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analogical dictionary

iš esmėsbasically, essentially, fundamentally - paprasčiausiai, paprastai, tiktaibut, exclusively, just, merely, none but, only, simply, solely - automatiškaias a matter of course, automatically - su išgąsčiualarmingly, hideously, horribly, horrifically, horrifyingly - be galo, labaiamply, capaciously, commodiously, comprehensively, hugely, immensely, roomily, spaciously, sweepingly, vastly, widely - nepadoriai, nežmoniškaibluntly, boorishly, churlishly, coarsely, crudely, curtly, grossly, roughly - pastebimai, žymiaiappreciably - grynas, visiškaspure, saturated - apie, apytikriai, beveik, daugiau ar mažiau, daugmaž, kažkiek, maždaug, šiek tiek, tarkimabout, almost, approx, approximately, around, broadly, close on, close to, in the region of, just about, more or less, or so, or thereabouts, roughly, roundabout, some, something like, somewhere in the region of, sort of - comparative, relative - absolutely - galutinai, iki galo, kiaurai, mirtinai, svarbiausia, tiesiai, visai, visiškaiabsolutely, all, altogether, clean, completely, dead, downright, entirely, fully, perfectly, quite, right, thoroughly, to one's fingertips, totally, to the fingertips, utterly, very, whole, wholly - išimtinaialone, entirely, exclusively, only, solely - absolutely, dead, perfectly, utterly - perfectly - netobulaiamiss, imperfectly - kiek įmanoma, visiškaifull, fully, to the full - only - gluttonous, voracious - only - good, well - well - well - well - well - comfortably, well - palankiaiadvantageously, well - gaususabundant - gerokai, žymiaiconsiderably, substantially, well - well - well - gerai, puikiaiintimately, well - well - didelis, džiūgaujantis, džiugus, gaususexuberant, lush, luxuriant, profuse, riotous - rimtaibadly, gravely, seriously, severely - išdykėliškai, nepadoriai, nepaklusniai, piktaibadly, mischievously, naughtily - even, still, yet - even - priimtinasacceptable - amžinai, nuolat, visada, visą laikąalways, e'er, ever, for ever / forever - always, forever - kai kada, kartais, kartkartėmis, retkarčiais, tarpaisat intervals, at times, every now and then, every now and then / every now and again / every so often, every once in a while, every so often, from time to time, now and again, now and then, occasionally, off and on / on and off, once in a while, on occasion - conventionally - nepaisant to, tačiau, verčiau, vis dėlto, vis tiekall/just the same, all the same, at the same time, even so, gee up, however, nevertheless, nonetheless, none the less, notwithstanding, still, though, withal, yet - iki šiolas yet, heretofore, hitherto, so far, thus far, til now, until now, up to now, yet - žygdarbisachievement, effort, exploit, feat, performance - tikrairattling, real, really, very - aktyvus, veiklusactive - akrobatiškasacrobatic, athletic, gymnastic - ką tikjust, just now - momentaliaiin a flash, in a jiffy, in a second, in a trice, in no time, instantaneously, instantly, in two shakes, outright - guvus, miklus, vikrusagile, nimble, quick, spry - ankstibefore long, in a little while, presently, shortly, soon - frequently, oft, often, oftentimes, ofttimes - retairarely, seldom - galiojantis, veikiamoji, veikiantisactive, in/into force, in effect - as such, in and of itself, intrinsically, per se - atkakliai, ryžtingaiby all odds, decidedly, definitely, emphatically, in spades, unquestionably - nuoširdžiaigenuinely, really, truly - equalisation, equalization, leveling - aišku, savaime suprantama, žinomacourse, naturally, of course - aiškiai, tikraiclearly - active - aiškiai, akivaizdžiai, paprastaiapparently, evidently, just, manifestly, obviously, patently, plain, plainly, simply - iš pirmo žvilgsnio, matyt, neva, tariamaiapparently, at first glance, by all appearances, by the look of it, on the face of it, ostensibly, seemingly, to all appearances - inactive, passive - pabrėžtinai, specialiaispecifically - laimei, laimingaias luck would have it, by luck, fortuitously, fortunately, happily, luckily, through luck - record, track record - apgailėtinai, deja, gaila, nelaimeialas, regrettably, unfortunately, unhappily, unluckily - chronic - neįprastai, ypatingaiextraordinarily, inordinately - per daugexceptionally, excessively, extravagantly, extremely, inordinately, lavishly, outrageously, overly, to a fault, too, uncommonly - anksčiau ar vėliauin time, sooner or later, yet - baigtis tuo, galų gale, kad galų gale, pagaliauat last, at length, at long last, at the end of the day, eventually, finally, in the end, in the event, in the long run, ultimately - greitai, iš karto, kaip kulka, nedelsiant, skubiai, spėriai, tą pačią sekundę, tučtuojau, tuojau, tuojau pat, tuoj pat, vienu ypu, vietojeat once, at the double, directly, forthwith, immediately, instantly, like a shot, now, on the double, outright, promptly, right, right away, right now, right off, straightaway, straight away, straight off, this instant - now - at present, now - now - now - now - aimed, direct, directly, pointed, straight - be atvangos, neišsenkamai, nenuilstamaiindefatigably, inexhaustibly, tirelessly, unflaggingly, untiringly, unweariedly - adequate, equal - greitaifleetly, swiftly - kol kas, šiuo tarpufor the moment, for the present, for the time being, provisionally - inadmissibly, intolerably, unacceptably, unendurably - abusively - meistriškai, mikliai, sumaniaiadroitly, deftly, skilfully - siaubingaiawfully, dreadfully, horribly - dideliu mastu, labaigreatly, much - radikaliai, ryžtingaidrastically - visiškaiat all, in the least, the least bit - jokiu būdu, ne, visiškai ne, žinomaby no means, not by a blame sight, not by a long sight - sėkmėsuccess - exhaustively, thoroughly - tiesiaidirectly, flat, straight, straightly - in a roundabout way, indirectly, on the grapevine, secondhand, through the grapevine - daug, daugybėa good deal, a good deal / a great deal, a great deal, a lot, lots, much, very much - gedimas, nesėkmėfailure - šiurkščiai, staiga, staigiaiabruptly, dead, precipitously, short, suddenly - klaidaerror, fallacy, fault, misconception, misconstruction, mistake, oversight - miklus, sumanusdeft, dexterous, dextrous - galiausiaiafter all, all in all, at last, finally, in conclusion, in the final analysis, last, lastly, to close - durably, enduringly, firmly, lastingly, staunchly, steadily, strongly, tightly - advantageous - omission, skip - didelė klaida, liapsusasbloomer, blooper, blunder, boner, boob, boo-boo, botch, botched job, botch-up, bungle, bungled work, eyewash, flub, foul-up, fuckup, gaffe, pratfall, shoddy work, sloppy work - išsišokimas, neapdairumasfaux pas, gaffe, gaucherie, lapse, slip, solecism - silpnaifaintly - atsitiktinai, bet kaip, kaip papuola, nesirenkantarbitrarily, at a venture, at random, every which way, haphazardly, indiscriminately, on the off chance, randomly, willy-nilly - beveikabout, almost, most, near, nearly, next to, nigh, pretty well, virtually, well-nigh - daugiausia, iš esmės, svarbiausiaabove all, chiefly, especially, in the main, mainly, mostly, primarily, principally - brazenly - meiliaiaffectionately, dear, dearly, fondly, lovingly, softly, tenderheartedly, tenderly - atviraiovertly - be abejonės, greičiausiai, tikriausiaibeyond all doubt, beyond doubt, confessedly, doubtless, doubtlessly, for sure, no doubt, undoubtedly, unquestionably, without a doubt - pasyviaipassively - iš aukšto, paniekinamai, su paniekacontemptuously, contumeliously, derogatorily, disdainfully, disparagingly, scornfully - comically - deceitfully, deceivingly, deceptively, falsely, misleadingly, untruthfully - keistai, ypačespecially, particularly, peculiarly, rarely, specially - greitaiapace, chop-chop, quickly, rapidly, speedily, swiftly - besąlygiškai, kategoriškaicategorically, dogmatically, flatly, unconditionally - amžinai, visadaad infinitum, eternally, everlastingly, evermore, forever, for ever / forever, timelessly - nuolatos, pastoviaiforever, for ever, for good, permanently - laikinai, ne nuolatprovisionally, temporarily - ad lib, ad libitum, adventitiously, by surprise, impromptu, offhand, off the cuff, off-the-cuff, spontaneously, unawares, unexpectedly - nuolatosceaselessly, constantly, continually, continuously, persistently - marginally - grėsmingai, pavojingaidangerously, hazardously, perilously - energingaienergetically - galiausiai, galutinai, visiems laikamsconclusively, once and for all - beviltiškai, liūdnaideplorably, disgracefully, forlornly, lamentably, pitiably, pitifully, sadly, woefully - afar - nuostabiai, puikiai, subtiliai, švelniaidelicately, exquisitely, fine, finely, sophisticatedly, subtly - promptly, pronto, readily, without delay - greitai, skubiaipromptly, quick, quickly, speedily - dažniausiai, įprastai, normaliai, paprastaias a general rule, as a rule, commonly, generally, habitually, normally, ordinarily, unremarkably, usually - neseniai, pastaruoju metulate, lately, latterly, of late, recently - nereguliariaierratically, unpredictably - laipsniškai, palaipsniuibit by bit, by degrees, gradually, step by step - čionaihere, hither, round - sveikas, tinkamasfull, good - ramiai, taikingaipeacefully - meager, meagerly, meagre, scrimpy, stingy - how, however - pasigailėtinas, skurdusmeasly, miserable, paltry - į vidų, vidujeinside, internally, within - tarptautiniu mastuinternationally - ką tik, naujai, neseniai, šviežiaifresh, freshly, neo-, new, new-, newly - dar kartą, vėlafresh, again, anew, more - nuolatoschangelessly, invariably, unchangingly, unvaryingly - mechanically - geriau, verčiaupreferably, rather, sooner - and so, and then, so, then - though - but then, on the other hand, then again - ištisai, nuolatos, sistemingai, sistemiškaiconsistently, systematically - so, thus, thusly - astronomically - negyvaslifeless - paprastaicharacteristically, typically - pasauliniu mastucomprehensively, globally, universally - neturintis precedentounprecedented - mysteriously, mystically - panašiai, taip patlikewise, similarly - secondarily, subordinately, subsidiarily - tikras, tinkamasproper, right - aiškiai, itin, pastebimai, ypačappreciably, conspicuously, notably, noteworthily, noticeably, singularly, substantially - intensyviaiextensively, industriously, intensively, labor-intensive, labour-intensive, sedulously - tinkamaiadequately, appositely, appropriately, aptly, becomingly, befittingly, fitly, fittingly, passably, suitably - inappropriately, unsuitably - artificially, by artificial means, factitiously, unnaturally - episodically - fantastiškai, neįtikėtinai, pasakiškaieerily, fabulously, fantastically, incredibly - feverishly - tinkamas, vykęsapposite, appropriate, apt, fit, fitting, good, pertinent, proper, right, suitable - incomprehensibly, inconceivably - earnestly, emphatically, expressly, insistently, with great emphasis - paviršutiniškaicursorily, facilely, shallowly, superficially - nedorai, negerai, piktaievilly, wickedly - aiškiai, be