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analogical dictionary

cobitidaeCobitidae, family Cobitidae - cyprinidaeCyprinidae, family Cyprinidae - Electrophoridae, family Electrophoridae - catostomidaeCatostomidae, family Catostomidae - cyprinodontidaeCyprinodontidae, family Cyprinodontidae - poeciliidaefamily Poeciliidae, Poeciliidae - holocentridaefamily Holocentridae, Holocentridae - anomalopidaeAnomalopidae, family Anomalopidae - zeidaefamily Zeidae, Zeidae - caproidaeCaproidae, family Caproidae - fistulariidaefamily Fistulariidae, Fistulariidae - gasterosteidaefamily Gasterosteidae, Gasterosteidae - syngnathidaefamily Syngnathidae, Syngnathidae - family Macrorhamphosidae, Macrorhamphosidae - centriscidae, CentriscidésCentriscidae, family Centriscidae - aulostomidaeAulostomidae, family Aulostomidae - petromyzontidaefamily Petromyzontidae, Petromyzontidae - myxinidaefamily Myxinidae, Myxinidae - chimaeridaeChimaeridae, family Chimaeridae - hexanchidaefamily Hexanchidae, Hexanchidae - lamnidae, lamnidéfamily Lamnidae, Lamnidae - family Isuridae, Isuridae - cetorhinidaeCetorhinidae, family Cetorhinidae - alopiidaeAlopiidae, family Alopiidae - orectolobidaefamily Orectolobidae, Orectolobidae - odontaspididaeCarchariidae, family Carchariidae, family Odontaspididae, Odontaspididae - rhincodontidaefamily Rhincodontidae, Rhincodontidae - scyliorhinidaefamily Scyliorhinidae, Scyliorhinidae - carcharhinidaeCarcharhinidae, family Carcharhinidae - triakidaefamily Triakidae, Triakidae - squalidaefamily Squalidae, Squalidae - sphyrnidaefamily Sphyrnidae, Sphyrnidae - squatinidaefamily Squatinidae, Squatinidae - raie électrique, raie torpille, torpedinidaefamily Torpedinidae, Torpedinidae - pristidaefamily Pristidae, Pristidae - rhinobatidaefamily Rhinobatidae, Rhinobatidae - dasyatidaeDasyatidae, family Dasyatidae - myliobatidaefamily Myliobatidae, Myliobatidae - family Mobulidae, Mobulidae - rajidaefamily Rajidae, Rajidae - family Latimeridae, Latimeridae - ceratodontidaeCeratodontidae, family Ceratodontidae - siluridaefamily Siluridae, Siluridae - Ameiuridae, family Ameiuridae - family Laricariidae, Laricariidae - ariidaeAriidae, family Ariidae - gadidaefamily Gadidae, Gadidae - macrouridaefamily Macrouridae, family Macruridae, Macrouridae, Macruridae - anguillidaeAnguillidae, family Anguillidae - muraenidaefamily Muraenidae, Muraenidae - congridaeCongridae, family Congridae - family Gonorhynchidae, Gonorhynchidae - Clupeidae, clupéidésClupeidae, family Clupeidae - engraulidaeEngraulidae, family Engraulidae - salmonidae, salmonidéfamily Salmonidae, Salmonidae - Coregonidae, family Coregonidae - osmeridaefamily Osmeridae, Osmeridae - elopidaeElopidae, family Elopidae - albulidaeAlbulidae, family Albulidae - argentinidaeArgentinidae, family Argentinidae - myctophidaefamily Myctophidae, Myctophidae - synodonte, synodontidaefamily Synodontidae, lizard fish, Synodontidae - chlorophthalmidaeChlorophthalmidae, family Chlorophthalmidae - lampridaefamily Lampridae, Lampridae - trachipteridaefamily Trachipteridae, Trachipteridae - regalecidaefamily Regalecidae, Regalecidae - ogcocephalidaefamily Ogcocephalidae, Ogcocephalidae - lophiidaefamily Lophiidae, Lophiidae - batrachoididaeBatrachoididae, family Batrachoididae - antennariidaeAntennariidae, family Antennariidae - belonidaeBelonidae, family Belonidae - exocet, exocoetidaeExocoetidae, family Exocoetidae - hemiramphidaefamily Hemiramphidae, Hemiramphidae - scomberesocidaefamily Scomberesocidae, family Scombresocidae, Scomberesocidae, Scombresocidae - family Ophiodontidae, Ophiodontidae - anabantidae, anabantidéAnabantidae, family Anabantidae - percidaefamily Percidae, Percidae - trichodontidaefamily Trichodontidae, Trichodontidae - ophidiidaefamily Ophidiidae, Ophidiidae - Brotulidae, family Brotulidae - carapidaeCarapidae, family Carapidae - centropomidae, centropomidéCentropomidae, family Centropomidae, snook - esocidaeEsocidae, family Esocidae - centrarchidaeCentrarchidae, family Centrarchidae - serranidaefamily Serranidae, Serranidae - embiotocidaeEmbiotocidae, family Embiotocidae - priacanthidaefamily Priacanthidae, Priacanthidae - apogonidaeApogonidae, family Apogonidae - malacanthidaefamily Malacanthidae, Malacanthidae - pomatomidaefamily Pomatomidae, Pomatomidae - rachycentridaefamily Rachycentridae, Rachycentridae - Echeneididae, family Echeneidae, family Echeneididae - carangidae, carangidé, carangueCarangidae, family Carangidae - coryphaenidaeCoryphaenidae, family Coryphaenidae - bramidaeBramidae, family Bramidae - Branchiostegidae, family Branchiostegidae - characidaeCharacidae, family Characidae - Characinidae, family Characinidae - cichlidae, cichlidéCichlidae, family Cichlidae - lutjanidaefamily Lutjanidae, Lutjanidae - haemulidaefamily Haemulidae, Haemulidae - sparidaefamily Sparidae, Sparidae - Sciaenidae, sciaenidés, scianidés, sciénidésfamily Sciaenidae, Sciaenidae - famille des mullidés, mullidaefamily Mullidae, Mullidae - famille des mugilidés, mugilidae, mugilidéfamily Mugilidae, Mugilidae - atherinidaeAtherinidae, family Atherinidae - sphyraenidaefamily Sphyraenidae, Sphyraenidae - pempheridaefamily Pempheridae, Pempheridae - kyphosidaefamily Kyphosidae, Kyphosidae - ephippidaeEphippidae, family Ephippidae - chaetodontidae, chétodonChaetodontidae, family Chaetodontidae - pomacentridaefamily Pomacentridae, Pomacentridae - labridaefamily Labridae, Labridae - famille des scaridés, poissons-perroquet, scaridaefamily Scaridae, Scaridae - polynemidaefamily Polynemidae, Polynemidae - family Opisthognathidae, Opisthognathidae - uranoscopidaefamily Uranoscopidae, Uranoscopidae - dactyloscopidaeDactyloscopidae, family Dactyloscopidae - blenniidaeBlenniidae, family Blenniidae - clinidaeClinidae, family Clinidae - pholidaefamily Pholidae, family Pholididae, Pholidae - stichaeidaefamily Stichaeidae, Stichaeidae - anarhichadidaeAnarhichadidae, family Anarhichadidae - zoarcidaefamily Zoarcidae, Zoarcidae - ammodytidaeAmmodytidae, family Ammodytidae - callionymidaeCallionymidae, family Callionymidae - gobiidaefamily Gobiidae, Gobiidae - eleotridaeEleotridae, family Eleotridae - percophidaefamily Percophidae, Percophidae - toxotidaefamily Toxotidae, Toxotidae - microdesmidaefamily Microdesmidae, Microdesmidae - acanthuridae, famille des poissons chirurgiens, poissons chirurgiensAcanthuridae, family Acanthuridae - gempylidéfamily Gempylidae, Gempylidae - trichiuridaefamily Trichiuridae, Trichiuridae - scombridaefamily Scombridae, Scombridae - family Kasuwonidae, Katsuwonidae - xiphiidaefamily Xiphiidae, Xiphiidae - istiophoridaefamily Istiophoridae, Istiophoridae - luvaridaefamily Luvaridae, Luvaridae - stromateidaefamily Stromateidae, Stromateidae - gobiesocidae, Gobiesocoideifamily Gobiesocidae, Gobiesocidae - lobotidaefamily Lobotidae, Lobotidae - gerreidaefamily Gerreidae, family Gerridae, Gerreidae, Gerridae - sillaginidaefamily Sillaginidae, Sillaginidae - amiidaeAmiidae, family Amiidae - Polyodontidae, polyodontidésfamily Polyodontidae, Polyodontidae - acipenséridéAcipenseridae, family Acipenseridae - lepisosteidaefamily Lepisosteidae, Lepisosteidae - scorpænidéfamily Scorpaenidae, Scorpaenidae - cottidaeCottidae, family Cottidae - cyclopteridaeCyclopteridae, family Cyclopteridae - liparidaefamily Liparidae, family Liparididae, Liparidae, Liparididae - agonidaeAgonidae, family Agonidae - hexagrammidaefamily Hexagrammidae, Hexagrammidae - platycephalidaefamily Platycephalidae, Platycephalidae - grondins, trigles, Triglidae, triglidésfamily Triglidae, gurnards, searobins, sea robins, Triglidae - subfamily Triglinae, Triglinae - Peristediinae, subfamily Peristediinae - dactylopteridaeDactylopteridae, family Dactylopteridae - balistidaeBalistidae, family Balistidae - family Monocanthidae, Monocanthidae - ostraciidaefamily Ostraciidae, family Ostraciontidae, Ostraciidae - tetraodontidae, tetraodontidéfamily Tetraodontidae, Tetraodontidae - diodontidéDiodontidae, family Diodontidae - molidaefamily Molidae, Molidae - Pleuronectidae, pleuronectidésfamily Pleuronectidae, Pleuronectidae, right-eye flounders - bothidaeBothidae, family Bothidae - cynoglossidaeCynoglossidae, family Cynoglossidae - soleidaefamily Soleidae, Soleidae - family Osteoglossidae, Osteoglossidae[Spéc.]

famille des poissons (n.) • fish family (n.) • poisson (n.m.)



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