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The English word games are:
○   Anagrams
○   Wildcard, crossword
○   Lettris
○   Boggle.


Lettris is a curious tetris-clone game where all the bricks have the same square shape but different content. Each square carries a letter. To make squares disappear and save space for other squares you have to assemble English words (left, right, up, down) from the falling squares.


Boggle gives you 3 minutes to find as many words (3 letters or more) as you can in a grid of 16 letters. You can also try the grid of 16 letters. Letters must be adjacent and longer words score better. See if you can get into the grid Hall of Fame !

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The wordgames anagrams, crossword, Lettris and Boggle are provided by Memodata.
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analogical dictionary

φρεσκάρομαιfreshen, freshen up, refresh, refreshen - ντύνομαι, ντύνω, φοράωapparel, dress, get dressed, put on one's clothes - βγάζω, εμφανίζωacquire, develop, get, grow, produce - regenerate - gel - animalise, animalize, brutalise, brutalize - μετατρέπομαιconvert - αλλάσσωmutate - έχω, νιώθω, παίρνω, τρέφωexperience, have - decrepitate - suburbanise, suburbanize - roll, roll up - γίνομαι σαν γυαλίglass, glass over, glaze, glaze over - αλλάζω χρώμα, γίνομαι, μετατρέπομαιbecome, grow, turn - barbarise, barbarize - alkalinise, alkalinize - αναποδογυρίζω, γυρίζω ανάποδαchange by reversal, reverse, turn - αλλάζω υπόστασηchange integrity - ξεφορμάρω, παραμορφώνωchange form, change shape, deform - αλλάζω κατάστασηchange state, turn - προσαρμόζομαι, προσαρμόζω, στέκομαι στα πόδια μουadapt, adjust, condition, conform, find one's feet - ανεβαίνωclimb up, jump, rise - assimilate - dissimilate - dissimilate - αλλάζω μέγεθοςchange magnitude - μετατρέπω, τροποποιώmodify - blunt, blur, deaden, dull - break - καταρρέωcrumble, decay, dilapidate - μουχλιάζωbecome moldy, become mouldy, decay, go moldy, go mouldy, mildew, mold, molder, molder away, mould, moulder, moulder away - hydrate - στεγνώνωair, dehydrate, desicate, desiccate, dry, dry out, dry up, parch - ενδυναμώνομαι, ενισχύομαι, ισχυροποιούμαιstrengthen - αποστάζωdistil, distill - αποξειγονώνω, αποξειδώνωdeoxidise, deoxidize, reduce - crack - οξειδώνωoxidate, oxidise, oxidize - οξειδώνωoxidate, oxidise, oxidize - grow - grow to maturity, mellow, mellow out, melt - soften - ionise, ionize - σταθεροποιούμαιstabilise, stabilize - αποσταθεροποιούμαιdestabilise, destabilize - φωτίζομαιlighten, lighten up - αλλάζω χρώμαchange color, change colour, color, colour, discolor, discolour, fade - discolor - contract, narrow - σκοτεινιάζω, σκουραίνωdarken - dim - break, break down, break off, check, crack, snap off - transpire - resume, take up - μεταβάλλω επιφάνειαchange surface - sublimate, sublime - ελαττώνομαι, φθίνωcool, cool down, cool off - warm up - ζεσταίνομαιwarm, warm up - μεταμορφώνω, μεταπλάθωmetamorphose, transform, transmute - convert - become pale, bleach, dull, fade, lose color, lose colour - complexify, ramify - Americanise, Americanize - αναπτύσσομαι, εκσυγχρονίζομαιdevelop, modernise, modernize - γίνομαι άκαμπτος, κοκαλώνω, σκληραίνωfreeze, stiffen - σφίγγομαι, τεντώνομαιtighten - αποτυγχάνω, παύω να λειτουργώ, παύω να λειτουργώ κανονικά, σταματώ να λειτουργώ, χαλώbreak, break down, conk out, die, fail, get stuck, give out, give