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analogical dictionary

magnoliid dicot family - hamamelid dicot family - caryophylloid dicot family - dilleniid dicot ailesi, dilleniid dicot familyasıdilleniid dicot family - asterid dicot ailesi, asterid dicot familyasıasterid dicot family - rosid dicot ailesi, rosid dicot familyasırosid dicot family - family Myricaceae, Myricaceae, wax-myrtle family - corkwood family, family Leitneriaceae, Leitneriaceae - Apocynaceae, dogbane family, family Apocynaceae - Aristolochiaceae, birthwort family, family Aristolochiaceae - family Rafflesiaceae, Rafflesiaceae - family Hydnoraceae, Hydnoraceae - family Primulaceae, primrose family, Primulaceae - family Myrsinaceae, Myrsinaceae, myrsine family - family Plumbaginaceae, leadwort family, Plumbaginaceae, sea-lavender family - family Theophrastaceae, Theophrastaceae - Cucurbitaceae, family Cucurbitaceae, gourd family - family Goodeniaceae, Goodeniaceae, Goodenia family - family Lobeliaceae, Lobeliaceae, lobelia family - family Proteaceae, Proteaceae, protea family - Casuarinaceae, family Casuarinaceae - family Gentianaceae, Gentianaceae, gentian family - family Salvadoraceae, Salvadoraceae, Salvadora family - family Oleaceae, Oleaceae, olive family - family Juglandaceae, Juglandaceae, walnut family - Combretaceae, combretum family, family Combretaceae - Elaeagnaceae, family Elaeagnaceae, oleaster family - family Haloragaceae, family Haloragidaceae, Haloragaceae, Haloragidaceae, water-milfoil family - family Lecythidaceae, Lecythidaceae - family Lythraceae, loosestrife family, Lythraceae - family Myrtaceae, Myrtaceae, myrtle family - family Nyssaceae, Nyssaceae, sour-gum family, tupelo family - family Punicaceae, Punicaceae - family Rhizophoraceae, mangrove family, Rhizophoraceae - daphne family, family Thymelaeaceae, Thymelaeaceae - family Trapaceae, Trapaceae - ısırganlarfamily Urticaceae, nettle family, Urticaceae - Cannabidaceae, Cannabidaceae ailesi, Cannabidaceae familyasıCannabidaceae, family Cannabidaceae, hemp family - family Moraceae, Moraceae, mulberry family - Cecropiaceae, family Cecropiaceae - elm family, family Ulmaceae, Ulmaceae - buckbean family, family Menyanthaceae, Menyanthaceae - family Loganiaceae, Loganiaceae - family Linaceae, flax family, Linaceae - family Plantaginaceae, Plantaginaceae, plantain family - buckwheat family, family Polygonaceae, Polygonaceae - Amygdalaceae, family Amygdalaceae - family Sapindaceae, Sapindaceae, soapberry family - box family, Buxaceae, family Buxaceae - Celastraceae, family Celastraceae, spindle-tree family, staff-tree family - crowberry family, Empetraceae, family Empetraceae - Aceraceae familyasıAceraceae, family Aceraceae, maple family - Aquifoliaceae, family Aquifoliaceae, holly family - Anacardiaceae, family Anacardiaceae, sumac family - family Hippocastanaceae, Hippocastanaceae, horse-chestnut family - bladdernut family, family Staphylaceae, Staphylaceae - Ebenaceae, ebony family, family Ebenaceae - family Sapotaceae, sapodilla family, Sapotaceae - family Symplocaceae, sweetleaf family, Symplocaceae - family Styracaceae, storax family, Styracaceae, styrax family - family Sarraceniaceae, pitcher-plant family, Sarraceniaceae - family Nepenthaceae, Nepenthaceae - Droseraceae, family Droseraceae, sundew family - family Roridulaceae, Roridulaceae - Convolvulaceae, family Convolvulaceae, morning-glory family - broomrape family, family Orobanchaceae, Orobanchaceae - buckthorn family, family Rhamnaceae, Rhamnaceae - Vitaceae, Vitaceae ailesi, Vitaceae familyası, Vitidaceaefamily Vitaceae, grapevine family, Vitaceae, Vitidaceae - family Piperaceae, pepper family, Piperaceae - Chloranthaceae, family Chloranthaceae - family Saururaceae, lizard's-tail family, Saururaceae - Asclepiadaceae, family Asclepiadaceae, milkweed family[Spéc.]

dicot ailesi (n.) • dicot family (n.) • dicot familyası (n.) • magnoliopsid ailesi (n.) • magnoliopsid family (n.) • magnoliopsid familyası (n.)



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