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analogical dictionary

Section symphyse pubienne, symphyséotomie, SymphysiotomieSymphysiotomy - Chirurgie, petite, Minor Surgery, Minor Surgical Procedure, Minor Surgical Procedures, Petite chirurgie, Procedure, Minor Surgical, Procedures, Minor Surgical, Surgical Procedure, MinorSurgery, Minor, Surgical Procedures, Minor - Greffe, Receveur de greffe, Receveur de transplant, Receveurs de greffe, TransplantationRecipient, Transplant, Recipients, Transplant, Transplantation, Transplant Recipient, Transplant Recipients - Care, Peroperative, Peroperative Care, Peropératoire, soin, Soins peropératoiresCare, Intraoperative, Intraoperative Care - Techniques sutureSuture Technics, Suture Techniques - Chirurgie obstétrique, Interventions chirurgicales obstétricales, Obstetrical Surgical Procedures, Obstetric Surgical Procedure, Procedure, Obstetric Surgical, Procedures, Obstetric Surgical, Surgery, Obstetric, Surgical Procedure, Obstetric, Surgical Procedures, ObstetricObstetrical Surgery, Obstetric Surgical Procedures - MicrochirurgieMicrosurgery - Anastomose chirurgicaleAnastomosis, Surgical, Surgical Anastomosis - Preoperative Procedure, Preoperative Procedures, Préopératoire, soin, Procedure, Preoperative, Procedures, Preoperative, Soins préopératoiresCare, Preoperative, Preoperative Care - Implantation prothèse, Mise en place prothèseProsthesis Implantation - avivement, Débridement, parageavivement, Debridement - LigatureLigation, Ligature - Ablation au laser, Ablation laser, Chirurgie au laser, Chirurgie laser, Couteau laser, Couteaux laser, Photoablation au laser, Photoablation laser, Scalpel laser, Thérapie au laser, Thérapie laser, Traitement au laser, Traitement laser, Traitement laser non-ablatif, Traitement par laser ablatif, Vaporisation au laser, Vaporisation laserLaser Ablation, Laser Knife, Laser Knives, Laser Photoablation of Tissue, Laser Scalpel, Laser Surgery, Laser Therapy, Laser Tissue Ablation, Nonablative Laser Treatment, Pulsed Laser Tissue Ablation, Surgery, Laser, Vaporization, Laser - RéinterventionReoperation, Repeat Surgery, Revision, Joint, Revision, Surgical, Surgery, Repeat, Surgical Revision - Circulation extracorporelleCirculation, Extracorporeal, Extracorporeal Circulation - Chirurgie cardiovasculaire, Intervention chirurgie cardiovasculaire, Procedure, Cardiovascular Surgical, Procedures, Cardiovascular Surgical, Surgical Procedure, Cardiovascular, Surgical Procedures, CardiovascularCardiovascular Surgical Procedure, Cardiovascular Surgical Procedures - Intervention chirurgicale thoraciqueProcedure, Thoracic Surgical, Procedures, Thoracic Surgical, Surgical Procedure, Thoracic, Surgical Procedures, Thoracic, Thoracic Surgical Procedure, Thoracic Surgical Procedures - Curetage, curetage (ou curettage)Curettage - LaparotomieLaparotomy, Minilaparotomy - Chirurgie électrique, ÉlectrochirurgieElectrosurgery - chirurgie électiveElective Surgical Procedure, Elective Surgical Procedures, Procedure, Elective Surgical, Procedures, Elective Surgical, Surgical Procedure, Elective, Surgical Procedures, Elective - Intervention orthopédiqueOrthopedic Procedures, Orthopedic Surgical Procedures - Chirurgie urogénitale, Intervention chirurgicale urogénitale, Procedures, Urogenital Surgical, Surgical Procedure, Urogenital, Surgical Procedures, Urogenital, Urogenital Surgical ProcedureProcedure, Urogenital Surgical, Urogenital Surgical Procedures - DrainageDrainage - Collecte d'organes, Collecte de tissus, Collecte de tissus et d'organes, Prélèvement d'organeOrgan Harvesting, Organ Retrieval, Tissue and Organ Harvesting, Tissue Harvesting - DissectionDissection - Chirurgie digestive, Gastrointestinal Surgical Procedure, Gastrointestinal Surgical Procedures, Intervention chirurgie digestive, Procedure, Digestive System Surgical, Procedure, Gastrointestinal Surgical, Procedures, Digestive System Surgical, Procedures, Gastrointestinal Surgical, Surgical Procedure, Digestive System, Surgical Procedure, Gastrointestinal, Surgical Procedures, Digestive System, Surgical Procedures, GastrointestinalDigestive System Surgical Procedure, Digestive System Surgical Procedures - Chirurgie minimalement invasive, CMI (Chirurgie Minimalement Invasive), Procédures de chirurgie minimalement invasiveMinimal Access Surgical Procedures, Minimally Invasive Surgical Procedures, Minimal Surgical Procedure, Minimal