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analogical dictionary

زره اسبbard - elegiast, elegist - شاعرpoetess - poet laureate - سازنده غزل, غزل سراsonneteer - odist - poet laureate - Alcaeus - Apollinaire, Guillaume Apollinaire, Wilhelm Apollinaris de Kostrowitzki - Arnold, Matthew Arnold - Arp, Hans Arp, Jean Arp - Auden, W. H. Auden, Wystan Hugh Auden - Baudelaire, Charles Baudelaire, Charles Pierre Baudelaire - Benet, Stephen Vincent Benet - Blake, William Blake - Aleksandr Aleksandrovich Blok, Alexander Alexandrovich Blok, Blok - Boccaccio, Giovanni Boccaccio - Anne Bradstreet, Anne Dudley Bradstreet, Bradstreet - Bertolt Brecht, Brecht - Brooke, Rupert Brooke - Browning, Elizabeth Barrett Browning - Browning, Robert Browning - Burns, Robert Burns - Butler, Samuel Butler - Byron, Lord George Gordon Byron, Sixth Baron Byron of Rochdale - Calderon, Calderon de la Barca, Pedro Calderon de la Barca - Carducci, Giosue Carducci - Carew, Thomas Carew - Catullus, Gaius Valerius Catullus - Chaucer, Geoffrey Chaucer - Ciardi, John Anthony Ciardi, John Ciardi - Coleridge, Samuel Taylor Coleridge - Corneille, Pierre Corneille - Cowper, William Cowper - Crane, Harold Hart Crane, Hart Crane - Cynewulf, Cynwulf - Dante, Dante Alighieri - de la Mare, Walter de la Mare, Walter John de la Mare - Dickinson, Emily Dickinson - Donne, John Donne - Dryden, John Dryden - Eliot, T. S. Eliot, Thomas Stearns Eliot - Edward Fitzgerald, Fitzgerald - Frost, Robert Frost, Robert Lee Frost - Frederico Garcia Lorca, Garcia Lorca, Lorca - Gilbert, Sir William Gilbert, William Gilbert, William S. Gilbert, William Schwenk Gilbert - Allen Ginsberg, Ginsberg - Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe - Gongora, Luis de Gongora y Argote - Gray, Thomas Gray - Herrick, Robert Herrick - Hesiod - Hoffmannsthal, Hugo von Hoffmannsthal - Hogg, James Hogg - Homer - Gerard Manley Hopkins, Hopkins - Horace - A. E. Housman, Alfred Edward Housman, Housman - Edward James Hughes, Hughes, Ted Hughes - Hugo, Victor Hugo, Victor-Marie Hugo - Henrik Ibsen, Henrik Johan Ibsen, Ibsen - Jarrell, Randall Jarrell - Jeffers, John Robinson Jeffers, Robinson Jeffers - Jimenez, Juan Ramon Jimenez - Benjamin Jonson, Ben Jonson, Jonson - Erik Axel Karlfeldt, Karlfeldt - John Keats, Keats - Francis Scott Key, Key - Friedrich Gottlieb Klopstock, Klopstock - Lindsay, Nicholas Vachel Lindsay, Vachel Lindsay - Li Po - Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Longfellow - Lovelace, Richard Lovelace - Amy Lowell, Lowell - Lowell, Robert Lowell, Robert Traill Spence Lowell Jr. - Lucretius, Titus Lucretius Carus - Archibald MacLeish, MacLeish - Mallarme, Stephane Mallarme - Mandelshtam, Mandelstam, Osip Emilevich Mandelstam, Osip Mandelstam - Giambattista Marini, Giambattista Marino, Marini, Marino - Christopher Marlowe, Marlowe - Jose Julian Marti, Marti - Martial - Andrew Marvell, Marvell - John Edward Masefield, John Masefield, Masefield - Edgar Lee Masters, Masters - Mayakovski, Vladimir Vladimirovich Mayakovski - George Meredith, Meredith - John Milton, Milton - Marianne Craig Moore, Marianne Moore, Moore - Moore, Thomas Moore - Morris, William Morris - Alfred de Musset, Louis Charles Alfred de Musset, Musset - Neftali Ricardo Reyes, Neruda, Pablo Neruda, Reyes - Alfred Noyes, Noyes - Omar Khayyam - Ovid, Publius Ovidius Naso - Francis Turner Palgrave, Palgrave - Francesco Petrarca, Petrarca, Petrarch - Pindar - Plath, Sylvia Plath - Edgar Allan Poe, Poe - Alexander Pope, Pope - Ezra Loomis Pound, Ezra Pound, Pound - Aleksandr Sergeyevich Pushkin, Alexander Pushkin, Pushkin - Jean Baptiste Racine, Jean Racine, Racine - James Whitcomb Riley, Riley - Rainer Maria Rilke, Rilke - Arthur Rimbaud, Jean Nicholas Arthur Rimbaud, Rimbaud - Edwin Arlington Robinson, Robinson - Edmond Rostand, Rostand - Alan Seeger, Seeger - Anne Sexton, Sexton - Bard of Avon, Shakespeare, Shakspere, William Shakespeare, William Shakspere - Percy Bysshe Shelley, Shelley - Shevchenko, Taras Grigoryevich Shevchenko - Sidney, Sir Philip Sidney - Shelby Silverstein, Shel Silverstein, Silverstein - Dame Edith Louisa Sitwell, Dame Edith Sitwell, Sitwell - Robert Southey, Southey - Sir Stephen Harold Spender, Spender, Stephen Spender - Edmund Spenser, Spenser - Stevens, Wallace Stevens - Sir John Suckling, Suckling - Algernon Charles Swinburne, Swinburne - Arthur Symons, Symons - Edmund John Millington Synge, J. M. Synge, John Millington Synge, Synge - Tasso, Torquato Tasso - Allen Tate, John Orley Allen Tate, Tate - Sara Teasdale, Teasdale - Alfred Lord Tennyson, Alfred Tennyson, First Baron Tennyson, Tennyson - Thespis - Dylan Marlais Thomas, Dylan Thomas, Thomas - John Trumbull, Trumbull - Samuel Rosenstock, Tristan Tzara, Tzara - Johann Ludwig Uhland, Uhland - Paul Verlaine, Verlaine - Francois Villon, Villon - Publius Vergilius Maro, Vergil, Virgil - Andrei Voznesenski, Voznesenski - Robert Penn Warren, Warren - Isaac Watts, Watts - Phillis Wheatley, Wheatley - Walt Whitman, Whitman - John Greenleaf Whittier, Whittier - William Carlos Williams, Williams - William Wordsworth, Wordsworth - Sir Thomas Wyat, Sir Thomas Wyatt, Wyat, Wyatt - Elinor Morton Hoyt Wylie, Wylie - W. B. Yeats, William Butler Yeats, Yeats - Yevgeni Aleksandrovich Yevtushenko, Yevgeni Yevtushenko, Yevtushenko - Edward Young, Young[Spéc.]

بنظم در اوردن, تبديل بنظم كردن, سخنورى كردن, شعر ساختن, شعر نوشتن, شعر گفتنpoetise, poetize, verse, versify - poetic[Dérivé]

poet (n.) • شاعر (n.)



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