way, go, go bad, go wrong, jam, pack up, seize up - give way, yield - concrete, harden, indurate, solidify, temper - harden, indurate - suffuse - hush - normalise, normalize - reorient - purify - digest - regress - foul - decalcify - industrialise, industrialize - decarboxylate - spot - βρίσκωfind, get, incur, obtain, receive - acetylate, acetylise, acetylize - ανέχομαι, δέχομαι, παίρνω, προσλαμβάνωacquire, adopt, assume, take, take on - prim - capacitate - caseate - caseate - clinker - cure - ξημερώνω, φωτίζω, χαράζωdawn - salinate - αφαλατώνωdesalinate, desalinise, desalinize, desalt - shallow, shoal - steepen - superannuate - ulcerate - vitrify - vulcanise, vulcanize - χάνω το ενδιαφέρον μουdull, pall - become flat, die, pall - saponify - κινούμαιgo, move, run - come - αρπάζωcatch - γίνομαι δημοφιλήςcatch on - develop, grow - fly - αποκτώ, αποκτώ σταδιακά, διαμορφώνω, κερδίζω, σχηματίζωacquire, develop, evolve - assibilate - smoothen - turn on - μεταπηδώdrop - break into - change, deepen - concretise, concretize - αποσυντίθεμαι, σήπομαι, σαπίζωdecay, decompose, rot - commute, transpose - introject - shift - swing - fall - fall - reflate - hydrolyse, hydrolyze - fold, fold up - gelatinise, gelatinize - felt, felt up, mat, matte, matte up, matt-up, mat up - recombine - feminise, feminize - obsolesce - plasticise, plasticize - υποχωρώrecede, retreat, withdraw - defervesce - incandesce - calcify - drift - play out - conjugate - isomerise, isomerize - evaporate, vaporise - indurate - gradate - keratinise, keratinize - opacify - mature - rejuvenate - sequester - transaminate - vesiculate - undulate - vascularise, vascularize - αποτυγχάνω, χρεοκοπώbust, crash, fail, fold up, go bankrupt, go bust - professionalise, professionalize - shift - flip, flip out - synthesize - συνέρχομαιcome around, come round - promote - χωρίζομαιdivide, part, separate - μορφοποιώ, φορμάρω δισκέταarrange, format - become infatuated with, fall for - ascend, move up, rise - μετακινούμαιchange posture - settle - καταρρέω, καταρρέω μετά από πίεση, παραδίνομαι, σπάζωbreak, cave in, collapse, fall in, founder, give, give way - solarise, solarize - occult - pass - αποσύρομαι, εγκαταλείπωdepart, leave, pull up stakes - liberalise, liberalize - stratify - democratise, democratize - γίνομαι πιο ελαστικόςloosen, relax - reticulate - flocculate - carbonate - come in - go out - stagnate - make - παγώνωbe frozen up, freeze, freeze over, freeze up, frost over, ice over, ice over/up, ice up - μυθοποιώmythicise, mythicize, mythologise, mythologize - βλάπτω, καταστρέφω, χαλώbe bad for, cause damage, cause damage to, damage, do damage, do harm, harm, impair, injure, prejudice, put at a disadvantage - αλλάζω θέσηmove - αλλάζω σταδιακά απόχρωσηshade, tinge - creolize - form - boil - κολλώgum - repress - shear - damage - αισθάνομαι, απολαμβάνω, νιώθω, νοιώθω, περνώexperience, have, undergo[Spéc.]

μετατροπή, τροποποίησηadjustment, alteration, modification[Nominalisation]

change again[A Nouveau]

changeable (fr)[QuiPeutEtre]

changeable, chatoyant, iridescent, shot[Qui~]

change - αλλαγή, αλλαγή περιβάλλοντος, διαφοροποίηση, μεταβολή, μεταλλαγή, μετατροπή, τροπή, τροπολογία, τροποποίησηalteration, change, modification - change[Dérivé]

αλλάζωalter, change, modify[Cause]

παραμένωremain, rest, stay[Ant.]

alter (v. intr.) • change (v.) • αλλάζω (v.)



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