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The English word games are:
○   Anagrams
○   Wildcard, crossword
○   Lettris
○   Boggle.


Lettris is a curious tetris-clone game where all the bricks have the same square shape but different content. Each square carries a letter. To make squares disappear and save space for other squares you have to assemble English words (left, right, up, down) from the falling squares.


Boggle gives you 3 minutes to find as many words (3 letters or more) as you can in a grid of 16 letters. You can also try the grid of 16 letters. Letters must be adjacent and longer words score better. See if you can get into the grid Hall of Fame !

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analogical dictionary

传开, 傳開, 流传, 流傳, 走漏circulate, get about, go around, spread - carry - 小心地移置ease - whish - float - swap - seek - whine - fly - ride - come - ghost - betake oneself - overfly, pass over - travel - wend - 研究,学习do - raft - 走动, 走動get about, get around - repair, resort - 以穩定的速度行進, (飞机)用巡航速度飞行cruise - journey, travel - 來, 来come, come up - 迂回round - 滾動trundle - push - travel purposefully - 偏航,轉向swing - 徒步旅行, 流浪, 游荡, 漫游, 漫游,流浪, 漫游,闲逛, 漫遊,流浪, 漫遊,閑逛, 闲荡cast, drift, go astray, kick about, kick around, ramble, range, roam, roam about, roam around, roll, rove, stray, stray off, swan, tramp, vagabond, wander, wander about, wander around, wander away - 步行take the air, walk - 搖晃, 蜿蜓而流meander, snake, thread, wander, weave, wind - forge, spirt, spurt - 匍, 匍匐, 爬, 缓慢移动, 蛇行crawl, creep, drag, worm - 争夺, 爭奪scramble - 不穩地滑動, 使滑动, 溜, 滑slide, slither - 滚, 滚动, 骨碌碌转roll, wheel - 掠过, 滑动, 滑行glide, slide - 反弹, 弹起, 彈起, 跳动, 跳跃, 蹦蹦跳跳, 颠簸bounce, jounce - breeze - 吹動, 漂浮be adrift, blow, drift, float, float on the surface - play - 浮动, 游泳, 漂浮float, swim - 步行, 行走, 走, 走路walk - 改变方向, 改變方向, 转向fork, move around, turn - circle - slice into, slice through - 漂流, 迷路drift, err, stray - run - 步行, 走 , 走,举步, 走,舉步step - 开车, 駕駛汽車旅行, 驱车, 驾车或乘车旅行, 驾驶汽车drive, motor - 行駛, 行驶automobile, drive, go by car, roll - 滑雪, 滑雪橇ski - 飞, 飞翔, 飞行fly, wing - 用蒸汽开动, 蒸汽驱动steam, steamer - 滑行taxi - 摆渡, 渡过ferry - 乘, 坐, 骑mount, ride, sit - 昂首阔步, 欢跃, 腾跃, 雀跃prance - 泅渡, 游水, 游泳swim - 上升, 上昇, 上涨, 出现arise, ascend, come up, go up, lift, move up, rise, uprise - 攀登, 爬上, 登高ascend, go up - 下來, 下来, 下降, 传下, 沉沒, 落下, 降低come down, descend, fall, go down - 掉, 落, 落下fall, freefall - 作Z字形行进, 曲折盘旋, 曲折盤旋, 曲折行进crank, zigzag - 沿着...前进, 沿著…前進, 沿行, 跟随, 跟隨follow, travel along - 上涨, 前進, 增加, 进步advance, bear down on, come up to, come up towards, go forward, go on, make for, march on, move on, pass on, progress, stick something out - 向后移, 撤退, 离开, 退却, 離開back, draw back, get back, go backward, go backwards, move back, pull away, pull back, recede, retire, retreat, step back, walk backward, walk backwards, withdraw - 倒退, 后退, 逆行retrograde - 前进, 繼續, 进行continue, go forward, proceed - 倒退, 倒退,倒轉, 倒退,倒转, 后退back, backpedal, backtrack, opt out, reverse - 摇摄, 移動鏡頭拍全景pan - 听从, 跟着, 跟随, 随follow - 先于..., 先於…, 率领lead, lead on, precede - 跟在后面, 跟踪,尾随, 追, 追求, 追猎, 追赶, 追踪, 追逐drive after, follow, go after, pursue, run after - 回, 回去, 回复, 回復, 回来, 回顧, 回顾, 归, 折回, 返回, (话题等的)回复go back, return, revert, turn back - 出轨, 脱轨derail, jump - 成群结队而行, 成群而行flock - 为...伴奏, 伴随, 陪同accompany, come along, come along with, come with, follow, go along, go along with, go with, walk along, walk with - 艰难前行billow - 周旋, 循环, 循環, 来回走动circulate, move to and fro - 旋轉, 旋转, 环形, 环流, 运转, 運轉circle, circulate - 使转动角度angle - 渡过, 穿过, 经过, 过cross, go across, go through, pass, pass through - 从...旁而过, 從…旁而過, 经过, 走过, 路过go by, go past, pass, pass by, surpass, travel by - 快行, 迅速前进hurry, speed, travel rapidly, zip - 超速, 超速驾驶, 超速(开车)speed - zoom - 向前疾驶, 猛冲, 猛进, 突进, 被驱使, 驱使drive - 冲进, 加紧, 快进, 疾走, 疾馳, 疾驰, 赶快, 赶紧, 迅速(前进), 飞驰belt along, bucket along, cannonball along, hasten, hie, hotfoot, pelt along, race, rush, rush along, speed, step on it, streak - 慢吞吞地走, 拖沓行走, 沒精打採地走, 没精打采地走shack, trail - 穿梭, 穿梭往返shuttle - 发出嘶嘶声hiss, whoosh - 拂(去), 疾过whisk - 全速前进, 前进, 急驶, 猛冲, 猛衝, 飞奔career, race - 巡回, 巡行circuit - 冲进lance - 从侧翼包抄, 包抄go around, outflank - 传导, 传播propagate - 挨近, 渐渐移动, 行进, 走进, 靠拢, 靠近draw - 换乘change, transfer - 冲击, 发出拍击声swash - 慢慢地走pace - 跨步, 踏, 踩, 迈step, tread - step - 急速运动, 猛冲, 突进, 飞驰hurtle - 躲避, 隐退retreat - 嗖嗖飞过, 飕飕地飞过, 飛鳴, 飞鸣, (子弹)呼啸而过whistle, whizz, zip - 列岛旅游, 列岛旅行island hop - 乘风破浪前进, 破浪前进, 耕(田),犁(地)plough, plow - 摇晃, 突然倾斜, 突然傾斜, 蹒跚而行, 颠簸着行进lurch - sift - 下降, 倾斜fall - 拖动drag - 到处跑run - 发出砰的一声, 砰砰作响bang - 产生进动, 旋进precess - 游历, 游遍, 漫游move around, travel - 駕馭, 驾驭ride - 穿雪鞋走路snowshoe - 快速移动, 急急忙忙beetle - 开动, 行驶pull - swim - tram - caravan[Spéc.]

