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Lettris is a curious tetris-clone game where all the bricks have the same square shape but different content. Each square carries a letter. To make squares disappear and save space for other squares you have to assemble English words (left, right, up, down) from the falling squares.


Boggle gives you 3 minutes to find as many words (3 letters or more) as you can in a grid of 16 letters. You can also try the grid of 16 letters. Letters must be adjacent and longer words score better. See if you can get into the grid Hall of Fame !

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Oeuf, Oeuf non fécondé, Oeuf non fertilisé, Ovule, OvulesEgg, Egg, Unfertilized, Ova, Ovum - Embryon de mammifère, Embryon des mammifèresEmbryo, Mammalian, Mammalian Embryo - Canal omphalomésentérique, Canal omphalo-mésentérique, Canal vitellin, Conduit omphalomésentérique, Pédicule vitellinOmphalomesenteric Duct, Vitelline Duct - Canal de Müller, Canaux de MüllerMullerian Ducts - Oeuf fécondé, Oeuf fertilisé, Ovum fertilisé, ZygoteFertilized Egg, Fertilized Ovum, Ovum, Fertilized, Zygote - Bourgeon de membre, Bourgeons de membre, Ébauches de membreLimb Bud, Limb Buds - Ligne primitive, Ligne primitive de l'embryon, Ligne primitive embryonnairePrimitive Streak - Arc branchial, Arcs branchiaux, Arcs pharyngiens, Arcs viscéraux, Arc viscéral, Fentes branchiales, Fentes pharyngiennes, Région branchialeBranchial Arch, Branchial Arches, Branchial Clefts, Branchial Grooves, Branchial Region, Pharyngeal Arch, Pharyngeal Arches, Pharyngeal Clefts, Pharyngeal Grooves, Visceral Arch, Visceral Arches - Canal de Gartner, Canal de Malpighi Gartner, Canal de Wolff, Canal mésonéphrique, Canaux de Gartner, Canaux de Malpighi Gartner, Canaux de Wolff, Canaux mésonéphriques, Conduits de Gartner, Conduits de Wolff, Conduits mésonéphriquesGartner's Ducts, Gartner Ducts, Mesonephric Ducts, Wolffian Duct, Wolffian Ducts - Segmentation, Stade de la segmentation, Stade de la segmentation de l'oeuf, Stade de segmentationCleavage Stage, Ovum, Segmentation Stage, Ovum - Crête neuraleNeural Crest, Neural Fold, Neural Groove - OuraqueUrachus - Foetus, Foetus macéré, Foetus momifié, Foetus retenu, lithopédion, Tissu foetal, Tissus foetauxFetal Tissue, Fetus, Fetuses, lithopedion, Mummified Fetus, Retained Fetus - Centres organisateurs, hensen (noeud ou bouton de), Noeud de Hensen, Organisateur de Spemann, Organisateurs, Organisateurs embryonnairesEmbryonic Organizers, Embryo Organizers, Hensen's Node, Hensen Node, Organizers, Embryonic, Spemann's Organizer, Spemann Organizer - Blastocyte, Blastocytes, Blastomère, BlastomèresBlastocytes, Blastomeres - Corps de Wolff, Mésonéphros, Rein primordial, Reins primordiauxMesonephroi, Mesonephros, Wolffian Body - CloaqueCloaca - PlacentaPlacenta, Placentoma, Normal, Placentome - Morula, MorulasMorula - Chorde, Chorde dorsale, NotochordeChordamesoderm, Notochord - Canal neural, Tube neuralNeural Canal, Neural Tube - Neuroectoderme, Neuro-ectoderme, Plaque neuraleNeural Plate, Neuroectoderm - Embryon d'espèces non mammifères, Embryons d'espèces non mammifères, Embryons de non-mammifèresEmbryo, Nonmammalian, Embryo, Non-Mammalian, Nonmammalian Embryo - épiblaste, Feuillet embryonnaire, Feuillets embryonnaires, HypoblastEpiblast, Germ Layers[Spéc.]

A16  • Embryo (n.) • Embryon (n.) • Embryonic Structures (n.) • Embryons (n.) • Embryos (n.) • Fetal Structures (n.) • Prenatal Structures (n.) • Structures embryonnaires (n.) • Structures foetales (n.)