujoče, prezirljivocontemptuously, contumeliously, derogatorily, disdainfully, disparagingly, scornfully - comically - deceitfully, deceivingly, deceptively, falsely, misleadingly, untruthfully - čudnoespecially, particularly, peculiarly, rarely, specially - hitroapace, chop-chop, quickly, rapidly, speedily, swiftly - brezpogojno, odločnocategorically, dogmatically, flatly, unconditionally - neskončno, večno, vekomaj, za vselejad infinitum, eternally, everlastingly, evermore, forever, for ever / forever, timelessly - trajnoforever, for ever, for good, permanently - začasnoprovisionally, temporarily - ad lib, ad libitum, adventitiously, by surprise, impromptu, offhand, off the cuff, off-the-cuff, spontaneously, unawares, unexpectedly - neprenehomaceaselessly, constantly, continually, continuously, persistently - marginally - nevarnodangerously, hazardously, perilously - odločnoenergetically - enkrat za vselej, prepričljivoconclusively, once and for all - žalostno, zgubljenodeplorably, disgracefully, forlornly, lamentably, pitiably, pitifully, sadly, woefully - afar - imenitno, nežno, rahlodelicately, exquisitely, fine, finely, sophisticatedly, subtly - promptly, pronto, readily, without delay - hitropromptly, quick, quickly, speedily - navadno, normalno, običajno, pravilomaas a general rule, as a rule, commonly, generally, habitually, normally, ordinarily, unremarkably, usually - nedavno, v zadnjem časulate, lately, latterly, of late, recently - neurejenoerratically, unpredictably - postopno, postopomabit by bit, by degrees, gradually, step by step - naokoli, sem, semkajhere, hither, round - full, good - peacefully - meager, meagerly, meagre, scrimpy, stingy - how, however - measly, miserable, paltry - noter, notri, znotrajinside, internally, within - mednarodnointernationally - nedavno, ravnokar, svežfresh, freshly, neo-, new, new-, newly - ponovno, še, spet, znovaafresh, again, anew, more - stalnochangelessly, invariably, unchangingly, unvaryingly - mechanically - rajepreferably, rather, sooner - and so, and then, so, then - though - but then, on the other hand, then again - dosledno, sistematičnoconsistently, systematically - so, thus, thusly - astronomically - brez življenjalifeless - tipičnocharacteristically, typically - globalnocomprehensively, globally, universally - brez primereunprecedented - mysteriously, mystically - podobno, prav takolikewise, similarly - secondarily, subordinately, subsidiarily - prava, pravi, pravoproper, right - opazno, zlastiappreciably, conspicuously, notably, noteworthily, noticeably, singularly, substantially - intenzivnoextensively, industriously, intensively, labor-intensive, labour-intensive, sedulously - primernoadequately, appositely, appropriately, aptly, becomingly, befittingly, fitly, fittingly, passably, suitably - inappropriately, unsuitably - artificially, by artificial means, factitiously, unnaturally - episodically - čudovito, fantastičnoeerily, fabulously, fantastically, incredibly - feverishly - primeren, umesten, ustrezenapposite, appropriate, apt, fit, fitting, good, pertinent, proper, right, suitable - incomprehensibly, inconceivably - earnestly, emphatically, expressly, insistently, with great emphasis - površinskocursorily, facilely, shallowly, superficially - hudobno, zlobnoevilly, wickedly - gotovo, seveda, vsekakor, zagotovo, zanesljivocertain, certainly, definitely, for certain, for sure, indeed, reliably, safely, securely, sure, sure as shooting, sure enough, surely - sufficiently - enough, plenty, sufficient - inadequately, insufficiently - so - so - so - manipulacijamanipulation, use - zlahkaeasily, easy, readily - actually, really - nagajiv, prekanjen, premeten, sumljiv, zvitcrafty, cunning, deceitful, dodgy, foxy, guileful, knavish, slick, sly, tricksy, tricky, wily - če vse pretehtamo, navsezadnje, skratka, v celotiall in all, altogether, on balance, on the whole, tout ensemble - zgovorenarticulate, eloquent, facile, fluent, silver, silver-tongued, smooth-spoken, voluble, well-spoken - razburjenoexcitedly, feverishly - apropos, by the bye, by the way, incidentally - completely - incompletely, unfinished - exactly, just, precisely - nesramenaudacious, bald-faced, barefaced, bodacious, brassy, brazen, brazen-faced, insolent - from scratch - closely, intimately, nearly - sorazmernoby comparison, comparatively, relatively - zlahkaeasily, readily - očitnoconsequentially, considerably, extensively, markedly, significantly - resnoearnestly, gravely, in all earnestness, in earnest, seriously, solemnly - pravočasno, v pravem časuat a convenient moment, at a convenient time, at a good time, in due course, in due season, in due time, in good time, in time, on time, when the time comes - v zadnjem trenutkuin the nick of time, just in time - privlačenappealing, attractive - off the cuff - očarljivbewitching, captivating, enchanting, enthralling, entrancing, fascinating, spellbinding - nasprotnoa contrario, au contraire, contrarily, contrariwise, on the contrary, quite the contrary, the other way around, the other way round, to the contrary - privlačenappealing, attractive, comely, dishy, engaging, fetching, lovely, piquant - comely, winsome - dobesednojust right, to a T, to perfection, to the letter - hrabro, korajžno, pogumnobravely, courageously, gallantly, pluckily - globoko, zelodeeply, profoundly - nepotrpežljivoimpatiently, longingly, yearningly - potrpežljivopatiently - neumnodoltishly, mindlessly, rashly, stupidly, thoughtlessly - ustvarjalnocreatively - korenitodrastically, radically - tankovestno, vestnoconscientiously, dutifully, painstakingly, religiously, scrupulously - izjemnoexceptionally - čistopurely, strictly - skrbnocleanly, neatly, tidily - energičnosmartly, vigorously - clearly, distinctly - izvrstnoexcellently - čudovito, prekrasno, strašanskogorgeously, lavishly, magnificently, magnificiently, marvellously, marvelously, sumptuously, superbly, terrifically, toppingly, wonderfully, wondrous, wondrously - impeccably - miloblandly - treznogravely, soberly, staidly - smeloboldly - dobronicely - udobnocosily, cozily, snugly - inaccessible, out of stock, sold out, unobtainable, unprocurable, untouchable - correspondingly - pametnocleverly, smartly - splošnopopularly - intellectually - reakcijareaction - exaggeratedly, excessively, hyperbolically - ponosnoproudly - svečanosolemnly - nerodnoclumsily - surovocoarsely - silnointensely - spontanospontaneously - grozen, strašenatrocious, frightful, heinous, homely, horrible, horrifying, inelegant, plain, terrible, ugly, unlovely, unsightly - boječ, strašenawful, dire, direful, dread, dreaded, dreadful, fearful, fearsome, formidable, frightening, horrendous, horrific, terrible - pikolovskofussily, meticulously, nigglingly - grozeč, mrkbaleful, forbidding, menacing, minacious, minatory, ominous, sinister, threatening - nerodnoawkwardly - zmagoslavnotriumphantly - da ti grejo lasje pokonci, morast, srhljivbloodcurdling, eerie, gruesome, hair-raising, lurid, nightmarish, uncanny - on a regular basis, regularly - chilling, creepy, ghastly, grim, grisly, scarey, scary, shivery, shuddery - strah zbujajoč, strašenformidable, redoubtable, unnerving - idealno, popolnomaideally - otročjechildishly, puerilely - bolan, grozljiv, grozoten, obešenjaškighastly, grim, grisly, gruesome, macabre, sick - improperly - pozornoattentively, carefully, observantly - ogromno, strašanskoenormously, hugely, immensely, staggeringly, tremendously - liberalno, velikodušnogenerously, liberally, munificently - lahkotnoeffortlessly, no problem at all, no trouble at all, without any trouble, without effort - podrobnoin detail - zaključekclosing, completion, culmination, mop up, take up, windup - pripravnoconveniently, handily - inconveniently - abstractly - trmastocussedly, mulishly, obdurately, obstinately, pig-headedly, stubbornly - zmagoslavnovictoriously - pametnosagely, wisely - bedasto, nespametnofoolishly, unwisely - bistrointelligently, sharply, shrewdly, smartly - razumljivoclearly, comprehensibly, intelligibly, understandably - aristokratskoaristocratically - taktnodiplomatically - fiasko, polomdisaster, fiasco - za nedoločen časindefinitely - povsem, pravilnoaright, correctly, properly, right, rightly - dobrohotnobeneficently, benevolently, charitably, kindly - medlosluggishly - predrzenassuming, assumptive, presumptuous - naglo, v naglicihastily, hurriedly, in a hurry, in haste - satirically - prostofreefall, freely - duhovnospiritually, wittily - megleno, nejasno, nerazločnodimly, faintly, foggily, fuzzily, hazily, indefinitely, indeterminately, indistinctly, mistily, shadowily, unclearly, vaguely - determinedly, unfalteringly, unshakably, unshakeably - periodically, sporadically - presenetljivoamazingly, astonishingly, astoundingly, surprisingly - obilnoabundantly, amply, copiously, extravagantly, lavishly, liberally, plentifully, profusely, richly - dolgočasnoboringly, monotonously, tediously, tiresomely - izrednosupremely - izvrsten, krasengorgeous - pulchritudinous - spoštljivo, vljudnocourteously, courtly, politely - očarljivravishing - grobo, nevljudnodiscourteously, impolitely, rudely - hvalevrednoadmirably, commendable, laudably, praiseworthily, wonderfully - prijetnoagreeably, comfortably, congenially, enjoyably, pleasantly, pleasingly, pleasurably, snugly - unpleasantly - prisrčnocordially, heartily, warmly - dobre volje, prijaznoaffably, amiably, chummily, friendlily, genially, good-humouredly, graciously, lovably, loveably - explicitly, unambiguously, unequivocally, univocally - tesno, za lasat the last moment, by the skin of one's teeth, hardly, just, narrowly, no sooner, only just - prijazenkind - zvestodependably, faithfully, reliably - optimal, optimum - nenormalnoaberrantly, abnormally, atypically - perennially - deliciously, pleasurably - fondly, lovingly - v sebiat/in the back of one's mind, innerly, inside, inwardly - naklonjenofavorably, favourably, positively - disadvantageously, unfavorably, unfavourably - ameliorating, ameliorative, amelioratory, meliorative - suho, trpkoconcisely, drily, dryly, laconically, tersely - reduce - accommodatingly, obligingly - gloomily - nejasnomistily, vaguely - pompoznopompously - improvement - napredekadvancement, furtherance, progress, promotion - vztrajnodoggedly, firmly, persistently, steadfastly, stubbornly, tenaciously, unwaveringly - učinkovitoeffectively, effectually, efficaciously, efficiently, energetically, expeditiously, suitably - tragically - zloveščeominously - justifiably, with good reason - nespodobnoimmodestly - neustavljivoirresistibly, overpoweringly, overwhelmingly, unstoppably - natančno, strogoausterely, dourly, rigorously, severely, sternly, strictly, stringently - authoritatively, magisterially - poprava, popravekcorrection, emendation, rectification - stainless, unstained, unsullied, untainted, untarnished - divje, silovitoferociously, fiercely - krvoločenbloodthirsty, bloody-minded, sanguinary - izboljšanje, preoblikovanje, reformareform, reformation - beautification - classically - mračnoabstrusely, darkly, murkily, obscurely - neustrašenaudacious, brave, dauntless, fearless, hardy, intrepid, undaunted, unfearing, unflinching - horrifyingly - umetniškoartistically - posebno, še posebejespecially, in particular, particularly, specially - posodobitevmodernisation, modernization - enotnoevenly, monomorphically, regularly, steadily, unchangingly, uniformly, unvaryingly - enduringly - očitnoblatantly - debasement, degradation - par excellence - pogumen, srčenbrave, courageous, gallant, plucky, stout-hearted, valiant - aesthetically, esthetically - groznoappallingly - hrabervaliant, valorous - cowardly, fearful - okuženjecontamination, pollution - anxious, chicken, chickenhearted, chicken-hearted, chicken-livered, chinless, coward, craven, fearful, gutless, lily-livered, nervous, spineless, timorous, white-livered, yellow, yellow-bellied - faint, fainthearted, faint-hearted, pusillanimous, timid - poor-spirited, pusillanimous, unmanly - bednoabjectly, objectionably, resignedly - arogantnoarrogantly, condescendingly, presumptuously - audaciously, boldly, bravely, daringly, doughtily, hazardously, stoutheartedly - pohlepnoavidly - amorously, lovingly - assiduously, dedicatedly - modroacutely, astutely, sagaciously, sapiently, shrewdly - archly, mischievously, roguishly, wickedly - austerely, hard - grabežljivo, poželjivoacquisitively, avariciously, avidly, covetously, desirously, eagerly, graspingly, greedily, hungrily, keenly, rapaciously, thirstily - dobrohotnobenignantly, benignly - brezobzirno, osornobluffly, bluntly, brusquely, curtly, flat out, roundly - boorishly - big-heartedly, bounteously, bountifully, generously, lavishly, plenteously, plentifully, prodigally, profusely, unsparingly - živahnoalertly, briskly, spryly - nenehno, neprestanoall the time, ceaselessly, continuously, endlessly, incessantly, the whole time, unceasingly, unendingly - endlessly, interminably - opinionated, opinionative, self-opinionated - brezskrbnobarefacedly, boldly, brashly, brazenly, carelessly, cheekily, heedlessly, impudently, mindlessly, negligently, nervily, rashly, shamelessly, sloppily, thoughtlessly, unthinkingly, untidily - churlishly, surlily - neprisiljeno, pogovornocolloquially, conversationally, informally - calmly, collectedly, composedly, leisurely - prilagoditiaccommodate, adapt, suit - samozadovoljnocomplacently - obširnocomprehensively - skratka, z eno besedo, zgoščenobriefly, concisely, in a word, in brief, in short, in sum, shortly, the long and the short of it, to cut a long story short - ciničnocynically - pokroviteljsko, vzvišenocondescendingly, patronisingly, patronizingly - zmedenoconfusedly - consequentially - tvornoconstructively, positively - brezskrbno, mirnoclinically, cold-bloodedly, coldly, coolly, cooly, detachedly, nervelessly, nonchalantly, standoffishly, stonily - neverjetnobeyond belief, implausibly, improbably, incredibly, unbelievably - verodostojnobelievably, convincingly, credibly, plausibly, probably, prolly - skrivnostnocryptically, enigmatically, mysteriously, puzzlingly - brezštevilen, na ducate, neštet, neštetocountless, infinite, innumerable, innumerous, legion, multitudinous, myriad, numberless, uncountable, uncounted, unnumberable, unnumbered, unnumerable, without number - zabavnodelightfully - maybe, mayhap, might have, peradventure, perchance, perhaps, possibly - absurdnoabsurdly, ludicrously, nonsensically, preposterously, ridiculously, senselessly - spogledljivocoquettishly, flirtatiously - podlocurrishly, ignobly - podrobenblow-by-blow, circumstantial, detailed, elaborate, elaborated - ostudnoobjectionably, obnoxiously, offensively - bežencasual, cursory, facile, passing, perfunctory, shallow, superficial - hudobno, vražjedevilishly, diabolically, fiendishly - prezira vrednobasely, despicably, meanly - diametrically - marljivodiligently - neprijetnocheerlessly, disagreeably, distastefully, grimly, nastily, uncomfortably, unkindly, unpleasantly - nečastno, sramotnodiscreditably, disgracefully, dishonorable, dishonorably, dishonourable, dishonourably, ignominiously, inglorious, ingloriously, shamefully - iskreno, odkritoaccessibly, candidly, frankly, honestly, openly, overtly - disinterestedly - zvestoconstantly, fairly, faithfully, loyally, staunchly - nepoštenodisloyally, faithlessly, unfaithfully - sorazmernoproportionally, proportionately - spoštljivodeferentially, respectfully, reverentially, reverently, with respect - nespoštljivodisrespectfully, impiously, irreverently - dogmatičnodoctrinally, dogmatically - central - zasanjanodreamfully, dreamily, meditatively, moonily - navdušeno, zamaknjenoecstatically, rapturously, rhapsodically - grozljivoeerily, spookily - effectually - effectively, efficaciously - wave - sebičnoegoistically, egotistically, selfishly - eminently, pre-eminently - equably - eruditely, learnedly - izmikajoče secagey, elusively, evasively - pravilnoregularly - neenakounequally, unevenly - pretiranoexorbitantly, extortionately, usuriously - expediently, inadvisably - expensively - exponentially - extenuation, mitigation, palliation - detente, détente - liberalisation, liberalization, relaxation - domače, zaupnofamiliarly - fanatičnofanatically - brezhibnofaultlessly - flabbily - neomajnoinflexibly, unbendingly, uncompromisingly - močnoforcefully - burgeon - formidably - značilencharacteristic, distinctive, typical - gluttonously - sijajnogorgeously, magnificently, resplendently, splendidly - gratuitously - grievously - grotesknogrotesquely, ludicrously, monstrously - grudgingly - easy, light, loose, promiscuous, sluttish, wanton - harmoničnoharmoniously - nepremišljenoheadlong, rashly - brezbrižnoaudaciously, bravely, daringly, foolhardily, rashly, recklessly - brezsrčnoheartlessly - junaškoheroically - ostudnohideously, horridly, monstrously - higienskohygienically, sanitarily - združitevconjugation, jointure, unification, union, uniting - reunification, reunion - lenoidly, lazily - motnja, prekinitevbreak, disruption, disturbance, gap, interruption - authoritatively, commandingly, imperatively, imperiously, peremptorily - nesramno, predrznobarefacedly, freshly, impertinently, impudently, insolently, pertly, saucily - burno, nagonsko, vihravoimpetuously, impulsively, on the spur of the moment, passionately, tempestuously, wildly - absolutely, definitely, exactly, on the button, on the dot, on the nose, positively, precisely - neprevidnocarelessly, imprudently, incautiously, unwisely - neprimerljivobeyond compare, incomparably, uncomparably - discreetly - decontamination - flabbily, indolently, laxly, slothfully - industriously - domiselnocleverly, ingeniously, inventively - po naraviinherently - inopportunely, malapropos - o pravem časuconveniently, expediently, opportunely - insidiously, perniciously - poenostavitisimplify, streamline - vnetokeenly - z mukolaboriously - medlolanguidly - languishingly, languorously - lasciviously, obscenely, salaciously - smešno, trapasto, zelo smešnolaughably, ludicrously, preposterously, ridiculously - prizanesljivoaccommodatingly, complacently, compliantly, indulgently, kindly, laxly, leniently, obligingly, smugly - prirediticoordinate, organise, organize - čist, čista, čisto, natančen, snaženclean - brez madeža, brezmadežen, neomadeževanimmaculate, speckless, spic, spic-and-span, spick, spick-and-span, spotless - dismally, gloomily, lugubriously, sinisterly - veličastnoexaltedly, in a stately way, majestically - exploitation, using, victimisation, victimization - drippily, mawkishly - grdo ravnanjeabuse, ill-treatment, ill-usage, maltreatment, mistreatment - preganjanjepersecution, pursuit - witch-hunt - neusmiljenocallously, cold-bloodedly, cold-heartedly, heartlessly, inexorably, lovelessly, mercilessly, pitilessly, relentlessly, remorselessly, ruthlessly, unmercifully, unyieldingly - McCarthyism - bewildering - circumstantially, minutely - čudežnoby a miracle, miraculously - prosojensemitransparent, translucent - bednomiserably, pitifully, wretchedly - beg iz resničnostiescape, escapism - enoličnomonotonously - cloudy, mirky, muddy, murky, turbid - mlečnatmilklike, milky, whitish - narrow-mindedly, small-mindedly - iznajdljiv, oster, prebrisan, premetenastute, sharp, shrewd, subtle - close, near, nigh - dispassionately, objectively - klečeplaznoobsequiously, servilely, slavishly, submissively, subserviently - razkošnoopulently, sumptuously - bahavoostentatiously, showily - enveloping - bližnji, intimen, zaupenbosom, close, intimate, near - pertinently - phlegmatically - pithily, sententiously - bedno, žalostnopitiably, pitifully - nesmiselnopointlessly - cocksurely, pretentiously - unpretentiously - ljubkoprettily - prosaically, unimaginatively - slabotnopunily, puny, scantily, scanty, tight, tightly - čudnofunnily, funny, oddly, queerly, strangely - mirno, spokojno, vedrocalmly, peacefully, placidly, quietly, restfully, serenely, tranquilly - complete - relevantly - spoštovanja vrednocreditably, honorably, honourably, respectably - reverentially, reverently - robustly - prostorencommodious, convenient - cramped - udobencomfortable, comfy, convenient, easy - disquieting - čutnosensually, sensuously, sultrily - čutnosensually, sultrily - serenely - proportional, relative - shallowly - democratic, popular - frequent - general - basal, base, basic, elementary, standard - skilfully, skillfully - izjemen, posebenespecial, exceptional, particular, special - rare - unusual - običajenusual - običajenaccustomed, customary, habitual, regular, wont, wonted - poprečencommon - umazanobasely, dingily, dirtily, sordidly, squalidly - posebenparticular - respective, several, various - separate - izrazitexpressive, revealing, telling - brezizrazendeadpan, expressionless, impassive, poker-faced, unexpressive - strictly, stringently - superlatively - sneakily, surreptitiously - sladkosweet, sweetly - tacitly - telegraphically, tersely - nežnotenderly - tradicionalnoby tradition, traditionally - sposobeneffective, efficient - fretful, querulous, whiney, whiny - protestant - unbearably - spodbuditiexcite, stimulate - celovit, popolncomplete - odkrito, popolnomaabsolutely, unconditionally, unquestioningly, unreservedly, wholeheartedly - izčrpenexhaustive, thorough, thoroughgoing - celoten, popolnfull, overall, total - nevrednoshamefully, unworthily - incomplete, uncomplete - koristnousefully - hrabrovaliantly, valorously - vehemently - ostudnovilely - gluttonously, voraciously - encyclopaedic, encyclopedic - plenary - wholeheartedly - duhovitowittily - accessible, approachable - alleviate, ease, facilitate - aye, yea, yeah, yes - conjugally, connubial, connubially - dingily, grubbily, grungily - posebejespecially, specially - takojimmediately - naravnostdirect, directly, right, straight, straightly - zgoščenconcise - aphoristic, apothegmatic, epigrammatic - jedrnat, strnjen, zbitclose packed, compact, compendious, succinct, summary, terse - odrezavconcise, crisp, curt, laconic, terse - dolgovezenlong-winded, tedious, verbose, windy, wordy - erotically - opustošenjehavoc, mayhem, ravages - demonstracije, pretres, truščagitation, excitement, hullabaloo, turmoil, upheaval - vznemirjenjeado, bustle, bustling, flurry, fuss, hustle, jostling, pushing, stir - nabit, prenatrpancrowded, overcrowded - neskladen, neustrezenincongruous - breeze, child's play, cinch, duck soup, picnic, piece of cake, pushover, snap, walkover - profaned, violated - service - big, large, prominent - očitenblatant, crying, egregious, flagrant, glaring, gross, rank - loose end, unfinished business - constant - ponavljajoč se, večkratenperennial, recurrent, renewed, repeated, repetitive - occasional, sporadic - know - nergaškiargumentative - poznatiknow - običajen, standardenconventional - conventional - nenavadenbizarre, eccentric, flakey, flaky, freakish, freaky, gonzo, off-the-wall, outlandish, outre - difficulty, trouble - znatenconsiderable - precejšenappreciable - insignificant, undistinguished - pomešaticonfound, confuse - plemenitchivalrous, gallant, knightly - osorenabrupt, brusk, brusque, curt, short, snappy - nevljudenill-mannered, impolite, mannerless, rude, uncivil - verjetenbelievable, credible - neverjetenincredible, unbelievable - osterboiling, boiling hot, broiling, broiling hot, scathing, vituperative - critical - pomembendangerous, grave, grievous, life-threatening, serious, severe - crucial, important - outdated, out-of-date, superannuated - zastarevajočobsolescent, obsolete - preklet, zavrženaccursed, accurst, cursed, maledict - majav, razmajanbedraggled, broken-down, crumbling, derelict, dilapidated, ramshackle, rickety, shaky, tatterdemalion, tumbledown, tumble-down - hud, nespodoben, prostaškicheap, common, crude, earthy, gross, rascal, vulgar - umirjensedate, staid - undefined, vague - primary - decided, distinct - zahtevendemanding, exacting, fastidious - strogrigorous, stringent, tight - nujenpressing, urgent - samovoljenarbitrary, indiscriminate, random - računaticalculate, count on, estimate, figure, forecast, reckon - zanesljivdependable, reliable - deviance, deviation - dependent - indiscretion, peccadillo - neodvisenindependent - potratnost, zapravljivostextravagance, highlife, high life, lavishness, prodigality - desirable - foul play - zavidanja vredendesirable, enviable, tempting - svetoskrunskost, svetoskrunstvoblasphemy, desecration, profanation, sacrilege, sacrilegiousness - bolj zaželenpreferable, preferred - pornografijablue movie, erotica, obscene literature, porn, porno, pornographic literature, pornography, smut - pay - envy, invidia - hud, težak, težaven, težek, zapletenawkward, difficult, hard, heavy, stiff, tough, uphill - anger, ira, ire, wrath - gluttony, gula, overeating - kočljivdelicate, ticklish, touchy - serious - težaventroublesome, unfavorable, unfavourable, unsuitable, unwelcome - easy - čist, osnovenelementary, simple, uncomplicated, unproblematic - medenhoney-like, smooth - marljivassiduous, sedulous, zealous - neutrudenhardworking, industrious, tireless, untiring - delinquent, derelict, neglectful, remiss - direct - braving, confronting, coping with, grappling, tackling - good - selective - nerazločenindistinct - general - nevarnost, tveganjedanger, hazard, jeopardy, peril, risk - prevladujoč, vladajočdominant, predominant - osteracute, intense - obrambadefence, defense - changing, ever-changing - inchoate, incipient - confront, face, face up - učinkovit, zmogljivbusinesslike, effective, effectual, efficacious, efficient, suitable - garaški, naporen, težek, utrudljivarduous, backbreaking, difficult, exhausting, grueling, gruelling, hard, heavy, laborious, operose, painful, punishing, shattering, tiring, toilsome - heavy, labored, laboured - facile - promiscuity, promiscuousness, sleeping around - economic, economical - hiterenergetic, expeditious, quick - drastičendrastic, extreme, sweeping - emphatic, exclamatory - firm, strong - nerodengauche, graceless, left-handed, unpolished - exportable - navdušenenthusiastic - goreč, radoveden, vnet, željanavid, eager, keen, zealous - dobrikati se, laskatiblandish, butter up, fawn on, fawn upon, flatter, sweet-talk, toady to - explicit, unambiguous, unequivocal, univocal - esoteric - težko umljivabstruse, deep, recondite - arcane - exoteric - osnovenbasal, basic, primary - evfemističeneuphemistic, inoffensive - grob, približenapproximate, approximative, broad, rough - free, liberal, loose - breathless, breathtaking - napačna uporabaabuse, misuse - dragexpensive - dragcostly, dear, expensive, high-priced, precious, pricey, pricy - overpriced - affordable, cheap, dirt-cheap, inexpensive, reasonable - capitalisation, capitalization - neizkušen, zelengreen, inexperienced, new, raw - pojasniticlarify, clear up, elucidate - notranji, skrit, skriveninner, interior, internal - pravičenequitable, just - unfamiliar - iz mode, starinski, staromodenantique, demode, démodé, ex, old-fashioned, old-hat, outmoded, out of date, out of fashion, out of style, passe, passee, unmodish - staromodendowdy, frumpish, frumpy - finclassy, posh, swish - takojšenimmediate, instant, instantaneous - malenkostenfinical, finicky, fussy, particular, picky - choosey, choosy, meticulous, particular - debelušen, rejenbuxom, chubby, plump, zaftig, zoftig - tolst, zajetencorpulent, obese, rotund, stout, weighty - koščen, mršav, shujšanangular, bony, cadaverous, emaciated, gaunt, haggard, pinched, scrawny, skeletal, skinny, wasted - arrangement, handling, ordering, organisation, organization - backing up, perfecting, printing the verse, reduplication, reiteration, second printing, verso printing - copying - replication, reproduction - vztrajanje, vztrajnostperseverance, perseveration, persistence - temeljenbasic, introductory - obredrite, ritual - zdravfit, healthful, healthy, sound - able, able-bodied - podčrtati, poudaritiaccent, accentuate, emphasise, emphasize, lay/put stress on, punctuate, stress, underline, underscore - fossilised, fossilized, ossified, petrified - poudaritiaccent, accentuate, emphasise, emphasize, stress, underline, underscore - nepopustljivinflexible, intransigent, sturdy, uncompromising - extraneous, foreign, strange - pretirano vljudenceremonious, conventional - mirovanjeease, relaxation, repose, rest - good, well - vzdržnostabstinence - usodenblack, calamitous, disastrous, fatal, fateful - clear, empty, free, off, unrestricted - occasional - fresh - svežhot - prijazen, prisrčenaffable, amiable, cordial, genial - beetle-browed, scowling - plodenfat, fertile, productive, rich - prenatrpancongested, engorged - mere - such, such that - posebenspecific - local - technical - obedience, respect - čeden, potraten, precejšen, radodaren, velikodušenbig, bighearted, bounteous, bountiful, free, freehanded, generous, giving, handsome, lavish, liberal, openhanded - lavish, munificent, overgenerous, too-generous, unsparing, unstinted, unstinting - maladministration, misdirection, misgovernment, mismanagement, misrule - popadljiv, revenmean, mingy, miserly, tight - parsimonious, penurious - big, large, magnanimous - good, honest - synthetic - blagodejen, dober, dobra, dobro, koristen, ugodenbeneficial, good - zadovoljivacceptable, satisfactory - primerenconvenient, suitable - pomiritevappeasement, calming - grozencrappy, icky, lousy, rotten, shitty, stinking, stinky - conciliation, placation, propitiation - negative - dober, dobra, dobrogood - white - black, dark, sinister - grozljiv, hudoben, nespoštljiv, vražjidemoniac, demoniacal, demonic, demonical, devilish, diabolic, diabolical, fiendish, hellish, infernal, satanic, unholy - devilish, diabolic, diabolical, mephistophelean, mephistophelian - bristly, prickly, splenetic, waspish - godrnjav, jezen, zlovoljenbad-tempered, cantankerous, crabbed, crabby, cross, fussy, grouchy, grumpy, ill-tempered, moody - razdražljiv, sitencranky, fractious, irritable, nettlesome, peckish, peevish, pettish, petulant, scratchy, techy, testy, tetchy - čemeren, mrk, srep, temen, temna, temnodark, dour, glowering, glum, grouchy, moody, morose, saturnine, sour, sullen, testy - osorensurly, ugly - gradual - nenadensudden - aggro - katastrofalen, nesrečencalamitous, catastrophic, disastrous, ruinous - desegregation, integrating, integration - obljubafaith - heavy - light - heavy - naporen, težavenburdensome, onerous, taxing - distressful, distressing, disturbing, perturbing, startling, troubling, worrisome, worrying - support - heavy - light - homogenhomogeneous, homogenous - favor, favour, patronage - beau geste - attention - visokhigh - mobilizacijamobilisation, mobilization - nizek, nizko ležečlow, low-lying - maščevanjeact of revenge, reprisal, retaliation, retaliatory action, revenge, vengeance - visokhigh - low - high, high-pitched - posredovanjeintercession, intervention - obnovitev, podaljšanjerenewal - odkritopen - varljivdeceptive, misleading, shoddy - diffuse, imbue, interpenetrate, penetrate, permeate, pervade, riddle - outlet, release, vent - welcoming - hot - hladencold - pustbleak, cutting, raw - hladencold - nadčloveškisuperhuman - humanhumane - poživinjen, surovbeastly, bestial, brutal, brute, brutish, harsh, heavy-handed - burkastbuffoonish, clownish, clownlike, zany - smešen, zabavenamusing, comic, comical, funny, laughable, mirthful, risible - droll, funny - zelo zabavenhilarious, screaming, uproarious - bistroumen, duhovitalert, quick, quick-witted, sharp, sharp-witted, smart, telling, witty - prenagljenhurried - bistven, tehten, velikappreciable, big, consequential, considerable, important, marked, material, of import, significant, weighty - big - glaven, ključen, temeljnega pomenacardinal, central, fundamental, key, primal - glaven, glavni, visokchief, high, main, master, primary, principal - zgodovinskihistoric - serious - strategic, strategical - dragocen, vrednovaluable - fiddling, footling, futile, lilliputian, little, niggling, petty, picayune, piddling, piffling, trifling, trivial - veličastenamazing, awe-inspiring, awesome, awful, awing, commanding, imposing, impressive, stately - krasen, sijajenbrilliant, glorious, magnificent, splendid - decadent, effete - informed - gosto naseljenpopulous, thickly settled - vzorenblameless, inculpable, irreproachable, unimpeachable - poučen, vzgojenedifying, enlightening - intellectual - bister, pametenclever, intelligent, shrewd - zanimivinteresting - mikaven, zanimivabsorbing, captivating, engrossing, fascinating, gripping, intriguing, riveting - duhamoren, nadležen, utrudljivboring, dead-and-alive, deadening, drab, draggy, dreary, dull, ho-hum, irksome, jejune, monotonous, slow, soul-destroying, stodgy, stultifying, tedious, tiresome, wearisome - extrinsic - adventitious - depressed, depressing, depressive, gloomy, saddening - bitter - lugubrious - pomemben, slaven, sloveč, slovit, znancelebrated, distinguished, famed, famous, far-famed, illustrious, notable, noted, prominent, renowned - obilenlarge - širokbroad, spacious, wide - zajetenbulky - prostorenample, capacious, commodious, comprehensive, roomy, spacious, sweeping - čudovit, ogromencolossal, lofty, prodigious, stupendous, towering - obilen, ogromenenormous, huge, towering, tremendous, vast - gromozanska, gromozanski, gromozansko, ogromen, ogromna, ogromno, orjaška, orjaški, orjaško, velikanska, velikanski, velikanskoelephantine, gargantuan, giant, gigantic, jumbo - orjaški, velikanskigiant, gigantic, huge, leviathan, mammoth, mountainous - ogromenBrobdingnagian, huge, immense, vast - velikanskibanging, humongous, thumping, walloping, whopping - majhenlittle, small - drobcen, drobna, mikrobantam, diminutive, flyspeck, lilliputian, micro-, midget, petite, tiny - majcen, neznatenfractional, miniscule, minuscule, minute, nominal, teensy, teensy weensy, teeny, teeny weeny, tiny, wee - različendifferent, dissimilar, unlike - manj pomemben, zmerenlittle, minor, modest, pocket-size, pocket-sized, small, small-scale - local - podaljšan, razvlečendrawn-out, extended, lengthy, long, long-drawn-out, prolonged, protracted - trajenclose, close-knit, closely-knit, durable, firm, hardwearing, hard-wearing, lasting, long-lasting, long-lived, longwearing, staunch, strong, tight, tightly-knit - nenehenendless, eternal, interminable - kratek, kratka, kratkobrief, short - trenutenfleeting, fugitive, momentaneous, momentary, non-fast, not fast to light, short-lived - heavy, sonorous - prikupenadorable, endearing, lovely - mehekcharming, cuddlesome, cuddly, cute, lovely, sweet - ostudenabominable, detestable, execrable, loathsome, odious - blue-eyed, fair-haired, white-haired - ljubečaffectionate, loving - ljubeč, nežen, prisrčenaffectionate, fond, lovesome, tender, warm - amorous, besotted, enamored, enamoured, head over heels in love, infatuated, in love, madly in love, potty, smitten, soft on, sweet, taken with - major - minor - insignificant, peanut - womanish - otročja, otročje, otročjichildish, infantile - overripe - maksimalenmaximal, maximum - minimalen, neznatenminimal, minimum - pomembenmeaningful - nepomembeninane, meaningless, nonmeaningful - neusmiljenmerciless, unmerciful - hladnokrven, nepopustljiv, neusmiljen, trdosrčencold-blooded, cutthroat, cut-throat, hard-hearted, heartless, merciless, pitiless, relentless, remorseless, ruthless, showing no mercy, unpitying - blagmild - intenzivenintensive - težeksevere, terrible, wicked - strong - attract, draw, draw in, pull, pull in - prekomeren, pretiranexcessive, inordinate, steep, undue, unreasonable - pretiranexorbitant, extortionate, outrageous, steep, unconscionable, usurious - korenit, ultra-extremist, radical, ultra, ultra- - retiring, unassuming - izprijen, razuzdandebauched, degenerate, degraded, dissipated, dissolute, fast, libertine, profligate, riotous, wanton - many - številenlegion, manifold, numerous - few, little - širom po svetu, svetovenglobal, planetary, world, worldwide, world-wide - natural - kot duhapparitional, ghostlike, ghostly, phantasmal, spectral, spiritual - končeneventual - final, last, net - nenormalenaberrant, abnormal, deviant, unnatural - ubogljivobedient - clear, open - prostfree, spare - mrzek, odvraten, zoprnabhorrent, detestable, disgusting, obscene, off-putting, repellant, repellent, repelling, repugnant, repulsive - gnusen, grd, odvratendisgustful, disgusting, distasteful, foul, loathly, loathsome, repellant, repellent, repelling, revolting, skanky, wicked, yucky - obnovitiregenerate, renew - star, stara, staroold - svežfresh, new, newest, novel - recent - precej star, prileten, staraged, elderly, older, senior - izpeljati, uresničitiaccomplish, action, carry out, carry through, execute, fulfil, fulfill - pravočasenseasonable, timely, well timed, well-timed - povprečenordinary - povprečen, srednji, zadovoljivaverage, fair, mediocre, middling, moderate - common - vsakdanjieveryday, mundane, quotidian, routine, unremarkable, workaday - čudovit, velikanskifabulous, fantastic, grand, howling, marvellous, marvelous, out of sight, rattling, terrific, thundering, tremendous, wonderful, wondrous - holistic - izvirenoriginal - fresh, new, novel - groundbreaking, innovational, innovative - oguljenbanal, clichéd, commonplace, corny, hackneyed, old-hat, shopworn, stale, stock, threadbare, timeworn, tired, trite, well-worn - pravoveren, splošno priznanorthodox - iconoclastic - javen, odkritopen, overt - fanatičenfanatic, fanatical, overzealous, rabid - attendant, present - irenic - osteracute, astute, clever, discerning, discriminating, incisive, keen, knifelike, penetrating, penetrative, piercing, sagacious, sharp, shrewd - trajenlasting, permanent - impermanent, temporary - ephemeral, fleeting, fugacious, passing, short-lived, transient, transitory - evanescent - zmedenbaffled, confused, perplexed, puzzled - zmedenat a loss, nonplused, nonplussed, puzzled - oseben, zasebenintimate, personal - assure, reassure - sambare, mere, nude, plain, simple - enostaven, preprostsimple - prijetenagreeable, congenial, enjoyable, gratifying, pleasant, pleasurable - zabavendelicious, delightful - zmanjšatireduce - zabavenentertaining - amusing, amusive, diverting - nedvoumen, pozitivenpositive - ogorčiti, žalitiappal, appall, offend, outrage, scandalise, scandalize, shock - negative - neutral - zadovoljitigratify, satisfy - neizvedljivimpracticable, infeasible, unfeasible, unworkable - močan, močenpotent, stiff, strong - discourage - potent, strong - puissant - nemočenpowerless - authoritative, important - točenprecise - pompozenbombastic, grandiloquent, overblown, pompous, pontifical, portentous - drugorazredensecondary - auxiliary, subsidiary, supplemental, supplementary - basic - private - zaupenconfidential - public - open - productive, prolific - brezuspešen, jalovabortive, bootless, fruitless, futile, sleeveless, unfruitful, vain - donosenlucrative, moneymaking, paying, profitable, remunerative - čeden, ljubek, ljubezniv, primerenbecoming, comely, comme il faut, decent, decorous, seemly - poškrobljen, prisiljen, strogpriggish, prim, prissy, prudish, puritanical, square-toed, straightlaced, straight-laced, straitlaced, strait-laced, tight-laced, victorian - protective - aroganten, samovšečenarrogant, chesty, self-important - ošaben, vzvišendisdainful, haughty, imperious, lofty, lordly, overbearing, prideful, sniffy, supercilious, superior, swaggering - domišljav, napihnjenconceited, egotistic, egotistical, self-conceited, swollen, swollen-headed, vain - čistneat, pure - clean, clear, light, unclouded - alleged, so-called, supposed - apocryphal, implausible - senčen, sumljivdoubtful, dubious, fishy, funny, shady, suspect, suspicious - hrupennoisy - hladnokrven, miren, pomirjujoč, pomirljivcool, cool-headed, peaceable, peaceful, relaxing, reposeful, restful - bučen, nemirendisruptive, riotous, troubled, tumultuous, turbulent - orderly, systematic - hardheaded, hard-nosed, practical, pragmatic - kafkaesque - phantasmagoric, phantasmagorical, surreal, surrealist, surrealistic - zdravhealthy, intelligent, levelheaded, level-headed, sound - butast, neotesan, štorastboorish, loutish, neandertal, neanderthal, oafish, swinish - grob, hrapav, robatcoarse, common, rough, rough-cut, uncouth, vulgar - neumen, robat, velikcoarse, crass - regular - irrelevant - esteemed, honored, prestigious - nizkoten, razvpitdisreputable, ill-famed, infamous, notorious - reconcilable - odločenresolved, single-minded - dostojenpresentable - odgovorenresponsible - hvaleženrewarding - govorniškioratorical - beating, pulsating, pulsing - dobro situiran, premožen, slaboaffluent, badly, flush, loaded, moneyed, wealthy, well off - zadostencomfortable, easy, prosperous, well-fixed, well-heeled, well-off, well-situated, well-to-do - badly-off, poor - brez denarja, suhbroke, bust, flat broke, skint, stone-broke, stony-broke - obubožan, revendestitute, impecunious, impoverished, indigent, necessitous, needy, poverty-stricken - brez fickahard up, impecunious, in straitened circumstances, penniless, penurious, pinched - razkošendeluxe, gilded, grand, lush, luxurious, opulent, princely, sumptuous - krepekrobust - krepek, mišičast, močanbeefy, brawny, buirdly, burly, husky, strapping, sturdy - arcadian, bucolic, pastoral - tveganhazardous, risky, wild - nevaren, tvegandangerous, hazardous, parlous, perilous, precarious, touch-and-go, unhealthy - samomorilskiself-destructive, suicidal - pesterassorted, various - podobensimilar - nor, orehov, ponorel, prismojen, prismuknjenaround the bend, balmy, barmy, bats, batty, bonkers, buggy, cracked, crackers, daft, dotty, fruity, haywire, kookie, kooky, loco, loony, loopy, nut, nuts, nutty, round the bend, wacky, whacky - maniac, maniacal, manic - porogljiv, trpekacid, sarcastic - ironičensardonic, wry - satiričen, zabavljivsatiric, satirical - nezadovoljivunsatisfactory - nerazveseljivdisappointing, dissatisfactory, unsatisfying - pedantenacademic, donnish, pedantic - erudite, learned - privlačenalluring, appealing, attractive, beguiling, charming, enticing, fascinating, tempting - sebičenselfish - self-seeking, self-serving - erogenous - higienskihygienic, hygienical, sanitary - extraneous, foreign - serious - lahkomiselnfrivolous - vražjiarch, impish, implike, mischievous, pixilated, prankish, puckish, wicked - resenserious, sober, unplayful - open, undecided, undetermined, unresolved - spogledljivcoquettish, flirtatious - erotičenerotic, erotical, titillating, titillatingly - blue, gamey, gamy, juicy, naughty, racy, risque, spicy - concupiscent, lascivious, lewd, libidinous, lustful - lubricious, lustful, prurient, salacious - nastopiti, pojaviti se, zdeti seappear, look, seem - appear, seem - pokazatiflash, show - bahati se, napihovati seact big, boast, brag, flash, flaunt, make a flourish of, make a show of, ostentate, parade, show off, show off with, swagger, swank - ki ima oči kot jastrebargus-eyed, hawk-eyed, keen-sighted, lynx-eyed, quick-sighted, sharp-eyed, sharp-sighted - pomenljivimportant, significant - nepomembenfrivolous, immaterial, inconsequential, inconsiderable, indifferent, insignificant, trifling, unimportant - simple - elemental, elementary, essential, fundamental, material, ultimate, vital - zapletenByzantine, convoluted, involved, knotty, tangled, tortuous - zapletencomplex, complicated, convoluted, intricate, involved - bootlicking, fawning, obsequious, sycophantic, toadyish - edin, osamljenlone, lonesome, only, sole, solitary - dober, izkušen, izurjen, sposoben, spreten, strokovenadept, adroit, capable, clever, competent, efficient, expert, good, neat, practiced, proficient, skilful, skilled, skillful - gladeksmooth - luknjast, neravenbumpy - dobiti nazajrecoup, recover, recuperate - polished, refined, svelte, urbane - stable - trdenfirm, fixed, solid, steady, strong, substantial - alert, brisk, hale and hearty, sprightly, spry - živahenvibrant, vivacious - trdenstable - majavramshackle, rickety, shaky, wobbly, wonky - izgubiti, krajši konec potegniticome off second best, lose - fluctuating - poravnan, ravenstraight - močan, močenhigh, mighty, powerful, strong - weak - vztrajencussed, dogged, dour, mulish, persistent, pertinacious, pigheaded, stubborn, tenacious, unyielding, wayward, wilful, willful - trmasthardheaded, mulish - contumacious - uspešensuccessful - neuspešen, nezadovoljen, pobesiti se, razočaranchagrined, defeated, disappointed, discomfited, foiled, frustrated, her ZZZetcZZZ face fell, his, thwarted - dovolj, zadostenadequate, enough, sufficient - neustrezen, nezadosten, nezadostnodeficient, inadequate, insufficient, insufficiently, unsufficient - premajhenlean, skimpy - pokroviteljski, vzvišenarch, condescending, patronising, patronizing - visok, visoka, visokoeminent, high, tall - superior - izvrsten, odličen, odlična, odličnoexcellent, fantabulous, first-class, splendid - krasen, odličen, v redufine, good - zaničbum, cheap, cheesy, chintzy, crummy, punk, sleazy, tinny - donosencommercial, commercial-grade - povprečenmediocre, second-rate - podrejenaccessary, accessory, adjunct, adjuvant, ancillary, appurtenant, auxiliary, extraneous, subsidiary, supplementary - give, sacrifice - presenetljivodd, peculiar, surprising - susceptible - empathetic, empathic - anachronic, anachronistic, anachronous - consistent, systematic, systematical - slastendelectable, delicious, luscious, pleasant-tasting, scrumptious, toothsome, yummy - strastenhard, heavy - uncontrolled, unrestrained, untempered - degradiratibreak, bump, degrade, demote, kick downstairs, lower in rank, move down, relegate - gospodaren, varčeneconomical, frugal, meager, meagre, scotch, sparing, stinting, thrifty - umazanmessy, mussy - prepovedati, zadrževatihold back, keep, keep back, restrain, suppress - hrustančastcartilaginous, gristly, rubbery - drobljiv, hrustljav, nakodrancrisp, crispy - organizirati, pripravitiorganise, organize, stage - ciničencynic, cynical, misanthropic, misanthropical - zvestbona fide, dependable, reliable, trustworthy, trusty - značilenrepresentative - spoštovatiabide by, honor, honour, observe, respect - liberalise, liberalize - koristen, usluženadvantageous, helpful, profitable, serviceable, usable, useable, useful, utile - jalovfutile, ineffectual, otiose, unavailing, unsuccessful, vain - valuable - worthless - protean - spremenljivvariable, varying - iterative, reiterative, repetitive - zadušljiv, zatohelairless, close, stuffy, unaired - divji, grob, napadalen, ogorčenferocious, fierce, furious, rough, savage, wild - iniquitous, sinful, ungodly - nadzorovaticheck, contain, control, curb, hold, hold in, moderate - mlačenlukewarm, tepid, warmish - attitudinise, attitudinize - aby, abye, atone, expiate - doseči, uresničitiaccomplish, achieve, attain, reach - begin - finagle, manage, wangle - našopiriti, razrahljati, zajebatiballs up, ball up, bedevil, blight, blow, bobble, bodge, bollix, bollix up, bollocks, bollocks up, botch, botch up, bumble, bungle, fiddle around, flub, fluff, foozle, foul up, fuck up, fumble, louse up, mar, mess about, mess around, mess up, mishandle, muck up, muff, potter, putter, ruin, screw up, spoil - betray, sell - zdravilengood for you, healthy, salubrious - loathsome, nauseating, nauseous, noisome, offensive, queasy, sickening, vile - recognise, recognize - omejen, ozek, ozka, ozkonarrow - pospeševatiadvance, boost, encourage, further, promote - help - potrjevatiback up, support - absurden, smešen, zelo smešenabsurd, cockeyed, derisory, idiotic, laughable, ludicrous, nonsensical, preposterous, ridiculous - asinine, fatuous, inane, mindless, obtuse, stupid, vacuous - ideologic, ideological - ogoljufatibunco, con, defraud, diddle, gip, goldbrick, gyp, hornswoggle, mulct, nobble, rook, scam, short-change, swindle, victimize - preganjatioppress, persecute - obvladovati, shajati, spoprijeti secontend, cope, deal, get along, get by, grapple, make do, make out, make shift, manage - blagovoliticondescend, deign, descend - serve - šopiriti se, vesti se gospodovalnoact a part, act superior, lord it over, play-act, pose, pretend, put on airs, put on airs / give oneself airs, put on an act, queen it over - live - make - pohajkovati, postopatifootle, hang about/around, hang around, lallygag, linger, loaf, loiter, lollygag, lounge, lurk, mess about, mill about, mill around, mooch, tarry - pomeniti, veljaticount, matter, weigh - skladati se, ujemati se, ustrezatiagree, check, correspond, fit, gibe, jibe, match, tally, tie in/up - check, check out - depend - biti podobenlook like, resemble, take after - chimeral, chimeric, chimerical - presegatiexceed, go past, overstep, pass, top, transcend - zadostovatianswer, do, serve, suffice - serve, serve well - izkazati se vrednega, izpolnjevati, spoštovati, zadostiti, zadovoljitifulfil, fulfill, honour, live up to, meet, satisfy - compensate, correct, counterbalance, even off, even out, even up, make up - excel, stand out, surpass - zadevatiapply, go for, hold - affect, involve, regard - hold - skladati se, ujemati seaccord, agree, concord, consort, fit in, harmonise, harmonize, tone - defy, refuse, resist - nadoknaditicancel, make up for, offset, set off - lokalenlocal - belong - prilegati sebelong, go - add - sell - technical - stojalobase, pedestal, stand - vulpecular, vulpine - messianic - kulturencultural - air-raid shelter, bombproof, bomb shelter - expiative, expiatory, propitiatory - Draconian, draconic - Hegelian - change - biser, zakladgem, treasure - golden calf - spomin, spominekChristmas gift book, giftbook, gift book, keepsake, memento, relic, souvenir, token - magnum opus - asylum, refuge, sanctuary - rib - malenkost, malenkostinonentity, small beer, small fry, trifle, trivia, triviality - bremeweight - spirit - nature - animacijaanimation, brio, invigoration, spiritedness, vivification - vnemaalacrity, briskness, smartness - polet, vitalnostenergy, muscularity, vigor, vigour, vim - esprit, ghost, mind, quip, ready wit, spirit, sprite, wit - tovarištvocamaraderie, chumminess, companionship, comradeliness, comradery, comradeship, good-companionship, good-fellowship - prilagodljivostadaptability, conformability - effect, impression - figure - ljubkostcuteness, prettiness - attractiveness - animal magnetism, beguilement, bewitchery - charisma, personal appeal, personal magnetism - spolna privlačnostdesirability, desirableness, oomph, sex appeal - grdosthomeliness, plainness, ugliness - napaka, pegablemish, defect, mar - lahkotafacility, readiness - težavadifficultness, difficulty - fly in the ointment - združljivostcombinability, compatibility - skladnostaccordance, coincidence, congruence, congruency, congruity, congruousness, correspondence - incompatibility - conflict - primernost, ustreznostadequacy, applicability, appositeness, appropriateness, aptness, eligibility, suitability, suitableness - razpoložljivostaccessibility, availability, availableness, handiness, usability - ethic, ethics, ethos - ozračjeair, atmosphere, aura, flavour - note - kakovostcaliber, calibre, quality - odličnostexcellence - dostojanstvenost, veličanstvoloftiness, majesty, stateliness - absoluteness, absolute superlative - similarity - homology - correspondence, parallelism - uniformity, uniformness - homogeneity, homogeneousness - podobnostcorrespondence, likeness, resemblance, similarity - neskladjedisagreement, discrepancy, divergence, variance - zaostanekallowance, leeway, margin, tolerance - različnostdissimilarity, dissimilitude, unsimilarity - raznolikost, raznovrstnostdiverseness, diversity, multifariousness, variety - change, variety - smoke - solidarnostinterdependance, solidarity, togetherness - zapletenostcomplexity, complexness, complicatedness, intricacy - pravilnostregularity - organisation, organization, system - nepravilnostirregularity, unregularity - spasticity - labilnosterraticness, fickleness, instability, unstableness - stabilnost, vztrajnostimmutability, stability, stableness, steadiness - udobje, užitkiadvantage, agreeableness, amenity, benefit, plus, plus point, vantage - admissibility, likeliness, plausibility, plausibleness - exoticism, exoticness, exotism - autochthony, endemism, indigenousness - originality - freshness, novelty - academicism, academism, formalism, scholastic, scholasticism - carefulness, exactitude, exactness, meticulousness - natančnost, točnostaccuracy, exactness, preciseness, precision - nenatančnost, netočnostimpreciseness, imprecision, inaccuracy, indistinctness, inexactness, obscurity, opacity - impreciseness, imprecision - prefinjenostelegance, elegancy - eclat, pomp - razredclass - cheapness, second-hand clothing shop, second-hand clothing store, sleaze, tackiness, tat, used clothing shop, used clothing store - jasnostclarity, clearness, limpidity, lucidity, lucidness, pellucidity - explicitness - nejasnostvagueness - pravičnost, upravičenostintegrity, probity, righteousness - rectitude, straightforwardness, straightness, uprightness - pobožnostpiety, piousness - pobožnostdedication, devotion, devoutness, religiousness - pietism, religionism, religiosity, religiousism - pobožnostgodliness - godlessness, irreligion, irreligiousness - barbarstvo, grozota, okrutnostatrociousness, atrocity, barbarity, barbarousness, brutality, disgustedness, enormity, heinousness, loathsomeness, repulsiveness, terribleness - divjaštvo, divjost, hudobnostbrutality, ferociousness, ferocity, meanness, nastiness, savageness, savagery, venomousness, viciousness, wickedness, wildness - nepopustljivostinexorability, inexorableness, relentlessness - altruism, selflessness - enterprise, enterprisingness, go-ahead, initiative - konkurenčnostcompetitiveness, fight - finost, spretnostdelicacy, diplomacy, discreetness, finesse - conscience - junaštvogallantry, heroism, valiance, valiancy, valor, valorousness, valour, value, worth - assiduity, assiduousness, concentration, drive, perseverance, persistence - nepodkupljivostincorruptibility - meretriciousness, speciousness - rodoljubnostnationalism, patriotism - acre, gullibility, ingenuousness, innocence, innocency, naiveness, naivete, naïveté, naivety, naïvety - dignity, self-regard, self-respect, self-worth - bahanjeboastfulness, vainglory - hubris - živahnostgaminess, raciness, ribaldry, spiciness - mirnost, zbranostcalm, calmness, composure, equanimity - spoštljivost, ustrežljivostdeference, respect, respectfulness - bad manners, bluntness, crudeness, crudity, curtness, ill-breeding, ill manners, lack of manners, rudeness, unmannerliness - newness, novelty - freshness - moldiness, must, mustiness - vanity fair - gracioznost, ljubkostgrace, gracefulness, gracility - moč, silaforce, might, mightiness, power, strength - krepkost, odpornost, živahnosthardiness, lustiness, robustness, validity - pogumbackbone, courage, daring, grit, gumption, guts, moxie, nerve, sand, spunk - vzdržljivoststamina, staying power, toughness - močforce, forcefulness, strength - intenzivnost, jakostintensity, intensiveness - besnenje, divjostferocity, fierceness, furiosity, furiousness, fury, madness, rage, vehemence, violence, wildness - Achilles' heel, Achilles heel - modernostcontemporaneity, contemporaneousness, modernism, modernity, modernness - continuity, persistence - hitrost, naglicacelerity, fastness, promptitude, promptness, quickness, rapidity, rapidness, speed, speediness, suddenness, swiftness - immediacy, immediateness, instancy, instantaneousness - hitrostpromptitude, promptness - balance, proportion, proportionality - externality, outwardness - glibness, slickness - masabulk, mass, volume - brezmejnost, ogromnostenormity, enormousness, grandness, greatness, hugeness, immenseness, immensity, sizeableness, vastness, wideness - quantity - nezadostnost, pičlost, pomanjkljivostexiguity, leanness, meagerness, meagreness, poorness, scantiness, scantness, skimpiness - obilicacornucopia, horn of plenty, profuseness, profusion, richness - pomanjkanjescarceness, scarcity - overabundance, overmuch, overmuchness, profusion, superabundance - presežek, preseženexcess, nimiety, surplus, surplusage - preobiljeembarrassment, excess, glut, overage, overflow, overplus, plethora, superfluity, superfluousness, surfeit, surplus - omejitevbound, boundary, limit - doseg, obsegambit, compass, orbit, range, reach, scope - mejeconfines - enacting terms, horizon, purview, view - cena, pomembnost, vrednostvalue, worth - price - good, goodness - benefit, welfare - razkošjelavishness, luxury, sumptuosity, sumptuousness - uporabnostserviceability, use, usefulness, utility - nesmiselnostfutility - izvedljivostfeasibility, feasibleness - pristojnost, sposobnostcompetence, competency - prednostasset, plus - prednost, ugodnostadvantage, vantage, virtue - priljubljenostfavor, favour - dobiček, koristgain, profit - cost-effectiveness, gainfulness, lucrativeness, pay off, profitability, profitableness - preference - posebna pravicaprivilege - green fingers, green thumb - common good, commonweal, general good, public interest - pomanjkljivostdisadvantage - circumscription, constraint, curtailment, limitation, restraint, restriction, trammels - hibadefect, flaw, shortcoming - deprivation, loss - cenacost, price, toll - pomanjkljivost, slaba strandrawback - importance - significance - težaweight, weightiness - nesmiselnostinanity, insanity, mental derangement, mindlessness, pointlessness, senselessness, vacancy, vacuity - oblastpower, powerfulness - puissance - živostcolor, colour, vividness - vplivinfluence - pressure - wagon wheels, wheels - effectiveness, effectivity, effectuality, effectualness - učinkovitostefficaciousness, efficacy, efficiency - form - nemočhelplessness, impotence, impotency, inability, powerlessness - stardust - nerešljivost, netopljivostinsolubility, insolvability - stegnothigh, upper leg - place - astuteness, deepness, depth, profoundness, profundity - zdrava pametcommon sense, down-to-earthness, good sense, gumption, horse sense, matter-of-factness, mother wit, realism, sense, sense of reality - preudarnostcircumspection, discreetness, discretion, prudence - caginess, care, caution, cautiousness, forethought, precaution, prudence, steadiness - bistroumnostintelligence - brain, brainpower, learning ability, mental capacity, mentality, wit - premetenost, zvijača, zvijačnost, zvitostartfulness, astuteness, brains, brightness, craft, craftiness, cunning, foxiness, guile, sharpness, slickness, slyness, wiliness, wit - genius, wizardry - nebesaHeaven - innovativeness - coordination - mnogostranostversatility - ročnostagility, deftness, dexterity, expertise, manual dexterity, skill, sleight, virtuosity - proficiency, technique - efficiency - custom, tradition - convention, formula, normal, pattern, rule - skrivnost, ugankaclosed book, enigma, inscrutability, mysteriousness, mystery, riddle, secret - zadregadilemma, predicament, quandary, trade-off - težavadifficulty - težava, težavenproblem, trouble - support - anchor, backbone, keystone, linchpin, lynchpin, mainstay - forbidden fruit - bait, come-on, hook, lure, sweetener - nadomestiloreplacement, substitute - advertence, advertency - underevaluation - point of no return, Rubicon - navdušenje, razumevanjeappreciation, discernment, perceptiveness, taste - haute couture, high fashion, high style - modna muhacraze, cult, fad, furor, furore, rage - counterculture - identification, recognition - pseudoscience - alternative, alternative arrangement, choice, fall-back arrangement, option - key - light - tradition - reality, world - real life, real world - deja vu, déjà vu - food, food for thought, intellectual nourishment - issue - circumstance, condition, consideration - bonus, fillip, goad, incentive, inducement, pep pill, spur, stimulant, stimulation, stimulus, upper - annoyance, arse, arsehole, arse-licker, ass, bastard, bother, botheration, brownnose, coarse, cock, cock up, crap, cunt, darkie, dick, fanny, fart, flashy wog, fuck, fuck up, hawk, infliction, Negro girl, pain, pain in the arse, pain in the ass, pain in the neck, piccaninny, piss, prick, puke, screw, shit, shitty, sod, wog - irritant, thorn - breme, kamen, tovorburden, duty, encumbrance, incumbrance, load, millstone, onus, tax, weight - germ, seed, source - texture - surface - whole - unit - srcebosom, heart - smiselmeaning, substance - implication, import, significance - bistvo, jedrobase, bottom, center, centre, core, essence, gist, heart, heart and soul, inwardness, kernel, marrow, meat, nitty-gritty, nub, pith, substance, sum, wick - value - merilocriterion, standard - zgledexample, exemplar, good example, instance, model - phantasmagoria - prototiparchetype, epitome, image, paradigm, prototype - prvo znamenje, slutnjaforetaste - demonism, diabolism, Satanism - kulturaacculturation, culture - izobrazba, vednost, znanjeencyclopaedism, encyclopedism, eruditeness, erudition, knowledge, learnedness, learning, scholarship - direction - drift, movement, trend - Call - pobožnjaštvobigotry, dogmatism - fanatizembigotry, fanaticism, fanatism, zealotry - konservativnostconservatism, conservativism - reaction - književnostliterature - nicety, nuance, refinement, shade, subtlety - jedrocrux, crux of the matter - modna besedabuzzword, cant - abracadabra - larifaribuncombe, bunk, bunkum, guff, hogwash, rot - shadow, tincture, trace, vestige - foreign policy - reševanjeanswer, resolution, result, solution, solvent - nezadostna navedbaunderstatement - porog, satira, zabavljicacaustic remark, irony, lampoon, sarcasm, satire - poantagag line, laugh line, punch line, tag line - one-liner - case - brain-teaser, conundrum, enigma, riddle - pedanterijapedantry - govorništvoeloquence, fluency, smoothness, volubility - gobbledygook - archaicism, archaism - izražanjeelocution, oratory - blah, bombast, claptrap, fustian, rant - technobabble - zgoščenostconciseness, concision, pithiness, succinctness, terseness - ambage, circumlocution, periphrase, periphrasis - pleonasm - metaforaimagery, metaphor, metaphore - kletev, kletvicacurse, curse