abejo, iš tiesų, o kaipgi, patikimai, tikrai, tikriausiai, tvirtai, žinomacertain, certainly, definitely, for certain, for sure, indeed, reliably, safely, securely, sure, sure as shooting, sure enough, surely - pakankamaisufficiently - pakankamaienough, plenty, sufficient - inadequately, insufficiently - so - so - so - manipuliacijamanipulation, use - lengvaieasily, easy, readily - actually, really - apgaulingas, apsukrus, gudrus, išdykėliškas, suktascrafty, cunning, deceitful, dodgy, foxy, guileful, knavish, slick, sly, tricksy, tricky, wily - apskritai, apskritai kalbant, gerai pagalvojus, iš viso, viską apsvarsčiusall in all, altogether, on balance, on the whole, tout ensemble - iškalbingasarticulate, eloquent, facile, fluent, silver, silver-tongued, smooth-spoken, voluble, well-spoken - su susijaudinimuexcitedly, feverishly - apropos, by the bye, by the way, incidentally - completely - incompletely, unfinished - exactly, just, precisely - begėdiškasaudacious, bald-faced, barefaced, bodacious, brassy, brazen, brazen-faced, insolent - from scratch - closely, intimately, nearly - daugmaž, palygintiby comparison, comparatively, relatively - easily, readily - žymiaiconsequentially, considerably, extensively, markedly, significantly - nuoširdžiai, rimtaiearnestly, gravely, in all earnestness, in earnest, seriously, solemnly - anksčiau ar vėliau, pakankamai anksti, su laikuat a convenient moment, at a convenient time, at a good time, in due course, in due season, in due time, in good time, in time, on time, when the time comes - pačiu laikuin the nick of time, just in time - mielas, patrauklus, viliojantisappealing, attractive - off the cuff - kerintis, žavusbewitching, captivating, enchanting, enthralling, entrancing, fascinating, spellbinding - priešingaia contrario, au contraire, contrarily, contrariwise, on the contrary, quite the contrary, the other way around, the other way round, to the contrary - appealing, attractive, comely, dishy, engaging, fetching, lovely, piquant - comely, winsome - skrupulingai, tiksliaijust right, to a T, to perfection, to the letter - drąsiai, narsiaibravely, courageously, gallantly, pluckily - giliai, labai, nepaprastaideeply, profoundly - nekantriaiimpatiently, longingly, yearningly - kantriaipatiently - kvailaidoltishly, mindlessly, rashly, stupidly, thoughtlessly - kūrybiškaicreatively - iš esmės, radikaliaidrastically, radically - sąžiningai, skrupulingai, stropiaiconscientiously, dutifully, painstakingly, religiously, scrupulously - išimtinai, nepaprastaiexceptionally - išimtinai, visiškaipurely, strictly - gerai, kruopščiai, švariai, tvarkingaicleanly, neatly, tidily - energingai, veržliaismartly, vigorously - aiškiai, tikraiclearly, distinctly - puikiaiexcellently - nepaprastai, nuostabiai, puikiaigorgeously, lavishly, magnificently, magnificiently, marvellously, marvelously, sumptuously, superbly, terrifically, toppingly, wonderfully, wondrous, wondrously - impeccably - prėskai, vangiaiblandly - blaiviaigravely, soberly, staidly - drąsiaiboldly - gražiai, maloniai, puikiai, subtiliainicely - jaukiai, maloniai, patogiaicosily, cozily, snugly - inaccessible, out of stock, sold out, unobtainable, unprocurable, untouchable - correspondingly - protingai, sumaniaicleverly, smartly - plačiaipopularly - intellectually - atoveikis, reakcijareaction - exaggeratedly, excessively, hyperbolically - išdidžiaiproudly - iškilmingaisolemnly - nerangiaiclumsily - grubiai, šiurkščiaicoarsely - labaiintensely - spontaniškaispontaneously - baisusatrocious, frightful, heinous, homely, horrible, horrifying, inelegant, plain, terrible, ugly, unlovely, unsightly - baimingas, baisusawful, dire, direful, dread, dreaded, dreadful, fearful, fearsome, formidable, frightening, horrendous, horrific, terrible - skrupulingai, smulkmeniškaifussily, meticulously, nigglingly - grėsmingasbaleful, forbidding, menacing, minacious, minatory, ominous, sinister, threatening - negrabiaiawkwardly - su triumfu, triumfuodamastriumphantly - košmariškas, kraują stingdantis, siaubingas, šiurpinantis, verčiantis plaukus stotis piestubloodcurdling, eerie, gruesome, hair-raising, lurid, nightmarish, uncanny - tolygiai, vienodaion a regular basis, regularly - chilling, creepy, ghastly, grim, grisly, scarey, scary, shivery, shuddery - grasus, narsusformidable, redoubtable, unnerving - idealiai, idealu būtų, kad, optimaliomis sąlygomisideally - vaikiškaichildishly, puerilely - klaikus, makabriškas, nevykęsghastly, grim, grisly, gruesome, macabre, sick - improperly - dėmesingaiattentively, carefully, observantly - baisiai, be galo, didžiai, labaienormously, hugely, immensely, staggeringly, tremendously - dosniai, kilniaširdiškai, tolerantiškaigenerously, liberally, munificently - be pastangų, lengvaieffortlessly, no problem at all, no trouble at all, without any trouble, without effort - detaliai, smulkiaiin detail - baigimas, kulminacija, užbaigimasclosing, completion, culmination, mop up, take up, windup - patogiai, specialiai, tinkamaiconveniently, handily - inconveniently - abstractly - atkakliaicussedly, mulishly, obdurately, obstinately, pig-headedly, stubbornly - pergalingaivictoriously - išmintingaisagely, wisely - kvailai, neprotingaifoolishly, unwisely - protingaiintelligently, sharply, shrewdly, smartly - suprantamaiclearly, comprehensibly, intelligibly, understandably - aristokratiškaiaristocratically - diplomatiškaidiplomatically - fiasko, visiškas nepasisekimasdisaster, fiasco - neribotam laikuiindefinitely - gerai, korektiškai, teisingai, tiksliai, tinkamai, visiškaiaright, correctly, properly, right, rightly - geraširdiškai, labdaringaibeneficently, benevolently, charitably, kindly - tingiaisluggishly - pasitikintis savimi, pernelyg įžūlusassuming, assumptive, presumptuous - skubant, skubėdamas, skubiai, skubotaihastily, hurriedly, in a hurry, in haste - satirically - laisvaifreefall, freely - dvasiškaispiritually, wittily - blausiai, miglotai, neaiškiai, neryškiaidimly, faintly, foggily, fuzzily, hazily, indefinitely, indeterminately, indistinctly, mistily, shadowily, unclearly, vaguely - determinedly, unfalteringly, unshakably, unshakeably - periodically, sporadically - nuostabiaiamazingly, astonishingly, astoundingly, surprisingly - apsčiai, daug, gausiai, labai, sočiaiabundantly, amply, copiously, extravagantly, lavishly, liberally, plentifully, profusely, richly - nuobodžiaiboringly, monotonously, tediously, tiresomely - be galo, labiausiaisupremely - nuostabus, prašmatnus, puikusgorgeous - pulchritudinous - mandagiai, pagarbiaicourteously, courtly, politely - žavingasravishing - nemandagiai, šiurkščiaidiscourteously, impolitely, rudely - pagirtinaiadmirably, commendable, laudably, praiseworthily, wonderfully - maloniai, patraukliai, su malonumuagreeably, comfortably, congenially, enjoyably, pleasantly, pleasingly, pleasurably, snugly - nemaloniaiunpleasantly - entuziastingai, nuoširdžiaicordially, heartily, warmly - geraširdiškai, maloniai, mandagiai, simpatingaiaffably, amiably, chummily, friendlily, genially, good-humouredly, graciously, lovably, loveably - explicitly, unambiguously, unequivocally, univocally - atidžiai, nežymiai, per plauką, vosat the last moment, by the skin of one's teeth, hardly, just, narrowly, no sooner, only just - malonuskind - ištikimai, tiksliaidependably, faithfully, reliably - optimal, optimum - nenormaliaiaberrantly, abnormally, atypically - perennially - skaniai, su malonumudeliciously, pleasurably - meiliaifondly, lovingly - vidujeat/in the back of one's mind, innerly, inside, inwardly - palankiaifavorably, favourably, positively - disadvantageously, unfavorably, unfavourably - ameliorating, ameliorative, amelioratory, meliorative - ramiai, santūriaiconcisely, drily, dryly, laconically, tersely - reduce - accommodatingly, obligingly - gloomily - miglotai, neaiškiaimistily, vaguely - pompastiškaipompously - pagerėjimas, patobulinimasimprovement - pažangaadvancement, furtherance, progress, promotion - atkakliaidoggedly, firmly, persistently, steadfastly, stubbornly, tenaciously, unwaveringly - efektyviai, įspūdingai, našiai, sumaniai, veiksmingaieffectively, effectually, efficaciously, efficiently, energetically, expeditiously, suitably - tragically - grėsmingaiominously - justifiably, with good reason - nekukliaiimmodestly - nenugalimaiirresistibly, overpoweringly, overwhelmingly, unstoppably - griežtai, rūsčiai, smarkiaiausterely, dourly, rigorously, severely, sternly, strictly, stringently - authoritatively, magisterially - ištaisymascorrection, emendation, rectification - stainless, unstained, unsullied, untainted, untarnished - kaip žvėris, nirtulingai, nuožmiai, pašėlusiai, žvėriškaiferociously, fiercely - ištroškęs kraujo, kraugeriškasbloodthirsty, bloody-minded, sanguinary - pakeitimas, pataisa, pertvarkymas, reforma, reformacija, reformavimasreform, reformation - beautification - classically - neaiškiaiabstrusely, darkly, murkily, obscurely - bebaimisaudacious, brave, dauntless, fearless, hardy, intrepid, undaunted, unfearing, unflinching - horrifyingly - meniškaiartistically - ypač, ypatingaiespecially, in particular, particularly, specially - modernizacijamodernisation, modernization - vienodaievenly, monomorphically, regularly, steadily, unchangingly, uniformly, unvaryingly - enduringly - akivaizdžiai, begėdiškai, įžūliaiblatantly - debasement, degradation - par excellence - drąsus, narsusbrave, courageous, gallant, plucky, stout-hearted, valiant - aesthetically, esthetically - su pasibaisėjimuappallingly - narsusvaliant, valorous - baimingascowardly, fearful - užteršimascontamination, pollution - bailusanxious, chicken, chickenhearted, chicken-hearted, chicken-livered, chinless, coward, craven, fearful, gutless, lily-livered, nervous, spineless, timorous, white-livered, yellow, yellow-bellied - baikštus, drovusfaint, fainthearted, faint-hearted, pusillanimous, timid - poor-spirited, pusillanimous, unmanly - apgailėtinai, varganaiabjectly, objectionably, resignedly - arogantiškaiarrogantly, condescendingly, presumptuously - audaciously, boldly, bravely, daringly, doughtily, hazardously, stoutheartedly - su užsidegimuavidly - amorously, lovingly - assiduously, dedicatedly - išmintingai, sumaniaiacutely, astutely, sagaciously, sapiently, shrewdly - archly, mischievously, roguishly, wickedly - austerely, hard - godžiaiacquisitively, avariciously, avidly, covetously, desirously, eagerly, graspingly, greedily, hungrily, keenly, rapaciously, thirstily - maloniaibenignantly, benignly - šiurkščiai, tiesiai, tiesmukiškaibluffly, bluntly, brusquely, curtly, flat out, roundly - boorishly - big-heartedly, bounteously, bountifully, generously, lavishly, plenteously, plentifully, prodigally, profusely, unsparingly - guviai, gyvai, spėriaialertly, briskly, spryly - be perstojo, nepaliaujamai, nuolatall the time, ceaselessly, continuously, endlessly, incessantly, the whole time, unceasingly, unendingly - endlessly, interminably - opinionated, opinionative, self-opinionated - aplaidžiai, atmestinaibarefacedly, boldly, brashly, brazenly, carelessly, cheekily, heedlessly, impudently, mindlessly, negligently, nervily, rashly, shamelessly, sloppily, thoughtlessly, unthinkingly, untidily - churlishly, surlily - neoficialiai, paprastai sakantcolloquially, conversationally, informally - calmly, collectedly, composedly, leisurely - priderinti, pritaikytiaccommodate, adapt, suit - su pasitenkinimucomplacently - visapusiškaicomprehensively - glaustai, trumpai, trumpai sakant, trumpai tariant, žodžiubriefly, concisely, in a word, in brief, in short, in sum, shortly, the long and the short of it, to cut a long story short - ciniškaicynically - globėjiškai, pakančiaicondescendingly, patronisingly, patronizingly - padrikai, painiaiconfusedly - consequentially - konstruktyviaiconstructively, positively - be entuziazmo, nerūpestingai, ramiaiclinically, cold-bloodedly, coldly, coolly, cooly, detachedly, nervelessly, nonchalantly, standoffishly, stonily - neįtikėtinai, neįtikimai, nepaprastaibeyond belief, implausibly, improbably, incredibly, unbelievably - patikimaibelievably, convincingly, credibly, plausibly, probably, prolly - mįslingai, paslaptingaicryptically, enigmatically, mysteriously, puzzlingly - be skaičiaus, nesuskaičiuojamascountless, infinite, innumerable, innumerous, legion, multitudinous, myriad, numberless, uncountable, uncounted, unnumberable, unnumbered, unnumerable, without number - žavingaidelightfully - galbūtmaybe, mayhap, might have, peradventure, perchance, perhaps, possibly - absurdiškaiabsurdly, ludicrously, nonsensically, preposterously, ridiculously, senselessly - koketiškaicoquettishly, flirtatiously - gėdingai, niekingaicurrishly, ignobly - detalus, smulkusblow-by-blow, circumstantial, detailed, elaborate, elaborated - bjauriai, nemaloniaiobjectionably, obnoxiously, offensively - greitas, paviršutiniškascasual, cursory, facile, passing, perfunctory, shallow, superficial - šėtoniškai, velnioniškaidevilishly, diabolically, fiendishly - niekingaibasely, despicably, meanly - diametrically - stropiaidiligently - nemaloniaicheerlessly, disagreeably, distastefully, grimly, nastily, uncomfortably, unkindly, unpleasantly - gėdingai, negarbingaidiscreditably, disgracefully, dishonorable, dishonorably, dishonourable, dishonourably, ignominiously, inglorious, ingloriously, shamefully - atvirai, nuoširdžiaiaccessibly, candidly, frankly, honestly, openly, overtly - disinterestedly - ištikimai, lojaliaiconstantly, fairly, faithfully, loyally, staunchly - neištikimaidisloyally, faithlessly, unfaithfully - atitinkamai, proporcingaiproportionally, proportionately - pagarbiaideferentially, respectfully, reverentially, reverently, with respect - nepagarbiaidisrespectfully, impiously, irreverently - dogmatiškaidoctrinally, dogmatically - central - svajingaidreamfully, dreamily, meditatively, moonily - aistringai, džiaugsmingai, entuziastingai, su susižavėjimuecstatically, rapturously, rhapsodically - kraupiai, šiurpiaieerily, spookily - effectually - effectively, efficaciously - bangawave - savanaudiškaiegoistically, egotistically, selfishly - eminently, pre-eminently - equably - eruditely, learnedly - netiesiaicagey, elusively, evasively - tolygiai, vienodairegularly - nelygiaiunequally, unevenly - be saiko, perdėtaiexorbitantly, extortionately, usuriously - expediently, inadvisably - expensively - exponentially - extenuation, mitigation, palliation - detente, détente - liberalisation, liberalization, relaxation - familiariaifamiliarly - fanatiškaifanatically - tobulaifaultlessly - flabbily - nelanksčiai, tvirtaiinflexibly, unbendingly, uncompromisingly - tvirtaiforcefully - burgeon - formidably - būdingas, charakteringascharacteristic, distinctive, typical - gluttonously - prašmatniai, puošniaigorgeously, magnificently, resplendently, splendidly - gratuitously - grievously - groteskiškaigrotesquely, ludicrously, monstrously - nenoromis, šykščiaigrudgingly - šviesuseasy, light, loose, promiscuous, sluttish, wanton - darniai, harmoningaiharmoniously - neapdairiai, skubotaiheadlong, rashly - pramuštgalviškaiaudaciously, bravely, daringly, foolhardily, rashly, recklessly - beširdiškaiheartlessly - didvyriškaiheroically - šlykščiaihideously, horridly, monstrously - higieniškaihygienically, sanitarily - sąjunga, sujungimas, susivienijimasconjugation, jointure, unification, union, uniting - susijungimasreunification, reunion - tingiai, tuščiaiidly, lazily - pertraukimas, sutrikdymas, sužlugdymas, trukdymasbreak, disruption, disturbance, gap, interruption - authoritatively, commandingly, imperatively, imperiously, peremptorily - įžūliai, užgauliaibarefacedly, freshly, impertinently, impudently, insolently, pertly, saucily - impulsyviai, staigiai, ūmiaiimpetuously, impulsively, on the spur of the moment, passionately, tempestuously, wildly - absolutely, definitely, exactly, on the button, on the dot, on the nose, positively, precisely - neapgalvotai, neprotingaicarelessly, imprudently, incautiously, unwisely - nepalyginamaibeyond compare, incomparably, uncomparably - discreetly - decontamination - flabbily, indolently, laxly, slothfully - industriously - išradingaicleverly, ingeniously, inventively - iš esmės, iš prigimtiesinherently - inopportunely, malapropos - pačiu laiku, patogiaiconveniently, expediently, opportunely - insidiously, perniciously - supaprastintisimplify, streamline - aštriai, su užsidegimukeenly - sunkiai, vargingailaboriously - nerangiai, sunkiailanguidly - languishingly, languorously - lasciviously, obscenely, salaciously - absurdiškai, juokingai, pašaipiailaughably, ludicrously, preposterously, ridiculously - atlaidžiaiaccommodatingly, complacently, compliantly, indulgently, kindly, laxly, leniently, obligingly, smugly - organizuoti, rengti, suburti, suorganizuoti, surengti, suvienyticoordinate, organise, organize - lygus, švarusclean - labai švarus, švarutėlis, švytintis švaraimmaculate, speckless, spic, spic-and-span, spick, spick-and-span, spotless - dismally, gloomily, lugubriously, sinisterly - didingaiexaltedly, in a stately way, majestically - eksploatacija, naudojimasexploitation, using, victimisation, victimization - drippily, mawkishly - blogas/žiaurus elgesysabuse, ill-treatment, ill-usage, maltreatment, mistreatment - persekiojimaspersecution, pursuit - witch-hunt - negailestingaicallously, cold-bloodedly, cold-heartedly, heartlessly, inexorably, lovelessly, mercilessly, pitilessly, relentlessly, remorselessly, ruthlessly, unmercifully, unyieldingly - McCarthyism - bewildering - detaliai, kruopščiaicircumstantially, minutely - stebuklingaiby a miracle, miraculously - perregimassemitransparent, translucent - blogai, varganaimiserably, pitifully, wretchedly - bėgimas nuo tikrovėsescape, escapism - monotoniškaimonotonously - cloudy, mirky, muddy, murky, turbid - panašus į pienąmilklike, milky, whitish - narrow-mindedly, small-mindedly - aštrus, budrus, geras, įžvalgusastute, sharp, shrewd, subtle - close, near, nigh - dispassionately, objectively - nuolankiai, pataikaujamai, pernelyg nuolankiaiobsequiously, servilely, slavishly, submissively, subserviently - prabangiaiopulently, sumptuously - demonstratyviai, prašmatniai, pretenzingaiostentatiously, showily - enveloping - artimasbosom, close, intimate, near - pertinently - phlegmatically - pithily, sententiously - apgailėtinai, niekingaipitiably, pitifully - beprasmiškaipointlessly - cocksurely, pretentiously - unpretentiously - gražiaiprettily - prosaically, unimaginatively - menkai, silpnaipunily, puny, scantily, scanty, tight, tightly - keistaifunnily, funny, oddly, queerly, strangely - giedriai, ramiai, taikingai, tyliaicalmly, peacefully, placidly, quietly, restfully, serenely, tranquilly - baigti, pabaigticomplete - relevantly - pagirtinaicreditably, honorably, honourably, respectably - pagarbiaireverentially, reverently - tvirtairobustly - erdvus, talpuscommodious, convenient - cramped - patenkintascomfortable, comfy, convenient, easy - disquieting - maloniaisensually, sensuously, sultrily - gašliaisensually, sultrily - giedriaiserenely - proportional, relative - shallowly - democratic, popular - frequent - general - standartinisbasal, base, basic, elementary, standard - meistriškaiskilfully, skillfully - išimtinis, neeilinis, nepaprastas, ypatingasespecial, exceptional, particular, special - retasrare - neįprastas, nepaprastasunusual - įprastasusual - įprastas, įprastinis, nuolatinisaccustomed, customary, habitual, regular, wont, wonted - eilinis, paprastascommon - bjauriaibasely, dingily, dirtily, sordidly, squalidly - atskiras, individualus, konkretusparticular - atitinkamas, kiekvienas savorespective, several, various - atskiras, skirtingasseparate - išraiškingasexpressive, revealing, telling - be išraiškos, neišraiškingasdeadpan, expressionless, impassive, poker-faced, unexpressive - griežtaistrictly, stringently - superlatively - sneakily, surreptitiously - maloniaisweet, sweetly - tacitly - telegraphically, tersely - švelniaitenderly - tradiciškaiby tradition, traditionally - sugebantis, sumanuseffective, efficient - fretful, querulous, whiney, whiny - protestant - unbearably - paskatinti, stimuliuotiexcite, stimulate - visapusiškas, visiškascomplete - atvirai, be galo, iš visos širdies, visiškaiabsolutely, unconditionally, unquestioningly, unreservedly, wholeheartedly - išsamus, nuodugnusexhaustive, thorough, thoroughgoing - bendras, visasfull, overall, total - nederamaishamefully, unworthily - incomplete, uncomplete - naudingaiusefully - narsiaivaliantly, valorously - vehemently - niekšiškaivilely - gluttonously, voraciously - enciklopedinisencyclopaedic, encyclopedic - plenary - wholeheartedly - sąmojingaiwittily - accessible, approachable - alleviate, ease, facilitate - aye, yea, yeah, yes - conjugally, connubial, connubially - dingily, grubbily, grungily - specialiaiespecially, specially - immediately - tiesiai, tiesiogiaidirect, directly, right, straight, straightly - glaustasconcise - aphoristic, apothegmatic, epigrammatic - glaustas, kompaktiškas, trumpasclose packed, compact, compendious, succinct, summary, terse - trumpas ir atžarusconcise, crisp, curt, laconic, terse - ištęstas, nuobodus, nuobodžiai ilgai kalbantislong-winded, tedious, verbose, windy, wordy - erotically - nusiaubimashavoc, mayhem, ravages - klegesys, perversmas, sambrūzdis, suirutė, triukšmasagitation, excitement, hullabaloo, turmoil, upheaval - sąmyšisado, bustle, bustling, flurry, fuss, hustle, jostling, pushing, stir - perpildytas, prigrūstas, sausakimšas, tankiai gyvenamascrowded, overcrowded - nesiderinantisincongruous - breeze, child's play, cinch, duck soup, picnic, piece of cake, pushover, snap, walkover - profaned, violated - serviravimo būdasservice - big, large, prominent - akis badantis, akivaizdus, baisusblatant, crying, egregious, flagrant, glaring, gross, rank - loose end, unfinished business - constant - daugkartinis, monotoniškas, pakartotinis, pasikartojantisperennial, recurrent, renewed, repeated, repetitive - occasional, sporadic - know - mėgstantis ginčytis, priešgynaargumentative - pažintiknow - įprastinis, konvencionalus, visuotinai priimtasconventional - conventional - groteskiškas, keistasbizarre, eccentric, flakey, flaky, freakish, freaky, gonzo, off-the-wall, outlandish, outre - difficulty, trouble - didelis, reikšmingas, žymusconsiderable - pastebimas, žymusappreciable - insignificant, undistinguished - painioticonfound, confuse - riteriškaschivalrous, gallant, knightly - grubus, šiurkštusabrupt, brusk, brusque, curt, short, snappy - nemandagusill-mannered, impolite, mannerless, rude, uncivil - įtikėtinas, tikėtinasbelievable, credible - neįtikėtinas, neįtikimasincredible, unbelievable - kandus, negailestingasboiling, boiling hot, broiling, broiling hot, scathing, vituperative - critical - keliantis nerimą, rimtas, svarbusdangerous, grave, grievous, life-threatening, serious, severe - crucial, important - outdated, out-of-date, superannuated - nykstantisobsolescent, obsolete - prakeiktasaccursed, accurst, cursed, maledict - iškleręs, klibantisbedraggled, broken-down, crumbling, derelict, dilapidated, ramshackle, rickety, shaky, tatterdemalion, tumbledown, tumble-down - grubus, nemandagus, nepadorus, stačiokiškas, storžieviškas, vulgaruscheap, common, crude, earthy, gross, rascal, vulgar - orus, rimtas, solidussedate, staid - undefined, vague - primary - decided, distinct - įtemptas, reikalaujantis daug pastangų, varginantisdemanding, exacting, fastidious - griežtasrigorous, stringent, tight - skubuspressing, urgent - savavališkasarbitrary, indiscriminate, random - ketinti, laikyti, manyti, suskaičiuoticalculate, count on, estimate, figure, forecast, reckon - patikimasdependable, reliable - deviance, deviation - dependent - indiscretion, peccadillo - nepriklausomasindependent - išlaidumas, prabangaextravagance, highlife, high life, lavishness, prodigality - desirable - foul play - pavydėtinasdesirable, enviable, tempting - šventvagystėblasphemy, desecration, profanation, sacrilege, sacrilegiousness - labiau pageidautinaspreferable, preferred - erotika, pornografijablue movie, erotica, obscene literature, porn, porno, pornographic literature, pornography, smut - pay - envy, invidia - sunkus, varginantisawkward, difficult, hard, heavy, stiff, tough, uphill - anger, ira, ire, wrath - gluttony, gula, overeating - keblusdelicate, ticklish, touchy - serious - neramus, sukeliantis daug rūpesčių, varginantistroublesome, unfavorable, unfavourable, unsuitable, unwelcome - easy - elementarus, grynas, pradiniselementary, simple, uncomplicated, unproblematic - meilikaujantis, perdėm mandagushoney-like, smooth - stropus, uolusassiduous, sedulous, zealous - nenuilstamashardworking, industrious, tireless, untiring - delinquent, derelict, neglectful, remiss - direct - braving, confronting, coping with, grappling, tackling - good - selective - neaiškus, neryškusindistinct - general - grėsmė, pavojus, rizika, rizikinga situacijadanger, hazard, jeopardy, peril, risk - viešpataujantis, vyraujantisdominant, predominant - aštrus, gerasacute, intense - apsauga, gynybadefence, defense - changing, ever-changing - inchoate, incipient - suvesti į akistatąconfront, face, face up - efektingas, efektyvus, įspūdingas, našus, produktyvus, veiksmingasbusinesslike, effective, effectual, efficacious, efficient, suitable - alinantis, sekinantis, sunkus, varginantis, vargingasarduous, backbreaking, difficult, exhausting, grueling, gruelling, hard, heavy, laborious, operose, painful, punishing, shattering, tiring, toilsome - didelis, smarkusheavy, labored, laboured - facile - promiscuity, promiscuousness, sleeping around - economic, economical - operatyvus, spartusenergetic, expeditious, quick - radikalus, ryžtingasdrastic, extreme, sweeping - emphatic, exclamatory - tvirtasfirm, strong - nerangus, netašytasgauche, graceless, left-handed, unpolished - exportable - entuziastingasenthusiastic - aistringas, karštas, labai norintis, trokštantis, užsidegęsavid, eager, keen, zealous - įsiteikti, meilikauti, pataikauti, saldliežuvautiblandish, butter up, fawn on, fawn upon, flatter, sweet-talk, toady to - explicit, unambiguous, unequivocal, univocal - esoteric - painusabstruse, deep, recondite - arcane - exoteric - elementarus, pagrindinis, pradinisbasal, basic, primary - eufemistiniseuphemistic, inoffensive - apytikris, nesubrandintas, neužbaigtasapproximate, approximative, broad, rough - free, liberal, loose - breathless, breathtaking - netinkamas naudojimas/vartojimasabuse, misuse - brangusexpensive - brangus, neįkandamascostly, dear, expensive, high-priced, precious, pricey, pricy - overpriced - nebrangusaffordable, cheap, dirt-cheap, inexpensive, reasonable - capitalisation, capitalization - neapmokytas, nepatyręs, žaliasgreen, inexperienced, new, raw - išaiškinticlarify, clear up, elucidate - slaptasinner, interior, internal - nešališkas, teisingasequitable, just - nepažįstamas, nežinomasunfamiliar - išėjęs iš mados, senamadis, senas, senovinis, senoviškasantique, demode, démodé, ex, old-fashioned, old-hat, outmoded, out of date, out of fashion, out of style, passe, passee, unmodish - neišvaizdus, nemadingasdowdy, frumpish, frumpy - aukštuomenės, prašmatnusclassy, posh, swish - įvykstantis tuoj pat, momentalus, nedelsiamas, skubusimmediate, instant, instantaneous - smulkmeniškasfinical, finicky, fussy, particular, picky - choosey, choosy, meticulous, particular - apkūnus, apvalus, putlus, putnusbuxom, chubby, plump, zaftig, zoftig - apkūnus, nutukęscorpulent, obese, rotund, stout, weighty - išsekęs, kaulėtas, liesas, perkaręs, prakaulus, sudžiūvęs, sunykęsangular, bony, cadaverous, emaciated, gaunt, haggard, pinched, scrawny, skeletal, skinny, wasted - organizavimasarrangement, handling, ordering, organisation, organization - backing up, perfecting, printing the verse, reduplication, reiteration, second printing, verso printing - copying - dauginimasisreplication, reproduction - atkaklumas, nuolatinės pastangos, nuolatinis buvimasperseverance, perseveration, persistence - esminis, pagrindinisbasic, introductory - apeigos, ritualasrite, ritual - protingas, sveikasfit, healthful, healthy, sound - able, able-bodied - akcentuoti, kirčiuoti, pabraukti, pabrėžtiaccent, accentuate, emphasise, emphasize, lay/put stress on, punctuate, stress, underline, underscore - fossilised, fossilized, ossified, petrified - pabrėžtiaccent, accentuate, emphasise, emphasize, stress, underline, underscore - be kompromisųinflexible, intransigent, sturdy, uncompromising - extraneous, foreign, strange - ceremoningasceremonious, conventional - nejudama padėtisease, relaxation, repose, rest - good, well - abstinencija, susilaikymasabstinence - fatališkas, lemtingasblack, calamitous, disastrous, fatal, fateful - laisvasclear, empty, free, off, unrestricted - occasional - fresh - naujausiashot - geraširdis, malonus, mandagus, nuoširdus, širdingasaffable, amiable, cordial, genial - beetle-browed, scowling - derlingas, našus, produktyvus, turtingas, vaisingasfat, fertile, productive, rich - perpildytascongested, engorged - mere - such, such that - specifinis, tam tikrasspecific - local - technical - obedience, respect - dosnus, gražus, išlaidusbig, bighearted, bounteous, bountiful, free, freehanded, generous, giving, handsome, lavish, liberal, openhanded - lavish, munificent, overgenerous, too-generous, unsparing, unstinted, unstinting - maladministration, misdirection, misgovernment, mismanagement, misrule - bjaurus, menkas, niekingas, prastasmean, mingy, miserly, tight - parsimonious, penurious - big, large, magnanimous - sveikasgood, honest - synthetic - gerai veikiantis, geras, malonus, naudingas, palankus, sveikasbeneficial, good - laukiamas, mielasacceptable, satisfactory - tinkamasconvenient, suitable - numaldymas, numalšinimasappeasement, calming - netikęs, pasigailėtinas, prastascrappy, icky, lousy, rotten, shitty, stinking, stinky - conciliation, placation, propitiation - negative - geras, protingasgood - white - juodasisblack, dark, sinister - baisus, negeras, piktas, šėtoniškas, siaubingas, velnioniškas, velniškasdemoniac, demoniacal, demonic, demonical, devilish, diabolic, diabolical, fiendish, hellish, infernal, satanic, unholy - devilish, diabolic, diabolical, mephistophelean, mephistophelian - bristly, prickly, splenetic, waspish - irzlus, niurzgus, piktas, viskuo nepatenkintasbad-tempered, cantankerous, crabbed, crabby, cross, fussy, grouchy, grumpy, ill-tempered, moody - irzluscranky, fractious, irritable, nettlesome, peckish, peevish, pettish, petulant, scratchy, techy, testy, tetchy - baisus, juodas, niūrus, paniuręs, piktas, rūškanas, surūgęs, užsidaręsdark, dour, glowering, glum, grouchy, moody, morose, saturnine, sour, sullen, testy - irzlussurly, ugly - gradual - netikėtas, staigussudden - aggro - katastrofiškas, pražūtingascalamitous, catastrophic, disastrous, ruinous - integracijadesegregation, integrating, integration - ištikimybėfaith - heavy - lengvaslight - heavy - įtemptas, sunkusburdensome, onerous, taxing - distressful, distressing, disturbing, perturbing, startling, troubling, worrisome, worrying - atrama, parama, pritarimassupport - heavy - lengvaslight - vienalytishomogeneous, homogenous - favor, favour, patronage - beau geste - attention - aukštas, didelishigh - mobilizacijamobilisation, mobilization - neaukštas, nedidelis, slėnus, žemas, žemumųlow, low-lying - kerštasact of revenge, reprisal, retaliation, retaliatory action, revenge, vengeance - aukštashigh - nedidelis, žemaslow - high, high-pitched - įsikišimas, tarpininkavimas, užtarimasintercession, intervention - atnaujinimas, atsinaujinimas, pratęsimasrenewal - atviras, nuoširdusopen - apgaulingas, klaidinantisdeceptive, misleading, shoddy - įžvelgti, kiaurai pereiti, prasiskverbti, skverbtisdiffuse, imbue, interpenetrate, penetrate, permeate, pervade, riddle - outlet, release, vent - welcoming - karštashot - šaldytas, sušalęscold - niūrus, plikasbleak, cutting, raw - nedraugiškas, šaltascold - antžmogiškas, nežmoniškassuperhuman - humaniškashumane - grubus, gyvuliškas, žvėriškasbeastly, bestial, brutal, brute, brutish, harsh, heavy-handed - juokdariškas, komiškasbuffoonish, clownish, clownlike, zany - juokingas, komiškas, vertas pašaipos, žaismingasamusing, comic, comical, funny, laughable, mirthful, risible - droll, funny - juokingas, linksmashilarious, screaming, uproarious - aštraus proto, sąmojingasalert, quick, quick-witted, sharp, sharp-witted, smart, telling, witty - skubotashurried - didis, esminis, reikšmingas, svarusappreciable, big, consequential, considerable, important, marked, material, of import, significant, weighty - didelis, didis, svarbusbig - esminis, pagrindinis, svarbiausiascardinal, central, fundamental, key, primal - aukštas, pagrindinis, svarbiausiaschief, high, main, master, primary, principal - istorinishistoric - serious - strategic, strategical - vertingasvaluable - nepagrįstas, tuščiasfiddling, footling, futile, lilliputian, little, niggling, petty, picayune, piddling, piffling, trifling, trivial - pritrenkiantis, stulbinantisamazing, awe-inspiring, awesome, awful, awing, commanding, imposing, impressive, stately - didingas, ištaigingas, nuostabus, prabangus, puikusbrilliant, glorious, magnificent, splendid - decadent, effete - informed - tankiai gyvenamaspopulous, thickly settled - nepriekaištingasblameless, inculpable, irreproachable, unimpeachable - pamokomasedifying, enlightening - intellectual - protingasclever, intelligent, shrewd - įdomusinteresting - intriguojantis, keliantis smalsumą, pagaunantis, patraukiantisabsorbing, captivating, engrossing, fascinating, gripping, intriguing, riveting - atgrasus, nuobodus, nykusboring, dead-and-alive, deadening, drab, draggy, dreary, dull, ho-hum, irksome, jejune, monotonous, slow, soul-destroying, stodgy, stultifying, tedious, tiresome, wearisome - extrinsic - adventitious - liūdnas, nusiminęsdepressed, depressing, depressive, gloomy, saddening - bitter - lugubrious - garsus, įžymus, pagarsėjęs, plačiai pagarsėjęs, talentingas, žinomas, žymuscelebrated, distinguished, famed, famous, far-famed, illustrious, notable, noted, prominent, renowned - didelis, didžiulislarge - išsiplėtęsbroad, spacious, wide - didžiulisbulky - erdvus, talpusample, capacious, commodious, comprehensive, roomy, spacious, sweeping - milžiniškas, stulbinantiscolossal, lofty, prodigious, stupendous, towering - didžiulisenormous, huge, towering, tremendous, vast - gigantiškas, milžiniškaselephantine, gargantuan, giant, gigantic, jumbo - didžiulis, milžiniškasgiant, gigantic, huge, leviathan, mammoth, mountainous - didžiulisBrobdingnagian, huge, immense, vast - didžiulis, milžiniškasbanging, humongous, thumping, walloping, whopping - mažas, smulkuslittle, small - labai mažas, mažutis, mažytis, mikro-, miniatiūrinis, smulkus, smulkutisbantam, diminutive, flyspeck, lilliputian, micro-, midget, petite, tiny - labai mažas, minimalus, nereikšmingas, simbolinisfractional, miniscule, minuscule, minute, nominal, teensy, teensy weensy, teeny, teeny weeny, tiny, wee - nepanašus, skirtingasdifferent, dissimilar, unlike - kuklus, nedidelis, šalutinis, smulkuslittle, minor, modest, pocket-size, pocket-sized, small, small-scale - local - ilgas, ištęstas, per ilgas, užsitęsęsdrawn-out, extended, lengthy, long, long-drawn-out, prolonged, protracted - pastovus, tvirtasclose, close-knit, closely-knit, durable, firm, hardwearing, hard-wearing, lasting, long-lasting, long-lived, longwearing, staunch, strong, tight, tightly-knit - begalinis, nesibaigiantisendless, eternal, interminable - trumpasbrief, short - akimirką trunkantis, momentalusfleeting, fugitive, momentaneous, momentary, non-fast, not fast to light, short-lived - heavy, sonorous - paperkantis, užburiantisadorable, endearing, lovely - meiluscharming, cuddlesome, cuddly, cute, lovely, sweet - atstumiantis, bjaurus, siaubingas, šlykštusabominable, detestable, execrable, loathsome, odious - blue-eyed, fair-haired, white-haired - meilus, mylintisaffectionate, loving - meilus, mylintis, švelnusaffectionate, fond, lovesome, tender, warm - amorous, besotted, enamored, enamoured, head over heels in love, infatuated, in love, madly in love, potty, smitten, soft on, sweet, taken with - major - minor - insignificant, peanut - womanish - vaikiškaschildish, infantile - overripe - didžiausias, maksimalusmaximal, maximum - labai menkas, minimalusminimal, minimum - prasmingas, reikšmingasmeaningful - beprasmis, nereikšmingasinane, meaningless, nonmeaningful - negailestingasmerciless, unmerciful - kietaširdis, negailestingas, nepalenkiamas, žiauruscold-blooded, cutthroat, cut-throat, hard-hearted, heartless, merciless, pitiless, relentless, remorseless, ruthless, showing no mercy, unpitying - negriežtas, švelnusmild - intensyvusintensive - aštrus, didelis, sunkussevere, terrible, wicked - strong - pritrauktiattract, draw, draw in, pull, pull in - per didelis, pernelyg didelis, perviršinisexcessive, inordinate, steep, undue, unreasonable - besaikis, lupikiškas, pernelyg didelis, plėšikiškasexorbitant, extortionate, outrageous, steep, unconscionable, usurious - kraštutinis, radikalus, ultra-extremist, radical, ultra, ultra- - retiring, unassuming - išsigimęs, ištvirkęs, nedoras, pasileidęsdebauched, degenerate, degraded, dissipated, dissolute, fast, libertine, profligate, riotous, wanton - many - gausus, skaitlingaslegion, manifold, numerous - few, little - pasaulinis, visame pasaulyjeglobal, planetary, world, worldwide, world-wide - natural - šmėkliškas, vaiduokliškasapparitional, ghostlike, ghostly, phantasmal, spectral, spiritual - galutiniseventual - galutinis, paskutinisfinal, last, net - nenormalusaberrant, abnormal, deviant, unnatural - klusnus, paklusnusobedient - clear, open - laisvasfree, spare - atgrasus, atstumiantis, šlykštusabhorrent, detestable, disgusting, obscene, off-putting, repellant, repellent, repelling, repugnant, repulsive - bjaurus, koktus, nemalonus, šlykštusdisgustful, disgusting, distasteful, foul, loathly, loathsome, repellant, repellent, repelling, revolting, skanky, wicked, yucky - atnaujinti, pakeisti, pradėti vėlregenerate, renew - senas, senyvasold - naujas, neįprastasfresh, new, newest, novel - recent - amžiaus, pagyvenęs, senyvas, senyvo amžiausaged, elderly, older, senior - įvykdyti, padarytiaccomplish, action, carry out, carry through, execute, fulfil, fulfill - pačiu laikuseasonable, timely, well timed, well-timed - vidutiniškasordinary - neblogas, pakenčiamas, šiaip sau, vidutinis, vidutiniškasaverage, fair, mediocre, middling, moderate - common - kasdieniškaseveryday, mundane, quotidian, routine, unremarkable, workaday - baisus, begalinis, fantastiškas, įstabus, milžiniškas, nematytas, nepaprastas, nuostabus, pasakiškas, visiškas, žavingasfabulous, fantastic, grand, howling, marvellous, marvelous, out of sight, rattling, terrific, thundering, tremendous, wonderful, wondrous - holistic - originalusoriginal - naujas, neįprastasfresh, new, novel - groundbreaking, innovational, innovative - banalus, nuvalkiotasbanal, clichéd, commonplace, corny, hackneyed, old-hat, shopworn, stale, stock, threadbare, timeworn, tired, trite, well-worn - griežtų pažiūrų, tradicinis, visų priimtasorthodox - iconoclastic - atvirasopen, overt - fanatiškasfanatic, fanatical, overzealous, rabid - dabartinis, esamasattendant, present - irenic - aštrusacute, astute, clever, discerning, discriminating, incisive, keen, knifelike, penetrating, penetrative, piercing, sagacious, sharp, shrewd - nuolatinis, pastovuslasting, permanent - impermanent, temporary - ephemeral, fleeting, fugacious, passing, short-lived, transient, transitory - evanescent - apstulbintas, suglumintasbaffled, confused, perplexed, puzzled - pasimetęs, suglumintasat a loss, nonplused, nonplussed, puzzled - asmeninis, asmeniškas, intymus, privatusintimate, personal - assure, reassure - kuklus, lengvas, nuogas, paprastas, tikrasbare, mere, nude, plain, simple - paprastassimple - malonus, teikiantis malonumąagreeable, congenial, enjoyable, gratifying, pleasant, pleasurable - žavingas, žavusdelicious, delightful - sumažintireduce - linksmasentertaining - amusing, amusive, diverting - aiškus, teigiamaspositive - įžeisti, papiktinti, piktinti, šokiruotiappal, appall, offend, outrage, scandalise, scandalize, shock - negative - neutral - įtiktigratify, satisfy - neįvykdomasimpracticable, infeasible, unfeasible, unworkable - galingas, stipruspotent, stiff, strong - discourage - galingas, ryškus, stipruspotent, strong - galingas, tvirtaspuissant - bejėgispowerless - svarbusauthoritative, important - tikslusprecise - pasipūtęs, pompastiškasbombastic, grandiloquent, overblown, pompous, pontifical, portentous - antraeilis, vidurinissecondary - auxiliary, subsidiary, supplemental, supplementary - basic - private - konfidencialus, slaptasconfidential - public - open - našus, produktyvus, vaisingasproductive, prolific - bergždžias, bevaisis, tuščiasabortive, bootless, fruitless, futile, sleeveless, unfruitful, vain - pelningaslucrative, moneymaking, paying, profitable, remunerative - dailus, gana malonus, mielas, prideramas, tinkamasbecoming, comely, comme il faut, decent, decorous, seemly - griežtas, pabrėžtinai oficialus, puritoniškas, santūruspriggish, prim, prissy, prudish, puritanical, square-toed, straightlaced, straight-laced, straitlaced, strait-laced, tight-laced, victorian - protective - arogantiškas, išpuikęs, pasipūtęsarrogant, chesty, self-important - arogantiškas, išdidus, įsivaizdinantis, išpuikęs, paniekinantis, puikusdisdainful, haughty, imperious, lofty, lordly, overbearing, prideful, sniffy, supercilious, superior, swaggering - linkęs puikuotis, pasipūtęs, tuščiagarbisconceited, egotistic, egotistical, self-conceited, swollen, swollen-headed, vain - doras, grynas, neatskiestas, tyrasneat, pure - lygus, švarusclean, clear, light, unclouded - alleged, so-called, supposed - apocryphal, implausible - abejotinas, įtartinas, pavėsingas, ūksmingasdoubtful, dubious, fishy, funny, shady, suspect, suspicious - trankus, triukšmingasnoisy - ramus, šaltakraujiškascool, cool-headed, peaceable, peaceful, relaxing, reposeful, restful - audringas, griaunantis, viską verčiantisdisruptive, riotous, troubled, tumultuous, turbulent - orderly, systematic - hardheaded, hard-nosed, practical, pragmatic - kafkaesque - phantasmagoric, phantasmagorical, surreal, surrealist, surrealistic - tvirtashealthy, intelligent, levelheaded, level-headed, sound - kvailokas, mužikiškas, netašytas, stačiokiškas, storžieviškasboorish, loutish, neandertal, neanderthal, oafish, swinish - grubus, šiurkštuscoarse, common, rough, rough-cut, uncouth, vulgar - didelis, labai akivaizdus, nesupratingas, netaktiškas, visiškai kvailascoarse, crass - lygus, taisyklingas, vienodasregular - irrelevant - esteemed, honored, prestigious - gėdingas, liūdnai pagarsėjęsdisreputable, ill-famed, infamous, notorious - reconcilable - tvirtai pasiryžęsresolved, single-minded - reprezentatyvus, tinkamas pasirodytipresentable - atsakingasresponsible - teikiantis pasitenkinimąrewarding - oratorinis, oratoriškas, retoriškasoratorical - beating, pulsating, pulsing - neturtingas, pasiturintis, turtingasaffluent, badly, flush, loaded, moneyed, wealthy, well off - pasiturimascomfortable, easy, prosperous, well-fixed, well-heeled, well-off, well-situated, well-to-do - badly-off, poor - be pinigųbroke, bust, flat broke, skint, stone-broke, stony-broke - be lėšų, skurstantis, vargstantisdestitute, impecunious, impoverished, indigent, necessitous, needy, poverty-stricken - bepinigis, nuskurdęshard up, impecunious, in straitened circumstances, penniless, penurious, pinched - ištaigingas, prabangus, prašmatnus, turtingasdeluxe, gilded, grand, lush, luxurious, opulent, princely, sumptuous - sveikas, tvirtasrobust - raumeningas, stambus, tvirtasbeefy, brawny, buirdly, burly, husky, strapping, sturdy - arcadian, bucolic, pastoral - pavojingas, rizikingashazardous, risky, wild - pavojingas, rizikingasdangerous, hazardous, parlous, perilous, precarious, touch-and-go, unhealthy - linkęs nusižudyti, savižudiškasself-destructive, suicidal - įvairūs, skirtingiassorted, various - panašussimilar - iškleręs, kuoktelėjęs, pakvaišęs, pametęs galvą, riešutoaround the bend, balmy, barmy, bats, batty, bonkers, buggy, cracked, crackers, daft, dotty, fruity, haywire, kookie, kooky, loco, loony, loopy, nut, nuts, nutty, round the bend, wacky, whacky - maniac, maniacal, manic - kandus, sarkastiškasacid, sarcastic - iškreiptas, kreivassardonic, wry - pašaipus, satyrinissatiric, satirical - nepatenkinamasunsatisfactory - apviliantisdisappointing, dissatisfactory, unsatisfying - pedantiškasacademic, donnish, pedantic - erudite, learned - alluring, appealing, attractive, beguiling, charming, enticing, fascinating, tempting - savanaudisselfish - self-seeking, self-serving - erogenous - higieniškas, higienoshygienic, hygienical, sanitary - extraneous, foreign - rimtasserious - lengvabūdiškas, tuščiasfrivolous - valiūgiškasarch, impish, implike, mischievous, pixilated, prankish, puckish, wicked - rimtasserious, sober, unplayful - open, undecided, undetermined, unresolved - koketiškas, mėgstantis flirtuoticoquettish, flirtatious - erotinis, erotiškaserotic, erotical, titillating, titillatingly - blue, gamey, gamy, juicy, naughty, racy, risque, spicy - concupiscent, lascivious, lewd, libidinous, lustful - lubricious, lustful, prurient, salacious - atrodyti, kad, pasirodyti, stoti priešappear, look, seem - appear, seem - švystelėtiflash, show - įsivaizdinti, puikuotisact big, boast, brag, flash, flaunt, make a flourish of, make a show of, ostentate, parade, show off, show off with, swagger, swank - akylas, aštraus žvilgsnioargus-eyed, hawk-eyed, keen-sighted, lynx-eyed, quick-sighted, sharp-eyed, sharp-sighted - prasmingasimportant, significant - menkas, nereikšmingasfrivolous, immaterial, inconsequential, inconsiderable, indifferent, insignificant, trifling, unimportant - grynassimple - elemental, elementary, essential, fundamental, material, ultimate, vital - painus, sudėtingasByzantine, convoluted, involved, knotty, tangled, tortuous - neaiškus, painus, sudėtingascomplex, complicated, convoluted, intricate, involved - bootlicking, fawning, obsequious, sycophantic, toadyish - vienintelislone, lonesome, only, sole, solitary - geras, įgudęs, kvalifikuotas, meistriškas, nagingas, patyręs, prityręs, puikus, sumanusadept, adroit, capable, clever, competent, efficient, expert, good, neat, practiced, proficient, skilful, skilled, skillful - glotnus, švelnussmooth - duobėtasbumpy - atgautirecoup, recover, recuperate - polished, refined, svelte, urbane - stable - tvirtasfirm, fixed, solid, steady, strong, substantial - alert, brisk, hale and hearty, sprightly, spry - gyvas, smagusvibrant, vivacious - tvirtasstable - išklibęs, svyrinėjantisramshackle, rickety, shaky, wobbly, wonky - pralaimėti, pralošticome off second best, lose - fluctuating - tiesusstraight - ryškus, stiprus, tvirtashigh, mighty, powerful, strong - weak - atkaklus, užsispyręscussed, dogged, dour, mulish, persistent, pertinacious, pigheaded, stubborn, tenacious, unyielding, wayward, wilful, willful - hardheaded, mulish - contumacious - sėkmingassuccessful - apviltas, jo/jos veidas apsiniaukė, nevykėlis, nusivylęs, puolęs į neviltįchagrined, defeated, disappointed, discomfited, foiled, frustrated, her ZZZetcZZZ face fell, his, thwarted - pakankamas, užtektinasadequate, enough, sufficient - nepakankamai, nepakankamasdeficient, inadequate, insufficient, insufficiently, unsufficient - striukaslean, skimpy - globėjiškas, pakantusarch, condescending, patronising, patronizing - aukštaseminent, high, tall - aukštas, aukštesnis, labai geras, viršesnissuperior - puikusexcellent, fantabulous, first-class, splendid - puikus, visiškai gerasfine, good - menkavertis, pigus, prastasbum, cheap, cheesy, chintzy, crummy, punk, sleazy, tinny - pelną žadantis, pelningascommercial, commercial-grade - pusėtinas, vidutiniškasmediocre, second-rate - filialasaccessary, accessory, adjunct, adjuvant, ancillary, appurtenant, auxiliary, extraneous, subsidiary, supplementary - aukotigive, sacrifice - stebinantisodd, peculiar, surprising - susceptible - empathetic, empathic - anachronic, anachronistic, anachronous - consistent, systematic, systematical - saldus, sultingasdelectable, delicious, luscious, pleasant-tasting, scrumptious, toothsome, yummy - didelishard, heavy - uncontrolled, unrestrained, untempered - pažemintibreak, bump, degrade, demote, kick downstairs, lower in rank, move down, relegate - ekonomiškas, taupuseconomical, frugal, meager, meagre, scotch, sparing, stinting, thrifty - nešvarus, netvarkingasmessy, mussy - nuslėpti, užlaikytihold back, keep, keep back, restrain, suppress - gyslotas, kremzlėtascartilaginous, gristly, rubbery - traškuscrisp, crispy - surengtiorganise, organize, stage - ciniškascynic, cynical, misanthropic, misanthropical - patikimas, tikrasbona fide, dependable, reliable, trustworthy, trusty - būdingas, reprezentatyvusrepresentative - gerbtiabide by, honor, honour, observe, respect - liberalise, liberalize - paslaugusadvantageous, helpful, profitable, serviceable, usable, useable, useful, utile - bergždžias, tuščiasfutile, ineffectual, otiose, unavailing, unsuccessful, vain - valuable - worthless - protean - įvairus, kintamas, skirtingasvariable, varying - iterative, reiterative, repetitive - tvankusairless, close, stuffy, unaired - aistringas, įniršęs, įnirtingas, įsiutęs, įtūžęs, laukinis, negailestingas, nirtulingas, nuožmus, žiaurusferocious, fierce, furious, rough, savage, wild - nuodėmingasiniquitous, sinful, ungodly - kontroliuoti, prižiūrėti, reguliuoticheck, contain, control, curb, hold, hold in, moderate - drungnas, šaltokaslukewarm, tepid, warmish - attitudinise, attitudinize - aby, abye, atone, expiate - įgyvendinti, pasiektiaccomplish, achieve, attain, reach - begin - finagle, manage, wangle - purenti, sumauti, sušiktiballs up, ball up, bedevil, blight, blow, bobble, bodge, bollix, bollix up, bollocks, bollocks up, botch, botch up, bumble, bungle, fiddle around, flub, fluff, foozle, foul up, fuck up, fumble, louse up, mar, mess about, mess around, mess up, mishandle, muck up, muff, potter, putter, ruin, screw up, spoil - išduotibetray, sell - sveikasgood for you, healthy, salubrious - įžeidžiantis, užgaulus, žeidžiantisloathsome, nauseating, nauseous, noisome, offensive, queasy, sickening, vile - recognise, recognize - ribotas, siaura, siaurasnarrow - paremti, puoselėtiadvance, boost, encourage, further, promote - help - paremtiback up, support - absurdiškas, juokingasabsurd, cockeyed, derisory, idiotic, laughable, ludicrous, nonsensical, preposterous, ridiculous - asinine, fatuous, inane, mindless, obtuse, stupid, vacuous - ideologic, ideological - apgautibunco, con, defraud, diddle, gip, goldbrick, gyp, hornswoggle, mulct, nobble, rook, scam, short-change, swindle, victimize - persekiotioppress, persecute - išgyventi, pragyventi, susidoroti, susitvarkyticontend, cope, deal, get along, get by, grapple, make do, make out, make shift, manage - malonėti, teiktiscondescend, deign, descend - serve - despotiškai elgtis su, įsivaizdintiact a part, act superior, lord it over, play-act, pose, pretend, put on airs, put on airs / give oneself airs, put on an act, queen it over - gyventilive - make - dykinėti, šlaistytis, slampinėti, slankioti, stoviniuoti, trainiotisfootle, hang about/around, hang around, lallygag, linger, loaf, loiter, lollygag, lounge, lurk, mess about, mill about, mill around, mooch, tarry - būti svarbiam, turėti reikšmėscount, matter, weigh - atitikti, neprieštarauti, rištis, sietis, sutapti, sutiktiagree, check, correspond, fit, gibe, jibe, match, tally, tie in/up - check, check out - depend - atrodyti kaip, būti panašiam įlook like, resemble, take after - chimeral, chimeric, chimerical - viršytiexceed, go past, overstep, pass, top, transcend - pakakti, užtektianswer, do, serve, suffice - serve, serve well - gyventi pagal, išpildyti, įtikti, įvykdyti, patenkintifulfil, fulfill, honour, live up to, meet, satisfy - compensate, correct, counterbalance, even off, even out, even up, make up - išsiskirti, pasižymėti, pralenkti, pranoktiexcel, stand out, surpass - taikyti, tiktiapply, go for, hold - affect, involve, regard - laikytihold - derėti, derintiaccord, agree, concord, consort, fit in, harmonise, harmonize, tone - defy, refuse, resist - atlyginti, kompensuoticancel, make up for, offset, set off - vietinislocal - belong - sudaryti porą, visumąbelong, go - add - sell - technical - pjedestalas, stovasbase, pedestal, stand - vulpecular, vulpine - messianic - kultūrinis, kultūroscultural - air-raid shelter, bombproof, bomb shelter - expiative, expiatory, propitiatory - Draconian, draconic - Hegelian - kaita, keitimasischange - lobis, perlasgem, treasure - golden calf - atminas, atminimo dovana, atminimo ženklas/dovana, suvenyrasChristmas gift book, giftbook, gift book, keepsake, memento, relic, souvenir, token - magnum opus - asylum, refuge, sanctuary - rib - mažmožiai, mažmožis, menkniekis, niekainonentity, small beer, small fry, trifle, trivia, triviality - našta, sunkumasweight - spirit - gamtanature - animacija, pagyvėjimasanimation, brio, invigoration, spiritedness, vivification - paslaugumas, uolumasalacrity, briskness, smartness - energija, veržlumasenergy, muscularity, vigor, vigour, vim - esprit, ghost, mind, quip, ready wit, spirit, sprite, wit - draugiška aplinka, draugiški santykiaicamaraderie, chumminess, companionship, comradeliness, comradery, comradeship, good-companionship, good-fellowship - prisitaikymasadaptability, conformability - įspūdiseffect, impression - figure - gražumascuteness, prettiness - attractiveness - animal magnetism, beguilement, bewitchery - charisma, personal appeal, personal magnetism - seksualinis patrauklumasdesirability, desirableness, oomph, sex appeal - bjaurumashomeliness, plainness, ugliness - dėmėblemish, defect, mar - lengvumasfacility, readiness - sunkumasdifficultness, difficulty - fly in the ointment - darna, sutikimascombinability, compatibility - kongruencija, sutapimasaccordance, coincidence, congruence, congruency, congruity, congruousness, correspondence - incompatibility - conflict - teisės turėjimas, tinkamumasadequacy, applicability, appositeness, appropriateness, aptness, eligibility, suitability, suitableness - galimybė naudotis, turėjimasaccessibility, availability, availableness, handiness, usability - ethic, ethics, ethos - atmosfera, kvapasair, atmosphere, aura, flavour - note - kokybė, kokybiškas, rūšiscaliber, calibre, quality - meistriškumas, tobulumasexcellence - didingumas, didybė, prakilnumasloftiness, majesty, stateliness - absoluteness, absolute superlative - panašumassimilarity - homology - correspondence, parallelism - uniformity, uniformness - homogeneity, homogeneousness - panašumascorrespondence, likeness, resemblance, similarity - neatitikimas, nesutapimasdisagreement, discrepancy, divergence, variance - prarastas laikasallowance, leeway, margin, tolerance - nepanašumasdissimilarity, dissimilitude, unsimilarity - įvairumas, skirtingumasdiverseness, diversity, multifariousness, variety - change, variety - smoke - solidarumasinterdependance, solidarity, togetherness - sudėtingas dalykas, sudėtingumascomplexity, complexness, complicatedness, intricacy - nuolat pasikartojantis reiškinys, pastovumasregularity - organisation, organization, system - nereguliarumas, netaisyklingumasirregularity, unregularity - spasticity - nepastovumaserraticness, fickleness, instability, unstableness - pastovumas, stabilumas, tvirtumasimmutability, stability, stableness, steadiness - malonumas, patogumasadvantage, agreeableness, amenity, benefit, plus, plus point, vantage - admissibility, likeliness, plausibility, plausibleness - exoticism, exoticness, exotism - autochthony, endemism, indigenousness - originality - freshness, novelty - academicism, academism, formalism, scholastic, scholasticism - tikslumascarefulness, exactitude, exactness, meticulousness - precizinis, preciziškumas, tikslumasaccuracy, exactness, preciseness, precision - netikslumasimpreciseness, imprecision, inaccuracy, indistinctness, inexactness, obscurity, opacity - netikslumasimpreciseness, imprecision - elegancijaelegance, elegancy - eclat, pomp - meistriškumasclass - cheapness, second-hand clothing shop, second-hand clothing store, sleaze, tackiness, tat, used clothing shop, used clothing store - aiškumas, skaidrumasclarity, clearness, limpidity, lucidity, lucidness, pellucidity - aiškumas, apibrėžtumasexplicitness - miglotumas, neaiškumasvagueness - teisingumasintegrity, probity, righteousness - rectitude, straightforwardness, straightness, uprightness - dievobaimingumaspiety, piousness - religingumasdedication, devotion, devoutness, religiousness - pietism, religionism, religiosity, religiousism - dievobaimingumas, pamaldumasgodliness - godlessness, irreligion, irreligiousness - barbariškumas, brutalumas, žiaurenybė, žiaurumas, žiaurus nusikaltimasatrociousness, atrocity, barbarity, barbarousness, brutality, disgustedness, enormity, heinousness, loathsomeness, repulsiveness, terribleness - piktumas, žiaurumasbrutality, ferociousness, ferocity, meanness, nastiness, savageness, savagery, venomousness, viciousness, wickedness, wildness - negailestingumasinexorability, inexorableness, relentlessness - altruism, selflessness - enterprise, enterprisingness, go-ahead, initiative - konkurencingumascompetitiveness, fight - diplomatiškumas, subtilumas, švelnumas, taktasdelicacy, diplomacy, discreetness, finesse - sąžinėconscience - didvyriškumas, heroizmasgallantry, heroism, valiance, valiancy, valor, valorousness, valour, value, worth - assiduity, assiduousness, concentration, drive, perseverance, persistence - nepaperkamumasincorruptibility - meretriciousness, speciousness - patriotizmasnationalism, patriotism - acre, gullibility, ingenuousness, innocence, innocency, naiveness, naivete, naïveté, naivety, naïvety - savigarbadignity, self-regard, self-respect, self-worth - pagyrūniškumasboastfulness, vainglory - hubris - gyvumasgaminess, raciness, ribaldry, spiciness - ramumas, santūrumas, tylumascalm, calmness, composure, equanimity - pagarba, pagarbumasdeference, respect, respectfulness - bad manners, bluntness, crudeness, crudity, curtness, ill-breeding, ill manners, lack of manners, rudeness, unmannerliness - newness, novelty - freshness - moldiness, must, mustiness - vanity fair - gracija, grakštumasgrace, gracefulness, gracility - elektra, galinga valstybė, jėgaforce, might, mightiness, power, strength - ištvermingumas, smarkumas, tvirtumashardiness, lustiness, robustness, validity - drąsabackbone, courage, daring, grit, gumption, guts, moxie, nerve, sand, spunk - ištvermėstamina, staying power, toughness - galia, jėgosforce, forcefulness, strength - intensyvumasintensity, intensiveness - įniršis, įsiūtis, įtūžis, nuožmumas, šėlsmas, siautimas, žvėriškumasferocity, fierceness, furiosity, furiousness, fury, madness, rage, vehemence, violence, wildness - Achilles' heel, Achilles heel - naujoviškumas, šiuolaikiškumascontemporaneity, contemporaneousness, modernism, modernity, modernness - continuity, persistence - greitis, greitumas, skubėjimascelerity, fastness, promptitude, promptness, quickness, rapidity, rapidness, speed, speediness, suddenness, swiftness - immediacy, immediateness, instancy, instantaneousness - greitumaspromptitude, promptness - balance, proportion, proportionality - externality, outwardness - glibness, slickness - apimtis, dydisbulk, mass, volume - didumasenormity, enormousness, grandness, greatness, hugeness, immenseness, immensity, sizeableness, vastness, wideness - kiekis, kiekybėquantity - menkumas, skurdumas, šykštumasexiguity, leanness, meagerness, meagreness, poorness, scantiness, scantness, skimpiness - gausybėcornucopia, horn of plenty, profuseness, profusion, richness - stygiusscarceness, scarcity - overabundance, overmuch, overmuchness, profusion, superabundance - perteklius, perviršisexcess, nimiety, surplus, surplusage - galybė, gausybėembarrassment, excess, glut, overage, overflow, overplus, plethora, superfluity, superfluousness, surfeit, surplus - apribojimasbound, boundary, limit - apimtis, ribosambit, compass, orbit, range, reach, scope - ribosconfines - enacting terms, horizon, purview, view - kaina, vertėvalue, worth - price - kas gera, taigood, goodness - benefit, welfare - prabangalavishness, luxury, sumptuosity, sumptuousness - naudingumasserviceability, use, usefulness, utility - beprasmybėfutility - galėjimas būti įvykdytamfeasibility, feasibleness - kompetencijacompetence, competency - lobis, turtasasset, plus - privalumasadvantage, vantage, virtue - palankumas, pritarimasfavor, favour - nauda, pelnasgain, profit - cost-effectiveness, gainfulness, lucrativeness, pay off, profitability, profitableness - preference - lengvata, privilegijaprivilege - green fingers, green thumb - common good, commonweal, general good, public interest - kliūtis, nepalanki aplinkybėdisadvantage - circumscription, constraint, curtailment, limitation, restraint, restriction, trammels - trūkumasdefect, flaw, shortcoming - deprivation, loss - kainacost, price, toll - trūkumasdrawback - importance - svarbasignificance - reikšmė, svarumasweight, weightiness - beprasmybė, nesąmonė, nesuvokimasinanity, insanity, mental derangement, mindlessness, pointlessness, senselessness, vacancy, vacuity - galingumas, stiprumas, valdžiapower, powerfulness - puissance - gyvumas, ryškumascolor, colour, vividness - darantis kokią įtaką, įtaka, žmogus/veiksnysinfluence - slėgis, spaudimaspressure - wagon wheels, wheels - effectiveness, effectivity, effectuality, effectualness - efektyvumas, veiksmingumasefficaciousness, efficacy, efficiency - form - bejėgiškumashelplessness, impotence, impotency, inability, powerlessness - stardust - netirpumasinsolubility, insolvability - šlaunisthigh, upper leg - place - astuteness, deepness, depth, profoundness, profundity - sveikas protascommon sense, down-to-earthness, good sense, gumption, horse sense, matter-of-factness, mother wit, realism, sense, sense of reality - apdairumascircumspection, discreetness, discretion, prudence - caginess, care, caution, cautiousness, forethought, precaution, prudence, steadiness - intelektas, protasintelligence - brain, brainpower, learning ability, mental capacity, mentality, wit - apgaulė, apgavystė, gudrumas, gudrybė, klasta, suktumasartfulness, astuteness, brains, brightness, craft, craftiness, cunning, foxiness, guile, sharpness, slickness, slyness, wiliness, wit - genius, wizardry - dangus, rojusHeaven - innovativeness - derinimas, koordinacija, suderinimascoordination - įvairiapusiškumasversatility - miklumas, nagingumasagility, deftness, dexterity, expertise, manual dexterity, skill, sleight, virtuosity - technikaproficiency, technique - efficiency - custom, tradition - convention, formula, normal, pattern, rule - mįslė, mįslingumas, paslaptingumas, paslaptisclosed book, enigma, inscrutability, mysteriousness, mystery, riddle, secret - dilemadilemma, predicament, quandary, trade-off - kliūtisdifficulty - problema, sunkumas, sunkusproblem, trouble - atrama, parama, pritarimassupport - pagrindas, ramstisanchor, backbone, keystone, linchpin, lynchpin, mainstay - forbidden fruit - bait, come-on, hook, lure, sweetener - kas pavaduoja, pakeitimasreplacement, substitute - advertence, advertency - underevaluation - point of no return, Rubicon - įvertinimas, supratimasappreciation, discernment, perceptiveness, taste - haute couture, high fashion, high style - madacraze, cult, fad, furor, furore, rage - counterculture - atpažinimas, identifikavimas, tapatumasidentification, recognition - pseudoscience - alternatyva, kitas pasirinkimas, rinklus, šiurkštusalternative, alternative arrangement, choice, fall-back arrangement, option - key - light - tradition - reality, world - real life, real world - deja vu, déjà vu - food, food for thought, intellectual nourishment - issue - išlyga, sąlygacircumstance, condition, consideration - bonus, fillip, goad, incentive, inducement, pep pill, spur, stimulant, stimulation, stimulus, upper - annoyance, arse, arsehole, arse-licker, ass, bastard, bother, botheration, brownnose, coarse, cock, cock up, crap, cunt, darkie, dick, fanny, fart, flashy wog, fuck, fuck up, hawk, infliction, Negro girl, pain, pain in the arse, pain in the ass, pain in the neck, piccaninny, piss, prick, puke, screw, shit, shitty, sod, wog - irritant, thorn - akmuo po kaklu, išbandymas, kas ant sprando sëdi, našta, sunkumasburden, duty, encumbrance, incumbrance, load, millstone, onus, tax, weight - germ, seed, source - texture - surface - visumawhole - padala, vienetasunit - širdisbosom, heart - mintis, prasmėmeaning, substance - potekstė, užuominaimplication, import, significance - esmėbase, bottom, center, centre, core, essence, gist, heart, heart and soul, inwardness, kernel, marrow, meat, nitty-gritty, nub, pith, substance, sum, wick - value - kriterijuscriterion, standard - pavyzdysexample, exemplar, good example, instance, model - phantasmagoria - prototipasarchetype, epitome, image, paradigm, prototype - foretaste - demonism, diabolism, Satanism - kultūraacculturation, culture - erudicija, mokslasencyclopaedism, encyclopedism, eruditeness, erudition, knowledge, learnedness, learning, scholarship - direction - drift, movement, trend - Call - fanatiškumasbigotry, dogmatism - fanatizmasbigotry, fanaticism, fanatism, zealotry - konservatizmasconservatism, conservativism - reaction - literature - nicety, nuance, refinement, shade, subtlety - esmėcrux, crux of the matter - madingas/populiarus žodelis/posakisbuzzword, cant - abracadabra - niekai, paistalasbuncombe, bunk, bunkum, guff, hogwash, rot - shadow, tincture, trace, vestige - foreign policy - išeitis, sprendimasanswer, resolution, result, solution, solvent - švelnus pasakymasunderstatement - sarkazmas, satyracaustic remark, irony, lampoon, sarcasm, satire - esmėgag line, laugh line, punch line, tag line - one-liner - case - brain-teaser, conundrum, enigma, riddle - pedantiškumaspedantry - gražbylystė, iškalbingumaseloquence, fluency, smoothness, volubility - gobbledygook - archaicism, archaism - iškalba, oratorinis menaselocution, oratory - blah, bombast, claptrap, fustian, rant - technobabble - glaustumasconciseness, concision, pithiness, succinctness, terseness - ambage, circumlocution, periphrase, periphrasis - pleonasm - metaforaimagery, metaphor, metaphore - keiksmas, keiksmažodiscurse, curse word, cuss, cussword, expletive, oath, swearing, swearword, swear word, swear-word - profanity - pritarimas, sutikimasacquiescence, assent, consent - apsireiškimas, atskleidimas, kas atveria akisdisclosure, exposure, eye-opener, revealing, revelation - innuendo, insinuation - voice - auspice - fair deal, square deal - just deserts, poetic justice - payoff, reward, wages - smūgis, šokas, sukrėtimasblow, jolt, shock - avarija, nelaimė, nelaimingas atsitikimas, nelaimingas nutikimasaccident, misadventure, mishap - kankinio kančios/mirtiscalvary, martyrdom, torture - nutraukimasbreach, break, falling out, rift, rupture, severance - nelaimė, nelaimingas atsitikimasmisadventure, mischance, mishap - baisi nelaimė, tragedijaaffliction, calamity, cataclysm, catastrophe, disaster, misery, tragedy, woe - epiphany - lemtis, likimasdestiny, fate - patobulinimasadvance, betterment, improvement - debacle, fiasco - prisitaikymas, pritaikymas, reguliavimasaccommodation, adjustment, fitting - įvykis, renginys, šventėjuncture, occasion - emergency, exigency, pinch - crisis - Fall of Man - fire - pakenkimas, sugadinimasdamage, harm, impairment - perversmasrevolution - nesėkmė, pablogėjimas, recidyvasblack eye, blow, reversal, reverse, reverse shot, setback - Fall - konfliktas, nesutarimas, prieštaravimasconflict - aloofness, distance - jautrumassensitiveness, sensitivity - aranžuotė, išdėstymas, sumanymas, susitarimasarrangement, set-up - visuomenėsociety - overcrowding, overpopulation - tautahoi polloi, mass, masses, multitude, people, the great unwashed - bourgeoisie, citizenry, middle class - bendrija, bendruomenėcommunity - civilizacijacivilisation, civilization, culture - coevals, contemporaries, generation - asortimentas, daugybė įvairiausiųassortment, miscellanea, miscellany, mixed bag, mixture, motley, potpourri, range, range of products, salmagundi, selection, smorgasbord, variety - current, flow, stream - cubism - distance - RojusEden, heaven, nirvana, paradise, promised land, Shangri-la - slėptuvėcache, hiding place, safe house - prieglauda, prieglobstisrefuge, safety - likimasdestiny, fate - Logos, Son, Word - bailyscoward - ekspertas, žinovasexpert - juodukascoon, jigaboo, nigga, nigger, nigra, spade - Tom, Uncle Tom - poor white trash, white trash - kuliscoolie, cooly - Injun, red man, Redskin - John Bull, limey - pom, pommy - Mick, Mickey, Paddy - Anglo-American - Boche, Hun, Jerry, Kraut, Krauthead - konsultantas, patarėjasadviser, advisor, consultant, counsellor, counselor - bjaurybė, kalės vaikasasshole, bastard, cocksucker, dickhead, motherfucker, mother fucker, prick, shit, SOB, son of a bitch, son of a whore, whoreson - įgaliojimas, pavedimasauthority - beau, boyfriend, fellow, lover, paramour, swain, young man - chuliganasbrute, bully, hooligan, rough, roughneck, rowdy, ruffian, tough, yahoo, yob, yobbo, yobo - kūdikisbaby, child - kolekcionierius, rinkėjasaggregator, collector - asmuo, atsisakantis eiti į kariuomenę dėl religinių/moralinių įsitikinimųCO, conscientious objector, draft dodger - cub, greenhorn, rookie - pederastasfag, faggot, fagot, fairy, nance, pansy, poof, poove, pouf, queen, queer - bushwhacker, hillbilly, lout - caffer, caffre, kaffir, kafir - light - machine - maestromaestro, master - vaikystės draugasplayfellow, playmate - jėgaforce, power - half-pint, peewee, runt, shrimp - shiksa, shikse - nusidėjėlisevildoer, sinner - valstybės veikėjas, valstybininkasnational leader, solon, statesman - budget items, business expenses, cost of operation, operating cost, operating costs, operating expense, operating expenses, operational costs, overhead, running costs, working expenses - fringe benefit, perk, perquisite - netektis, nuostolisloss - protection, security - chickenfeed, chump change, small change - conspicuous consumption - blogėjimas, pablogėjimasdeclension, decline in quality, deterioration, worsening - plėtotė, plėtra, raida, vystymasisdevelopment, evolution - malabsorption - flowering, unfolding - extremum, peak - nulisaught, cipher, cypher, goose egg, nada, naught, nil, nix, nothing, nought, null, zero, zilch, zip - bugger all, Fanny Adams, fuck all, sweet Fanny Adams - minimumaslower limit, minimum - fistful, handful - atspalvis, pėdsakas, priemaiša, šešėlis, truputis, žymėhint, suggestion, suspicion, trace - partija, siuntabatch, deal, flock, good deal, great deal, hatful, heap, lot, mass, mess, mickle, mint, mountain, muckle, passel, peck, pile, plenty, pot, quite a little, raft, sight, slew, spate, stack, tidy sum, wad - billion, gazillion, jillion, million, trillion, zillion - elbow room, room, way - pagrindas, pamatasbasis, footing, ground - bridge - detail, item, particular - scale - pusiausvyrabalance, counterbalance, equilibrium, equipoise, footing - draugystėamity, friendly relationship, friendship - nelaimė, pavojus, sukrėtimascrisis - element - aplinkaenvironment - pusiausvyraequilibrium - inclusion - rejection - status quo - natural state, state of nature, wild - aukščiausias laipsnis, aukščiausias taškas, kulminacija, viršūnėacme, climax, culmination, elevation, height, meridian, peak, pinnacle, summit, superlative, tiptop, top - atvejiscase, event - visuomeninė padėtisposition, status - vietaplace, station - championship, title - precedence, precedency, priority - subordinateness, subsidiarity - amžiuslife - tvarkaorder - peace - anarchija, chaosas, suirutėanarchy, lawlessness - maišatis, tikras pragarasbedlam, chaos, pandemonium, topsy-turvydom, topsy-turvyness - incident - perversmas, suirutėSturm und Drang, turbulence, upheaval - šaltasis karascold war - nesutarimasdisagreement, dissension, dissonance - laisvėfreedom, liberty - autonomijaautonomy, liberty - polarisation, polarization - aklavietėbreak-even point, dead end, deadlock, impasse, stalemate, standstill - emergency - critical point, crossroads, juncture - desperate straits, dire straits - energy, vim, vitality - difficulty - plight, predicament, quandary - strain, stress - job, problem - atpažinimas, pripažinimasacknowledgement, acknowledgment, recognition - atskyrimas, izoliacija, izoliavimasinsulation, isolation - pagerėjimas, patobulinimasimprovement, melioration - development - nebenaudojimas, nenaudojimasdisuse, neglect - atnaujinimas, restauravimasrefurbishment, renovation, restoration - svarba, svarbumasgrandness, importance - svarumas, svorisaccent, emphasis - prestižasface, kudos, prestige, prestigiousness - anonimiškumasanonymity, anonymousness, namelessness, online anonymity - garsas, įžymumas, šlovė, talentingumascelebrity, fame, good name, illustriousness, name, renown - fame, reputation, repute - reputacija, vardascharacter, reputation - name - abasement, abjection, abjectness, degradation - dekadansas, moralinis nuopolis, nedorovingumas, smukimasdecadence, decadency, decline, degeneracy, degeneration, loss - viršenybėascendance, ascendancy, ascendancy/ascendency, ascendence, ascendency, control, dominance, superior power, superior strength, supremacy - viešpatavimas, viršenybė, vyravimasdominance, domination, mastery, supremacy - paramountcy - bane, curse, nemesis, scourge - nepasisekimas, vargasmiserableness, misery, wretchedness - skubumasurgency - prievarta, spaudimasimperativeness, insistence, insistency, press, pressure - apnikimasinfestation - visumaintegrity, unity, wholeness - pilnumas, užbaigtumascompleteness - visumaentireness, entirety, integrality, totality - defektas, trūkumasimperfection, imperfectness - hamartia, tragic flaw - dalia, lemtis, likimascircumstances, destiny, doom, fate, fortune, lot, luck, portion - gerovė, suklestėjimasprosperity, successfulness - sėkmėsuccess - katastrofa, nelaimėcatastrophe, disaster - gedimas, nesėkmėfailure - perspektyva, prognozėchance, outlook, prospect - galimybė, proga, šansasbreak, chance, occasion, opportunity, scope - day - clean slate, fresh start, tabula rasa - impureness, impurity - credit crunch, liquidity crisis, squeeze, tightening of money, tight money policy - full employment - gerovė, suklestėjimasprosperity - gausumas, prabanga, sodrumas, turtingumasaffluence, opulence, richness - mammon - skurdas, skurdumasimpoverishment, poorness, poverty - destitution, indigence, need, neediness, pauperism, pauperization, penury - hygiene - švarumasimmaculateness, spotlessness - organizuotumas, tvarka, tvarkingumasorder, orderliness - purvas, suodžiaidirt, filth, grease, grime, grunge, soil, stain - bjaurumassordidness, squalidness, squalor - circumstance, context, setting - area, arena, domain, field, orbit, sphere - province, responsibility - atšiaurumas, sunkumasbad weather, inclemency, inclementness, rigour, rigours, severity - nuotaikaambiance, ambience, atmosphere - feel, feeling, flavor, flavour, look, smell, spirit, tone - saugumassafety - apsauga, sauga, saugumassafeness, safety, security - peace, public security - apgynimas, apsauga, globa, gynimasprotection, shelter - pavojusdanger - danger - clear and present danger - pavojus, rizikadanger, distress, endangerment, hazard, jeopardy, peril, risk - grėsmė, grėsmę, grėsmingumas, kas kelia pavojų, pavojusmenace, threat - fitness, physical fitness - illumination, light - išminties akmuoelixir, philosopher's stone, philosophers' stone - dross, impurity - dalelėatom, corpuscle, molecule, mote, particle, speck - dulkėsdust - atliekoswaste, waste material, waste matter, waste product - contemporary world, modern times, modern world, present times - night - crack of doom, Day of Judgement, Day of Judgment, day of reckoning, Doomsday, end of the world, eschaton, Judgement Day, Judgment Day, Last Day, Last Judgement, Last Judgment - laikas, valandahour - amžiusage, long time, years - laikas, momentastime - akimirksnisblink of an eye, flash, heartbeat, instant, jiffy, New York minute, split second, trice, twinkling, wink - generation[Domaine]



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