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analogical dictionary

适应;改编本, 顺应adaptation, adaption, adjustment - agglutination - 成熟的过程, 老龄化ageing, aging, senescence - 停止排卵, 排卵停止, 排卵抑制anovulation - 抗菌法, 防腐法antisepsis, asepsis - 消化absorption, assimilation - 自体调节, 自动调整, 自身调节autoregulation - 抑菌作用, 细菌抑制bacteriostasis - 开花, 開花bloom, blooming, blossom, flower - 新陈代谢activity, bodily function, bodily process, body process - 碳循环, 碳环carbon cycle - 分解代谢, 异化作用, 降解代谢catabolism, destructive metabolism, dissimilation, katabolism - 细胞分裂cell division, cellular division - 交换, 交换型, 交换特征crossing over, crossover - 去叶, 落叶defoliation - 除骨质, 骨质丧失deossification - 消化, 消化力, 消化过程digestion - 骨质致密化, 骨质象牙化dentin eburnation, eburnation - 挫伤, 斑状出血, 淤血bruise, ecchymosis - effacement - 红细胞生成erythropoiesis - 发展史, 演变, 进化, 進化evolution, organic evolution, phylogenesis, phylogeny - 基因显现, 表现expression - 外渗, 流出extravasation - 原肠胚形成gastrulation - 糖原生成, 糖生成glycogenesis - 个体发生, 发展, 发育, 生长, 生长量development, growing, growth, maturation, ontogenesis, ontogeny - 生血作用, 血产生, 血液生成, 血生成, 造血, 造血作用blood cell production, haematogenesis, hæmatogenesis, haematopoiesis, hæmatopoiesis, hæmatosis, haemogenesis, haemopoiesis, hematogenesis, hematopoiesis, hemogenesis, hemopoiesis, sanguification - 遗传heredity - 腐殖质形成, 腐质土化humification - 上位显性, 异位显性epistasis, hypostasis - 植入, 胚胎植入implantation, nidation - inhibition - 内折, 内陷, 凹入, 反折, 折入infolding, introversion, intussusception, invagination - 复旧, 退化involution - 原浆移动, 细胞浆移动, 胞质分裂, 胞质变动cytokinesis - 有丝分裂, 核分裂karyokinesis - 角质化keratinisation, keratinization - 三羧酸循环, 克雷伯氏循环, 克雷布斯循环citric acid cycle, Krebs citric acid cycle, Krebs cycle, tricarboxylic acid cycle - 淋巴生成, 淋巴组织生成, 淋巴细胞生成lymphopoiesis - 溶原化lysogenisation, lysogenization - 成熟maturation, maturement, ripening - 代谢, 新陈代谢metabolic process, metabolism - 变形, 变态metabolism, metamorphosis - 氮循环nitrogen cycle - 固氮nitrogen fixation - 不发育nondevelopment - 滋养, 營養, 营养, 营养作用, 营养摄取nutrition - 有机化作用organification - 变骨, 骨化, 骨形成ossification - 产卵作用, 卵的产生, 排卵ovulation - 氧化磷酸化oxidative phosphorylation - 出生, 分娩, 娩, 生产birth, birthing, giving birth, parturition - 病理过程pathological process, pathologic process - 多年生perennation - 英膜膨胀试验quellung, quellung reaction - 兴奋, 复生, 活泼quickening - 再生regeneration - 调整regulation - 复制replication - 生殖, 繁殖reproduction - 再吸入, 再吸收, 回吸收reabsorption, resorption - 成熟, 熟化, 陈化ageing, aging, ripening - 分泌secernment, secretion - 分异, 分离segregation - 泄出, 脱落, 蜕落, 褪落shedding, sloughing - summation - 合生, 拼生symphysis - 接合, 联会, 联合synapsis - 凝线, 合质期, 聚质期synezesis, synizesis - 转移transcription - 转导, 转导作用transduction - 转译translation - 蛋白折叠, 蛋白质折叠folding, protein folding - 异位, 染色体异位translocation - 转移作用, 运输作用translocation - 散发transpiration - 肿大, 肿胀tumefaction - 溃疡, 溃疡形成, 溃疡的发展ulceration - 脉管形成, 血管化vascularisation, vascularization - 囊泡化, 囊泡形成, 起疱blistering, vesication, vesiculation - eutrophication - 保存, 保藏, 贮藏preservation[Spéc.]

biological process (n.) • organic process (n.) • 有机进程 (n.) • 生化过程 (n.) • 生物进程 (n.)



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