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Boggle gives you 3 minutes to find as many words (3 letters or more) as you can in a grid of 16 letters. You can also try the grid of 16 letters. Letters must be adjacent and longer words score better. See if you can get into the grid Hall of Fame !

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analogical dictionary

move involuntarily, move reflexively - quicken - 伸展, 伸懒腰stretch, stretch out - 使作咔嗒声, 使劈啪作响, 使发出咔嗒声, 使咔哒响, 使咔嚓响click, flick, snap - 屈, 屈伸, 屈曲, 弯曲, 曲bend, flex - broaden, get about, get around, get round, proliferate, propagate, spread, spread like wildfire - 延伸reach, reach out - potter, potter around, putter, putter around - 跳舞dance, trip the light fantastic, trip the light fantastic toe - 落后, 落後drop back - hit the deck, hit the dirt - gravitate - fly - 讓路, 讓開一點, 让开一点, 让路ease up, give, give way, move aside, move over, move up, sidestep, turn aside, yield - cut to - 颠簸lurch, pitch, shift - 使顛簸, 使颠簸, 搖晃, 摇晃, 震搖, 震摇jar, jolt - 突然低下头闪避(某物)duck - 上下跳动, 上下跳動bob - wallow, welter - 扭动(身体), 扭动,蠕动, 扭動,蠕動, 蠕動squirm, twist, worm, wrestle, wriggle, writhe - 摇摆, 摇晃coggle, wobble - sashay, sidle - 侧身走开(表示胆怯), 穿过, 穿過sidle, thread - 刮起,昂然而进, 刮起,昂然而進sail, sweep - 席捲brush, sweep - 來回搖動, 来回摇动waggle, wamble - chop - reciprocate - move back and forth - nod - beat, pulsate, quiver - 扑动, 搏动, 砰然地響, 跳动, 跳動, 重擊beat, pound, thump - 搖搖慾墜,搖搖晃晃, 摇摇欲坠,摇摇晃晃seesaw, teeter, totter - (马、骡等)猛然弯背跃起buck, hitch, jerk - cant, cant over, pitch, slant, tilt - 搖晃, 摇晃careen, shift, tilt, wobble - boil, churn, moil, roil - 溜入,溜(进)slip, steal - 抖动,震动, 抖動,震動, 搖動, 摇, 摇动, 摇晃agitate, shake - 使振动, 使振動vibrate - jerk, twitch - flip, twitch - 啪地一声断裂, 啪地一聲斷裂click, snap - 使動, 微动, 微微移動, 移位, 转移agitate, budge, shift, stir - 引起, 移动arouse, stir - 跳舞dance - 失足, 摔倒, 绊倒, 蹒跚stumble, stumble over, trip, trip over - 躊躇falter, waver - 滾動, 飄揚, 飘扬flap, roll, undulate, wave - 成群地乱转, 成群地亂轉mill, mill about, mill around - 使改变方向, 使转向, 拐, 改变, 朝向、轉向, 朝向、转向, 绕过, 转变, 转身turn - 使驚起, 惊跳, 驚跳jump, overkill, start, startle - mope, mope around - 上升, 登上bestride, climb on, get on, hop on, jump on, mount, mount up - climb - 弹跳, 猛然行动, 跃过, 跳, 跳动, 跳越, 跳越过去, 跳躍, 跳过, 蹦, 蹦跳, 飞跃bound, hop, jump, leap, spring - 冲出去, 射, 猛冲bolt - 跪, 跪下get down - 使用, 占用, 拿走,夺走, 拿走,奪走, 采取, 采用, 采纳assume, strike, take, take up - 交替起伏, 玩跷跷板, 跷上跷下, 蹺上蹺下seesaw - 出去, 出门, 动身, 离去, 退出, 退场, 逃脫, 逃脱exit, get out, go out, leave, quit - 分开, 分手, 分离, 和...分离, 散开, 断绝关系, (大夫妇)分居divide, part, part company, separate, split - 分开, 岔开diverge - 使倾斜, 傾側lean, list - 回旋, 旋转着前进, 螺旋形地运转tumble, whirl, whirl around - 亲近, 围住close, come together - 使活跃, 匆匆忙忙bustle, bustle about, hustle - 坐立不安fidget - 从容不迫地(做某事), 徘徊, 拖延, 流连, 留恋, 留恋徘徊, 閑蕩, 闲荡dawdle, linger, take one's time - 受惊, 受驚, 希望退缩,回避, 畏縮, 畏縮,膽怯, 畏缩, 畏缩,胆怯, 退却, 退缩, (因疼痛而)跳动become afraid, become scared, cower, cringe, crouch, flinch, funk, get afraid, get scared, quail, recoil, shrink, squinch, take fright, wince - 使猛冲, 刺入, 猛投, 猛推, 猛掷, 猛烈碰撞, 猛衝, 突进hurl, hurtle, lunge, thrust - 猛扑, 突然袭击, 飞扑swoop - 川流不息, 涌出flow, flux - 流, 流动, 流動, 流向, 流进course, feed, flow, leak, run, stream - flurry - 疾驰, 飞跑streak - 行驶heave - 撞击, 碰撞crash - 轰隆隆地移动thunder - 使发劈啪声, 发出噼啪声, 啪啪作响snap - 扑动, 拍动beat, flap - 扔, 抛, 摔, 猛冲fling - 跳跃hop - 转动turn - 躲开, 躲避, 躲避打击, 躲避打擊, 避开, 闪身躲开, 闪避, (拳击中)横跨一步躲闪avoid, dodge, evade, get out of the way, jump away, leap away, sidestep - 巧妙地回避, 溜走, 躲开;回避, 躲躲闪闪, 躲開;回避, 躲闪dodge, make oneself scarce - throw - 讓開, 让开, 让路(给)allow to pass, let through, make room, make space, make way, overlook, stand aside, step aside - 上下摆动, 上下擺動, 手舞足蹈, 舞, 舞蹈, 跳舞, 雀跃dance - 抓, 抓取grab - 切, 削cut - 使接近, 使靠拢, 靠近close - roll, seethe - 安置, 小心地放, 搁, 摆好姿势, 給…定位, 给...定位lay, place, pose, position, put, set - 推进, 推進impel, propel - 搬家, 移动, 迁居move, move house - 震动, 震動quake, tremor - 传送, 搬运, 輸送, 输送, 运输, 运送transport - 聚集, 集合congregate - strike out - jump, jump off, leap - slip[Spéc.]

动作, 手势, 手勢, 机件, 機件, 移动, 行动motility, motion, move, movement[Dérivé]

传播, 流传circulate, mobilise, mobilize - 移置displace, move, rehang, shunt - 取出, 移动, 调动move out, remove, take out[Cause]

体育锻练, 訓練, 训练, 體育鍛練exercise, train, -work, work out - 带, 怀有, 抬, 携, 携带, 运bear - 移植, 移植(器管), 移植(植物), 移植(皮)graft, transplant - 推, 推动force, push[Domaine]

come to a halt, come to a standstill, come to a stop, halt, pull up, stand still, stop[Ant.]

move (v.) • throw (v.) • 移动 (v.)



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