mouvant (fr)[QuiEst]

motilité (fr)[Nominalisation]

运动, 運動motion, move, movement - 旅行locomotion, travel - locomotion, motive power, motivity - 活动motion, movement - change of location, travel - traveler, traveller - mover - here goes - 活动+的, 移动+的, 运动+的, 运转+的locomotive, locomotor, locomotory[Dérivé]

旅行jaunt, travel, trip[Cause]

引导, 指导steer - 到达, 到达(某一点), 得出, 抵达, 獲得,達到, 达到,找到, 達到,找到, 達成arrive at, attain, come, come to, gain, hit, lead to, make, reach - 未擊中, 未赶上, 错过miss - 移置displace, move, rehang, shunt[Domaine]

搬出move, move house, move out - 上升, 攀登, 爬上ascend, climb, climb up, go up, mount - 沉没, 落下, 落下去, 落沉, (日、月)落,下沉go, go down, go under, set - 沈下, 沉, 沉下, 沉没go down, go under, settle, sink - 下降;滑落, 介于, 流逝, 消逝, 經過, 过, 过去, 逝去, (时间)消逝elapse, expire, glide by, go along, go by, intervene, lapse, pass, roll by, slide by, slip, slip away, slip by, slip past[Analogie]

stay in place[Ant.]

go (v.) • go along (v. trans.) • locomote (v.) • move (v.) • travel (v.) • 传播 (v.) •  • 移动 (v.) • 行动 (v.) • 行进 (v.) • 走,旅行,走动 (v.) • 走,旅行,走動 (v.) • 运行 (v.)



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