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analogical dictionary

échidné, tachyglossidaefamily Tachyglossidae, Tachyglossidae - ornithorhynchidaefamily Ornithorhynchidae, Ornithorhynchidae - didelphidéDidelphidae, family Didelphidae - caenolestidaeCaenolestidae, family Caenolestidae - bandicoots, peramelidae, péramélidésfamily Peramelidae, Peramelidae - macropodidae, macropodidéfamily Macropodidae, Macropodidae - potoroinaePotoroinae, subfamily Potoroinae - phalangeridaefamily Phalangeridae, Phalangeridae - wombatidéfamily Vombatidae, Vombatidae - dasyuridaeDasyuridae, family Dasyuridae, family Dasyurinae - notoryctidaefamily Notoryctidae, Notoryctidae - talpidae, talpidésfamily Talpidae, Talpidae - chrysochloridaeChrysochloridae, family Chrysochloridae - Musaraigne, Soricidae, soricidéfamily Soricidae, Soricidae - erinaceidae, érinacéidésErinaceidae, family Erinaceidae - tenrecidaefamily Tenrecidae, Tenrecidae - family Potamogalidae, Potamogalidae - balaenidae, balénidés, eubalaenaBalaenidae, family Balaenidae - balaenopteridaeBalaenopteridae, family Balaenopteridae - eschrichtiidaeEschrichtiidae, family Eschrichtiidae - physeteridaefamily Physeteridae, Physeteridae - ziphiidaefamily Hyperodontidae, family Ziphiidae, Hyperodontidae, Ziphiidae - delphinidae, delphinidéDelphinidae, family Delphinidae - platanistidaefamily Platanistidae, Platanistidae - monodontidaefamily Monodontidae, Monodontidae - lamantin, trichechidaefamily Trichechidae, Trichechidae - dugongidaeDugongidae, family Dugongidae - otaridé, otariidaefamily Otariidae, Otariidae - phocidaefamily Phocidae, Phocidae - odobenidaefamily Odobenidae, Odobenidae - orycteropodidaefamily Orycteropodidae, Orycteropodidae - canidae, CanidésCanidae, family Canidae - famille des hyènes, hyaenidae, hyènefamily Hyaenidae, Hyaenidae - félidéfamily Felidae, Felidae - ursidéfamily Ursidae, Ursidae - Viverridae, viverridé, viverrinaefamily Viverridae, family Viverrinae, Viverridae, Viverrinae - phyllostomidaefamily Phyllostomatidae, family Phyllostomidae, Phyllostomatidae, Phyllostomidae - rhinolophidaefamily Rhinolophidae, Rhinolophidae - family Hipposideridae, Hipposideridae - megadermatidae, mégadermatidésfamily Megadermatidae, Megadermatidae - vespertilionidaefamily Vespertilionidae, Vespertilionidae - molossidaefamily Molossidae, Molossidae - Desmodontidae, family Desmodontidae - leporidae, Léporidésfamily Leporidae, Leporidae - ochotonidaefamily Ochotonidae, Ochotonidae - Muridae, muridés, muroideaMuroidea, superfamily Muroidea - muridae, muridéfamily Muridae, Muridae - Hydromyinae, subfamily Hydromyinae - cricetidaeCricetidae, family Cricetidae - gerbille, gerbillinaeGerbillinae, subfamily Gerbillinae - hystricidaefamily Hystricidae, Hystricidae - erethizontidaeErethizontidae, family Erethizontidae - heteromyidaefamily Heteromyidae, Heteromyidae - family Zapodidae, Zapodidae - dipodidae, gerboiseDipodidae, family Dipodidae - gliridaefamily Gliridae, Gliridae - geomyidaefamily Geomyidae, Geomyidae - sciuromorphefamily Sciuridae, Sciuridae, squirrel-like rodent - Petauristidae, subfamily Petauristidae - castoridae, castoridésCastoridae, family Castoridae - aplodontiidaeAplodontiidae, family Aplodontiidae - caviidaeCaviidae, family Caviidae - family Hydrochoeridae, Hydrochoeridae - dasyproctidaeDasyproctidae, family Dasyproctidae - capromyidaeCapromyidae, family Capromyidae - chinchillidaeChinchillidae, family Chinchillidae - spalacidaefamily Spalacidae, Spalacidae - bathyergidaeBathyergidae, family Bathyergidae - family Uintatheriidae, Uintatheriidae - procaviidaefamily Procaviidae, Procaviidae - equidae, équidéEquidae, family Equidae - rhinocerotidaefamily Rhinocerotidae, rhinoceros family, Rhinocerotidae - tapiridaefamily Tapiridae, Tapiridae - porcins, suidae, suidésfamily Suidae, Suidae - pécaris, tayassuidaefamily Tayassuidae, Tayassuidae - hippopotamidaefamily Hippopotamidae, Hippopotamidae - bovidae, bovidé, famille des bovidésbovid, Bovidae, family Bovidae, horned ungulate, ox - bovinae, bovinésBovinae, subfamily Bovinae - antilocapridae, pronghornAntilocapridae, family Antilocapridae - cervidae, cervidé, famille des cervidésCervidae, family Cervidae - tragulidaefamily Tragulidae, Tragulidae - camelidaeCamelidae, family Camelidae - giraffidaefamily Giraffidae, Giraffidae - mustelidae, mustélidésfamily Mustelidae, Mustelidae - loutre, lutrinaeLutrinae, subfamily Lutrinae - Mephitinae, subfamily Mephitinae - melinaeMelinae, subfamily Melinae - dasypodidaeDasypodidae, family Dasypodidae - bradypodidae, paresseux tridactylesBradypodidae, family Bradypodidae - megalonychidaefamily Megalonychidae, Megalonychidae - megatheriidaefamily Megatheriidae, Megatheriidae - family Mylodontidae, Mylodontidae - myrmecophagidaefamily Myrmecophagidae, Myrmecophagidae - famille des Manidés, manidaefamily Manidae, Manidae - hominidae, hominidésfamily Hominidae, Hominidae - family Pongidae, Pongidae - hylobatidaefamily Hylobatidae, Hylobatidae - cercopithecidaeCercopithecidae, family Cercopithecidae - platyrrhiniPlatyrrhini, superfamily Platyrrhini - Callithricidae, family Callithricidae - cebidae, cébidéCebidae, family Cebidae - tupaia, tupaiidaefamily Tupaiidae, Tupaiidae - lemuridae, lémuridésfamily Lemuridae, Lemuridae - daubentoniidaeDaubentoniidae, family Daubentoniidae - Loridae, loridés, lorisidae, lorisidésfamily Lorisidae, Lorisidae - Indridae, Indridés, indriidae, Indriidésfamily Indriidae, Indriidae - tarsiidaefamily Tarsiidae, Tarsiidae - cynocephalidaeCynocephalidae, family Cynocephalidae - éléphantidéElephantidae, family Elephantidae - mammutidaefamily Mammutidae, family Mastodontidae, Mammutidae - gomphotheriidaefamily Gomphotheriidae, Gomphotheriidae - procyonidae, procyonidésfamily Procyonidae, Procyonidae - Bassariscidae, subfamily Bassariscidae - Ailuropodidae, family Ailuropodidae[Spéc.]

mammal family (n.) • mammifère (n.m.)



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