word, cuss, cussword, expletive, oath, swearing, swearword, swear word, swear-word - profanity - privolitevacquiescence, assent, consent - odkritje, pravo razkritje, razkritjedisclosure, exposure, eye-opener, revealing, revelation - innuendo, insinuation - voice - auspice - fair deal, square deal - just deserts, poetic justice - payoff, reward, wages - pretres, šokblow, jolt, shock - nezgodaaccident, misadventure, mishap - mučeništvocalvary, martyrdom, torture - ločitevbreach, break, falling out, rift, rupture, severance - misadventure, mischance, mishap - katastrofa, tragedijaaffliction, calamity, cataclysm, catastrophe, disaster, misery, tragedy, woe - epiphany - destiny, fate - izboljšavaadvance, betterment, improvement - debacle, fiasco - naravnanje, popravekaccommodation, adjustment, fitting - dogodekjuncture, occasion - emergency, exigency, pinch - crisis - Fall of Man - fire - poslabšanjedamage, harm, impairment - revolucijarevolution - zaostanek, zastojblack eye, blow, reversal, reverse, reverse shot, setback - Fall - conflict - aloofness, distance - sensitiveness, sensitivity - dogovor, priredba, razporeditev, ureditevarrangement, set-up - visoka družbasociety - overcrowding, overpopulation - hoi polloi, mass, masses, multitude, people, the great unwashed - bourgeoisie, citizenry, middle class - community - civilizacija, civiliziranjecivilisation, civilization, culture - coevals, contemporaries, generation - izbira, izborassortment, miscellanea, miscellany, mixed bag, mixture, motley, potpourri, range, range of products, salmagundi, selection, smorgasbord, variety - current, flow, stream - cubism - distance - rajEden, heaven, nirvana, paradise, promised land, Shangri-la - skrivališčecache, hiding place, safe house - zatočiščerefuge, safety - usodadestiny, fate - Logos, Son, Word - strahopeteccoward - strokovnjakexpert - črnuhcoon, jigaboo, nigga, nigger, nigra, spade - Tom, Uncle Tom - poor white trash, white trash - kulicoolie, cooly - Injun, red man, Redskin - John Bull, limey - pom, pommy - Mick, Mickey, Paddy - Anglo-American - Boche, Hun, Jerry, Kraut, Krauthead - svetovalecadviser, advisor, consultant, counsellor, counselor - baraba, kurecasshole, bastard, cocksucker, dickhead, motherfucker, mother fucker, prick, shit, SOB, son of a bitch, son of a whore, whoreson - authority - beau, boyfriend, fellow, lover, paramour, swain, young man - grobijan, huligan, surovinabrute, bully, hooligan, rough, roughneck, rowdy, ruffian, tough, yahoo, yob, yobbo, yobo - baby, child - pobiralec, zbiralecaggregator, collector - da služi vojake, komur vest ne dopuščaCO, conscientious objector, draft dodger - cub, greenhorn, rookie - pederfag, faggot, fagot, fairy, nance, pansy, poof, poove, pouf, queen, queer - bushwhacker, hillbilly, lout - caffer, caffre, kaffir, kafir - light - machine - maestromaestro, master - prijatelj iz otroštvaplayfellow, playmate - silaforce, power - half-pint, peewee, runt, shrimp - shiksa, shikse - grešnikevildoer, sinner - državniknational leader, solon, statesman - budget items, business expenses, cost of operation, operating cost, operating costs, operating expense, operating expenses, operational costs, overhead, running costs, working expenses - fringe benefit, perk, perquisite - izguba, škodaloss - protection, security - chickenfeed, chump change, small change - conspicuous consumption - poslabšanjedeclension, decline in quality, deterioration, worsening - razvojdevelopment, evolution - malabsorption - flowering, unfolding - extremum, peak - nič, ničlaaught, cipher, cypher, goose egg, nada, naught, nil, nix, nothing, nought, null, zero, zilch, zip - bugger all, Fanny Adams, fuck all, sweet Fanny Adams - najmanjlower limit, minimum - fistful, handful - kanček, kanec, sled, za spoznanjehint, suggestion, suspicion, trace - paketbatch, deal, flock, good deal, great deal, hatful, heap, lot, mass, mess, mickle, mint, mountain, muckle, passel, peck, pile, plenty, pot, quite a little, raft, sight, slew, spate, stack, tidy sum, wad - billion, gazillion, jillion, million, trillion, zillion - elbow room, room, way - basis, footing, ground - bridge - detail, item, particular - scale - ravnotežje, ravnovesjebalance, counterbalance, equilibrium, equipoise, footing - prijateljstvoamity, friendly relationship, friendship - nesreča, stiskacrisis - element - okoljeenvironment - equilibrium - inclusion - rejection - status quo - natural state, state of nature, wild - višek, vrh, vrhunecacme, climax, culmination, elevation, height, meridian, peak, pinnacle, summit, superlative, tiptop, top - primercase, event - družbeni položajposition, status - položajplace, station - championship, title - precedence, precedency, priority - subordinateness, subsidiarity - doba, življenjelife - red, ureditevorder - peace - anarhijaanarchy, lawlessness - peklenski hrupbedlam, chaos, pandemonium, topsy-turvydom, topsy-turvyness - incident - Sturm und Drang, turbulence, upheaval - hladna vojnacold war - neskladnostdisagreement, dissension, dissonance - freedom, liberty - avtonomijaautonomy, liberty - polarisation, polarization - mrtva točkabreak-even point, dead end, deadlock, impasse, stalemate, standstill - emergency - critical point, crossroads, juncture - desperate straits, dire straits - energy, vim, vitality - difficulty - plight, predicament, quandary - strain, stress - job, problem - priznanje, spoznanjeacknowledgement, acknowledgment, recognition - izolacija, osamljenostinsulation, isolation - izboljšanjeimprovement, melioration - development - nerabadisuse, neglect - refurbishment, renovation, restoration - važnostgrandness, importance - poudarekaccent, emphasis - ugledface, kudos, prestige, prestigiousness - anonimnostanonymity, anonymousness, namelessness, online anonymity - ime, slava, slovescelebrity, fame, good name, illustriousness, name, renown - fame, reputation, repute - dober glas, slovescharacter, reputation - ugledname - abasement, abjection, abjectness, degradation - propad, propadanjedecadence, decadency, decline, degeneracy, degeneration, loss - vplivascendance, ascendancy, ascendancy/ascendency, ascendence, ascendency, control, dominance, superior power, superior strength, supremacy - nadvlada, oblast, prevladadominance, domination, mastery, supremacy - paramountcy - bane, curse, nemesis, scourge - bednost, nesreča, tegobamiserableness, misery, wretchedness - urgency - pritiskimperativeness, insistence, insistency, press, pressure - napad, okužbainfestation - celotnostintegrity, unity, wholeness - dovršenostcompleteness - celotaentireness, entirety, integrality, totality - nepopolnostimperfection, imperfectness - hamartia, tragic flaw - usodacircumstances, destiny, doom, fate, fortune, lot, luck, portion - blaginjaprosperity, successfulness - success - huda nesreča, velika nesrečacatastrophe, disaster - failure - obet, obeti za prihodnostchance, outlook, prospect - možnost, priložnostbreak, chance, occasion, opportunity, scope - day - clean slate, fresh start, tabula rasa - impureness, impurity - credit crunch, liquidity crisis, squeeze, tightening of money, tight money policy - full employment - prosperity - bogastvo, izobiljeaffluence, opulence, richness - mammon - revščinaimpoverishment, poorness, poverty - destitution, indigence, need, neediness, pauperism, pauperization, penury - hygiene - brezmadežnostimmaculateness, spotlessness - red, urejenostorder, orderliness - nesnaga, umazanijadirt, filth, grease, grime, grunge, soil, stain - umazanostsordidness, squalidness, squalor - circumstance, context, setting - area, arena, domain, field, orbit, sphere - province, responsibility - neizprosnostbad weather, inclemency, inclementness, rigour, rigours, severity - ozračjeambiance, ambience, atmosphere - feel, feeling, flavor, flavour, look, smell, spirit, tone - safety - varnostsafeness, safety, security - peace, public security - zaščitaprotection, shelter - nevarnostdanger - danger - clear and present danger - tveganjedanger, distress, endangerment, hazard, jeopardy, peril, risk - grožnja, nevarnost, pretnjamenace, threat - fitness, physical fitness - illumination, light - kamen modrostielixir, philosopher's stone, philosophers' stone - dross, impurity - kančekatom, corpuscle, molecule, mote, particle, speck - prahdust - odpaden, odpadkiwaste, waste material, waste matter, waste product - contemporary world, modern times, modern world, present times - night - crack of doom, Day of Judgement, Day of Judgment, day of reckoning, Doomsday, end of the world, eschaton, Judgement Day, Judgment Day, Last Day, Last Judgement, Last Judgment - hour - age, long time, years - pravi trenutektime - delček sekunde, trenutekblink of an eye, flash, heartbeat, instant, jiffy, New York minute, split second, trice, twinkling, wink - generation[Domaine]



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