Surgical Procedures, Procedure, Minimal Surgical, Procedures, Minimal Access Surgical, Procedures, Minimally Invasive Surgical, Procedures, Minimal Surgical, Surgical Procedure, Minimal, Surgical Procedures, Minimal, Surgical Procedures, Minimal Access, Surgical Procedures, Minimally Invasive - Période peropératoire, Peropératoire, périodeIntraoperative Period, Peroperative Period - Décompression chirurgicaleDecompression, Surgical, Surgical Decompression - Mammectomie, MastectomieMammectomy, Mastectomy - Modification corporelle à visée non-thérapeutique, Modification corporelle d'origine culturelle, Modification corporelle non-thérapeutiqueBody Modification, Non-Therapeutic, Cultural Body Modification, Non-Therapeutic Body Modification - Chirurgie ophtalmologique, Intervention chirurgicale ophtalmologique, Ophthalmological Surgical Procedures, Procedure, Ophthalmologic Surgical, Procedures, Ophthalmologic Surgical, Surgical Procedure, Ophthalmologic, Surgical Procedures, OphthalmologicOphthalmologic Surgical Procedure, Ophthalmologic Surgical Procedures - Interventions neurochirurgicalesNeurosurgical Procedures, Procedures, Neurosurgical - SplénectomieSplenectomy - Éviscération pelvienne, Exentération pelvienne, PelvectomiePelvic Exenteration - Réintervention chirurgicale évaluation, Réintervention chirurgicale second-lookSecond-Look Surgery, Surgery, Second-Look - Soins périopératoiresPerioperative Care - Assistance cardiocirculatoireAssisted Circulation, Circulation, Assisted - Ganglion lymphatique, exérèse, Lymphadénectomie, Lymph Node DissectionLymphadenectomy, Lymph Node Excision - Chirurgie de l'obésitéBariatric Surgeries, Bariatric Surgery - Période postopératoire, Postopératoire, périodePostoperative Period - Intervention chirurgicale buccale, Procédé chirurgical bucco-maxillo-dentaire, Procédé chirurgical maxillofacial, Procédé chirurgical maxillo-facial, Procédés chirurgicaux buccomaxillaires, Procédés chirurgicaux bucco-maxillo-dentaires, Procédés chirurgicaux maxillofaciaux, Procédés chirurgicaux maxillo-faciaux, Techniques chirurgicales bucco-maxillaires, Techniques chirurgicales bucco-maxillo-dentaires, Techniques chirurgicales maxillofaciales, Techniques chirurgicales maxillo-facialesMaxillofacial Procedures, Oral Surgical Procedure, Oral Surgical Procedures, Procedure, Oral Surgical, Procedures, Oral Surgical, Surgical Procedure, Oral, Surgical Procedures, Oral - Ambulatory Surgery, Ambulatory Surgical Procedure, Chirurgie ambulatoire, Day Surgery, Intervention chirurgie ambulatoire, Office Surgery, Outpatient Surgery, Procedure, Ambulatory Surgical, Procedures, Ambulatory Surgical, Surgery, Day, Surgery, Office, Surgery, Outpatient, Surgical Procedure, Ambulatory, Surgical Procedures, AmbulatoryAmbulatory Surgical Procedures, Surgery, Ambulatory - OstomieOstomy - Chirurgie otorhinolaryngologique, Interventions chirurgicales oto-rhino-laryngologiques, Otorhinolaryngological Surgical Procedures, Procedure, Otorhinolaryngologic Surgical, Procedures, Otorhinolaryngologic Surgical, Surgical Procedure, Otorhinolaryngologic, Surgical Procedures, OtorhinolaryngologicOtorhinolaryngologic Surgical Procedure, Otorhinolaryngologic Surgical Procedures - Hémostase chirurgicaleHemostasis, Surgical, Surgical Hemostasis - Stimulation cérébrale haute fréquence, Stimulation cérébrale profonde, Stimulation électrique cérébraleBrain Stimulation, Deep, Deep Brain Stimulation, Electrical Stimulation of the Brain - Cryoablation, CryochirurgieCryoablation, Cryosurgery - BiopsieBiopsy - Postoperative Procedures, Postopératoires, soins, Procedures, Postoperative, Soins postopératoiresCare, Postoperative, Postoperative Care - Retrait appareillage, Retrait dispositifDevice Removal - Monitorage peropératoireIntraoperative Monitoring, Monitoring, Intraoperative - ParacentèseParacentesis - Chirurgie glandes endocrines, Intervention chirurgicale glandes endocrines, Procedure, Endocrine Surgical, Procedures, Endocrine Surgical, Surgical Procedure, Endocrine, Surgical Procedures, EndocrineEndocrine Surgical Procedure, Endocrine Surgical Procedures - Intervention chirurgicale reconstructiveCosmetic Reconstructive Surgical Procedures, Procedure, Reconstructive Surgical, Procedures, Reconstructive Surgical, Reconstructive Surgical Procedure, Reconstructive Surgical Procedures, Reconstructive Surgical Procedures, Cosmetic, Reconstructive Surgical Procedures, Esthetic, