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The English word games are:
○   Anagrams
○   Wildcard, crossword
○   Lettris
○   Boggle.


Lettris is a curious tetris-clone game where all the bricks have the same square shape but different content. Each square carries a letter. To make squares disappear and save space for other squares you have to assemble English words (left, right, up, down) from the falling squares.


Boggle gives you 3 minutes to find as many words (3 letters or more) as you can in a grid of 16 letters. You can also try the grid of 16 letters. Letters must be adjacent and longer words score better. See if you can get into the grid Hall of Fame !

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analogical dictionary

sposobanable - temeljno, u biti, u stvari, zapravobasically, essentially, fundamentally - obilanabundant - razigran, živahanexuberant, lush, luxuriant, profuse, riotous - accessible - come-at-able, getatable, get-at-able - as, equally, every bit - conventionally - clearly - izričito, specifičnospecifically - aimed, direct, directly, pointed, straight - analognoanalogically, analogously - poglavito, uglavnom, većinomabove all, chiefly, especially, in the main, mainly, mostly, primarily, principally - affected, artificial, contrived, high-flown, hokey, inflated, stilted, turgid - neobičanespecially, particularly, peculiarly, rarely, specially - jednom zauvijek, odlučno, uvjerljivoconclusively, once and for all - jadno, nesretnodeplorably, disgracefully, forlornly, lamentably, pitiably, pitifully, sadly, woefully - najčešće, normalno, obicno, obično, općenito, uobicajeno, u praviluas a general rule, as a rule, commonly, generally, habitually, normally, ordinarily, unremarkably, usually - nepouzdano, nepredvidivoerratically, unpredictably - abstractly - stvarancorporeal, material - grotesknogrotesquely, ludicrously, monstrously - dvoličan, licemjeranhypocritical, two-faced - alternately - proper, right - osobito, posebnoappreciably, conspicuously, notably, noteworthily, noticeably, singularly, substantially - prikladno, primjerenoadequately, appositely, appropriately, aptly, becomingly, befittingly, fitly, fittingly, passably, suitably - inappropriately, unsuitably - dostojan, odgovarajući, prikladan, primjeren, pristaoapposite, appropriate, apt, fit, fitting, good, pertinent, proper, right, suitable - pakosno, zloevilly, wickedly - pažljivo, pomnoclosely - privlačan, privlačnaappealing, attractive - fascinantan, fasciniran, koji očarava, očaran, očaravajuć, privlačanbewitching, captivating, enchanting, enthralling, entrancing, fascinating, spellbinding - naprotiv, nasuprota contrario, au contraire, contrarily, contrariwise, on the contrary, quite the contrary, the other way around, the other way round, to the contrary - appealing, attractive, comely, dishy, engaging, fetching, lovely, piquant - comely, winsome - korjenito, radikalnodrastically, radically - izvanredno, nevjerojatnoexceptionally - dostižan, nabavljivavailable, getable, gettable, obtainable, on sale, procurable - na prodaju, prodaje sefor sale, purchasable, up for sale - lijepo, ugodnonicely - inaccessible, out of stock, sold out, unobtainable, unprocurable, untouchable - on a regular basis, regularly - neispravno, pogrešno, zabunomerroneously, mistakenly - liberalno, širokogrudno, velikodušnogenerously, liberally, munificently - inconveniently - razumljivoclearly, comprehensibly, intelligibly, understandably - unintelligibly, ununderstandably - unjustly - uobičajenocustomarily - duhovnospiritually, wittily - dosadno, zamornoboringly, monotonously, tediously, tiresomely - izvrstan. vrlo ukusan, krasan, sjajangorgeous - pulchritudinous - ljupka, očaravajućaravishing - pohvalnoadmirably, commendable, laudably, praiseworthily, wonderfully - prijazno, privlačno, ugodan, ugodnoagreeably, comfortably, congenially, enjoyably, pleasantly, pleasingly, pleasurably, snugly - unpleasantly - jedva jedvice, tijesno, za dlaku izmaćiat the last moment, by the skin of one's teeth, hardly, just, narrowly, no sooner, only just - kind - tocno, vjernodependably, faithfully, reliably - deliciously, pleasurably - blijedo, slabomistily, vaguely - nepoštenocrookedly, lopsidedly, sinuously, tortuously - konkretan, napose, naručito, osobito, pogotovo, posebnoespecially, in particular, particularly, specially - interno, unutarnjeinternally - phosphorescent - blagobenignantly, benignly - nepoštenobelow the belt, unfairly - consequentially - neuvjerljivo, nevjerojatno, s malom vjerojatnošćubeyond belief, implausibly, improbably, incredibly, unbelievably - besmislenoabsurdly, ludicrously, nonsensically, preposterously, ridiculously, senselessly - nisko, podlocurrishly, ignobly - odvratnoobjectionably, obnoxiously, offensively - nisko, podlobasely, despicably, meanly - diametrically - antipatično, neugodnocheerlessly, disagreeably, distastefully, grimly, nastily, uncomfortably, unkindly, unpleasantly - nečasno, sramotnodiscreditably, disgracefully, dishonorable, dishonorably, dishonourable, dishonourably, ignominiously, inglorious, ingloriously, shamefully - neiskrenocorruptibly, deceitfully, dishonestly, venally - licemjernoaffectedly, hypocritically - odanoconstantly, fairly, faithfully, loyally, staunchly - nelojalnodisloyally, faithlessly, unfaithfully - jezivoeerily, spookily - effectually - effectively, efficaciously - nejednako, neujednačenounequally, unevenly - izdajničkifaithlessly, false, traitorously, treacherously, treasonably - faultily - blistavogorgeously, magnificently, resplendently, splendidly - odvratno, ružnohideously, horridly, monstrously - okomito, okomitostperpendicularly, vertically - identičnoidentically - svijetaobride, white - mnogobojan, obilno obojen, šaren, slikovit, uzbudljiv, živobojancolorful, colourful - bez boja, bezbojancolorless, colourless - bewildering - providan, proziransemitransparent, translucent - energija, jakost, sila, snaga, velesilaforce, might, mightiness, power, strength - cloudy, mirky, muddy, murky, turbid - glaucous - mliječanmilklike, milky, whitish - pokorno, ponizno, puzavo, ropskiobsequiously, servilely, slavishly, submissively, subserviently - perfidiously - pertinently - dražesno, lijepoprettily - dužno poštovanjacreditably, honorably, honourably, respectably - democratic, popular - frequent - general - basal, base, basic, elementary, standard - izvanredan, nevjerojatan, osobit, posebanespecial, exceptional, particular, special - neobičanrare - unusual - običnousual - redovan, stalan, uobicajen, uobičajenaccustomed, customary, habitual, regular, wont, wonted - običan, priprost, prostcommon - pojedinačan, pojediniindividual, single - osobitparticular - odnosnirespective, several, various - separate - tacitly - definitely, definitively, finally, immutably, irreversibly, unalterably, unassailably, unchangeably - nedostojnoshamefully, unworthily - usefully - odvratno, strašnovilely - wholeheartedly - posebno, u osobitu svrhuespecially, specially - immediately - immediately - ravnodirect, directly, right, straight, straightly - prihvaćen, uobičajenconventional - bizaran, čudanbizarre, eccentric, flakey, flaky, freakish, freaky, gonzo, off-the-wall, outlandish, outre - materijalancorporeal, material, physical - neispravan, pogrešanerroneous - vjerojatanbelievable, credible - nevjerojatanincredible, unbelievable - naporan, neugodan, problematično dijete, teško, težakawkward, difficult, hard, heavy, stiff, tough, uphill - osjetljiv, škakljivdelicate, ticklish, touchy - serious - zabrinjavajućitroublesome, unfavorable, unfavourable, unsuitable, unwelcome - easy - čist, elementaran, osnovan, pukielementary, simple, uncomplicated, unproblematic - laskav, sladakhoney-like, smooth - direct - sharp - djelotvoran, efektan, efikasan, učinkovitbusinesslike, effective, effectual, efficacious, efficient, suitable - napet, tijesan, uzakclose, tight - equidistant - istostraničanequilateral - elementaran, temeljanbasal, basic, primary - crinkled, crinkly, rippled, wavelike, wavy - implicit, silent, tacit, understood, unspoken - unutarnji, unutrašnjiinner, interior, internal, inward - unutarnji, unutrašnjiinner, inside, interior - izvanjski, vanjskiexterior, outward - unfamiliar - funkcionalanfunctional - općenitgeneral - naročit, specifičanspecific - darežljiv, izdašan, rasipan, velikodušan, velikodušan prilicanbig, bighearted, bounteous, bountiful, free, freehanded, generous, giving, handsome, lavish, liberal, openhanded - lavish, munificent, overgenerous, too-generous, unsparing, unstinted, unstinting - bijedan, malen, neugodanmean, mingy, miserly, tight - parsimonious, penurious - dobre volje, koji čini dobro, od koristi, sretan, u dobroj formi, ugodan, ukusan, uslužan, zadovoljan, zdravbeneficial, good - prihvatljivacceptable, satisfactory - podesan, prikladan, primjeren, zgodanconvenient, suitable - lošcrappy, icky, lousy, rotten, shitty, stinking, stinky - negative - dobar, ljubazan, razumangood - zaoblack, dark, sinister - bezbožan, neljudski, okrutan, paklenski, strašan, zaodemoniac, demoniacal, demonic, demonical, devilish, diabolic, diabolical, fiendish, hellish, infernal, satanic, unholy - devilish, diabolic, diabolical, mephistophelean, mephistophelian - radostanbeatific, blessed, blissful, fortunate, happy, lucky - low - human - covjecan, human, meka srcahumane - okrutan, zvjerskibeastly, bestial, brutal, brute, brutish, harsh, heavy-handed - mal, malen, neznatanlittle, small - bitan, ozbiljan, važan, značajanappreciable, big, consequential, considerable, important, marked, material, of import, significant, weighty - big - bitan, glavni, ključan, osnovan, središnji, temeljnicardinal, central, fundamental, key, primal - glavni, visokog ranga, vrhovni, znacajanchief, high, main, master, primary, principal - povijesnihistoric - serious - strategic, strategical - vrijedanvaluable - fiddling, footling, futile, lilliputian, little, niggling, petty, picayune, piddling, piffling, trifling, trivial - zanimljivinteresting - koji obuzima pozornost, zagonetan, zanimljivabsorbing, captivating, engrossing, fascinating, gripping, intriguing, riveting - dosadan, koji ubija dušu, nezanimljiv, prepun podataka, težak, zamoranboring, dead-and-alive, deadening, drab, draggy, dreary, dull, ho-hum, irksome, jejune, monotonous, slow, soul-destroying, stodgy, stultifying, tedious, tiresome, wearisome - odmjeren za čovjeka, širok, veliklarge - broad, spacious, wide - velikbulky - prostran, širok, udobanample, capacious, commodious, comprehensive, roomy, spacious, sweeping - čudesan, divovski, golem, izvanredancolossal, lofty, prodigious, stupendous, towering - dupli, dvostrukidouble - enorman, golemenormous, huge, towering, tremendous, vast - divovskielephantine, gargantuan, giant, gigantic, jumbo - golemgiant, gigantic, huge, leviathan, mammoth, mountainous - golem, neizmjeran, ogromanBrobdingnagian, huge, immense, vast - golem, velikbanging, humongous, thumping, walloping, whopping - malen, malena i graciozna, mali broj, mikro-, sićušan, sitan, vrlo malenbantam, diminutive, flyspeck, lilliputian, micro-, midget, petite, tiny - beznačajan, neznatan, vrlo malenfractional, miniscule, minuscule, minute, nominal, teensy, teensy weensy, teeny, teeny weeny, tiny, wee - umjerenmild - intensive - opasan, ozbiljansevere, terrible, wicked - strong - prekomjeran, pretjeran, pretjerano visokexcessive, inordinate, steep, undue, unreasonable - iznuđivački, lihvarski, neumjeren, pretjeranexorbitant, extortionate, outrageous, steep, unconscionable, usurious - korjenite, radikalne, ultraextremist, radical, ultra, ultra- - moralmoral - izopačen, izrođen, nemoralan, pokvaren, raskalašen, razuzdandebauched, degenerate, degraded, dissipated, dissolute, fast, libertine, profligate, riotous, wanton - natural - mrzak, odbojan, odvratanabhorrent, detestable, disgusting, obscene, off-putting, repellant, repellent, repelling, repugnant, repulsive - neugodan, odvratan, prljavdisgustful, disgusting, distasteful, foul, loathly, loathsome, repellant, repellent, repelling, revolting, skanky, wicked, yucky - old - još nepoznat, nerabljen, novonastaofresh, new, newest, novel - recent - unused - virgin - ostario, stariji, u dobiaged, elderly, older, senior - aged, of age - emeritus - mladolikimmature, young, youthful - adolescent, adolescentan, tinejdžer, tinejdžerskiadolescent, teen, teenage, teenaged, teenager - djevojačkigirlish, schoolgirlish - little, small - uobičajenoordinary - osrednji, prihvatljiv, prosječan, umjerenaverage, fair, mediocre, middling, moderate - common - svakodnevan, uobičajeneveryday, mundane, quotidian, routine, unremarkable, workaday - čaroban, čudesan, divan, fantastičan, golem, ogroman, potpun, prekrasan, sjajanfabulous, fantastic, grand, howling, marvellous, marvelous, out of sight, rattling, terrific, thundering, tremendous, wonderful, wondrous - originalanoriginal - fresh, new, novel - groundbreaking, innovational, innovative - banalan, izlizan, otrcanbanal, clichéd, commonplace, corny, hackneyed, old-hat, shopworn, stale, stock, threadbare, timeworn, tired, trite, well-worn - dopustivadmissible, permissible, permitted - ugodan, zabavanagreeable, congenial, enjoyable, gratifying, pleasant, pleasurable - nedvojben, pozitiv, pozitivan, pozitivnopositive - negative - neutral - jako, moćanpotent, stiff, strong - coercive - potent, strong - puissant - nemoćan, slabpowerless - doličan, dolično, dražestan, ljepuškast, priličan, pristao, pristojnobecoming, comely, comme il faut, decent, decorous, seemly - iron.kao stara frajla, pedantan, preozbiljan, ukočen, uskogrudanpriggish, prim, prissy, prudish, puritanical, square-toed, straightlaced, straight-laced, straitlaced, strait-laced, tight-laced, victorian - bez vodeneat, pure - čil, zdravhealthy, intelligent, levelheaded, level-headed, sound - undue, unjustified, unwarranted - regular - svakodnevnia day, daily, day-after-day, day-by-day, day-to-day, each day, everyday, per day, quotidian, workaday - official, prescribed - isti, jednak, nepromijenjen, sličanalike, lifelike, like, resembling, same - different - različitassorted, various - naličan, sličansimilar - nezadovoljavajućunsatisfactory - koji ima neko značenje, smisao, značajanimportant, significant - beznačajanfrivolous, immaterial, inconsequential, inconsiderable, indifferent, insignificant, trifling, unimportant - elemental, elementary, essential, fundamental, material, ultimate, vital - Byzantine, convoluted, involved, knotty, tangled, tortuous - kompliciran, složen, upleten, zamršencomplex, complicated, convoluted, intricate, involved - composite - bootlicking, fawning, obsequious, sycophantic, toadyish - na pravom mjestu, pravilan, pravocrtan, ravanstraight - kvrgavgnarled, gnarly, knobbed, knotted, knotty - tortuous, twisting, twisty, voluminous, winding - jak, moćan, oštar, snažanhigh, mighty, powerful, strong - weak - dostatan, dovoljan, dovoljnoadequate, enough, sufficient - nedostatan, nedostatnodeficient, inadequate, insufficient, insufficiently, unsufficient - nedovoljan, oskudanlean, skimpy - superior - izvrstan, odličanexcellent, fantabulous, first-class, splendid - divan, ispravan, izvrstan, kvalitetan, odobravajuć, poželjan, sjajan, zadovoljavajućifine, good - bum, cheap, cheesy, chintzy, crummy, punk, sleazy, tinny - poslovnicommercial, commercial-grade - osrednjimediocre, second-rate - lagan, prozračancobwebby, diaphanous, filmy, gauze-like, gauzy, gossamer, pellucid, see-through, sheer, transparent, vaporous, vapourous - od koristi, uslužanadvantageous, helpful, profitable, serviceable, usable, useable, useful, utile - uzaludanfutile, ineffectual, otiose, unavailing, unsuccessful, vain - raznobojan, šarenvaricolored, varicoloured, variegated - promjenjivvariable, varying - iterative, reiterative, repetitive - bez oduševljenja, mlačan, mlaklukewarm, tepid, warmish - ograničen, oskudan, uzaknarrow - cylindric, cylindrical - sustainable - altruizamaltruism, selflessness - pažljivost, zamišljenostconsiderateness, consideration, thoughtfulness - nježan i siguran postupak, takt, taktičnostconcealment, discretion, keeping back, modesty, privacy, secrecy, tact, tactfulness - obzirnost, osjetljivost, spretnost, taktičnostdelicacy, diplomacy, discreetness, finesse - moralnostmoral excellence, virtue, virtuousness - virtue - opravdanost, pravda, pravednost, pravoequity, justice, justness - ispravnoright, rightfulness - izdržljivost, mišićavost, otpornost, smjelost, snaga, zdravljehardiness, lustiness, robustness, validity - backbone, courage, daring, grit, gumption, guts, moxie, nerve, sand, spunk - izdržljivost, snagastamina, staying power, toughness - Ahilova petaAchilles' heel, Achilles heel - celerity, fastness, rate, speed, swiftness, velocity - akceleracija, ubrzanjeacceleration[Domaine]



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