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The English word games are:
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Boggle gives you 3 minutes to find as many words (3 letters or more) as you can in a grid of 16 letters. You can also try the grid of 16 letters. Letters must be adjacent and longer words score better. See if you can get into the grid Hall of Fame !

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analogical dictionary



look - fáj a ..., fájdalmat okozache, be in pain, hurt, suffer - egészséges, nagyszerűen megybe fine, be going strong, be well, do fine, do well - suffer - vélfeel - marad, megmaradremain, rest, stay - folytat, folytatódikcontinue - sziporkázikcoruscate, scintillate, sparkle - összezavarbedevil, befuddle, confound, confuse, discombobulate, fox, fuddle, throw - ... közé soroljákrank - point - kellneed, require, want - compact, pack - alszik, nyugszik vmin, pihenrest - cut - boil, seethe - kóvályogmoon about, moon about/around, moon around, mope - látszik, szerepelappear, look, look to, seem - appear, seem - tartozik, tartozik vkinek vmivelowe - vmi vkiéappertain to, belong, belong to, pertain to - cover, meet - képviselrepresent - account - cut across - elkezd, kezdbegin, start - elkezd, kezdbegin - állstand - define, delimit, delimitate, delineate, specify - vanbe, go - add up, make sense - áll vmibőlcomprise, consist - bizonyul, vminek bizonyulprove, turn, turn out, turn up - account for - maradremain, stay behind - nem hagy cserben, ragad vmihezadhere, stand by, stick, stick by - ácsorog, álldogál, csavarog, cselleng, henyél, lézengfootle, hang about/around, hang around, lallygag, linger, loaf, loiter, lollygag, lounge, lurk, mess about, mill about, mill around, mooch, tarry - annyit jelent, hogy, kitesz, összegezadd up, aggregate, amount, amount to, come, make, number, total - számítbe important, be of consequence, be of importance, be of relevance, be of significance, be relevant, be significant, care, count, matter, weigh - rate - kiérdemelbe deserving of, be due, be worth, be worthy, be worthy of, deserve, earn, merit - buy - shine - fall - alapszik vmin, függ vmitőldepend, rest - underlie - stink - kiterjesztdelimit, subtend - body forth, embody, incarnate, substantiate - contain, hold, take - vmibe kerülbe, cost - vmilyen méretűmeasure - pezseg, zúgbuzz, hum, seethe - hemzsegabound - ártdisaccord, disagree, discord - tátja a szájátgape, yaw, yawn - hajlikbe given, be inclined to, have a tendency to, incline, lean, run, tend, tend to, tend towards - go, run - enter, figure - press - dühöng, tombolrage - összefüggbe connected with, be correlated with, be linked with, be tied up, be tied up with, correlate with, interrelate, relate - rut - stagnate - stagnálstagnate - come in handy - squat - hoodoo - függbe at hand, be brewing, be imminent, be in the offing, impend - váltakozikrange, run - marad, maradnibe left, be left over, continue, remain, stay, stay on - elkelsell - translate - vezethead, head up - come in for - felér vmivel, hasonlítható vmihez, vkihezcompare - következikcome, fall - encounter, run into - gravitate - kiegyenlítpay - diverge - jeleskedikshine - iridesce - lie - stand - hang - litter - megfelelbe convenient, be opportune, suit, suit fine - befejez, befejeződikend, terminate - illikfit - lend - let go - belong - belong - kanyarodikcurve, twist, wind - jumble, mingle - promise - accept, take - clean - előránt, vonzdraw - mos, mosakodik, moshatówash - egyensúlyozbalance - vhová valócome, hail - act - test - seem - megfelelanswer - beat - hold - contain - connect - sell - sell - megöl, ölkill - make - adorn, beautify, deck, decorate, embellish, grace - consist - work - lubricate - breathe - trim - swing - osculate - retard - transplant - cohere - ellenezobject - stick - recognize - distribute - put out - vhová tartozik, vkihezbelong, belong to, be part of - díszít, feldíszítornament - suck - count - bake, broil - drown, swim - forog vele a világswim - belong[Spéc.]

be (v.)



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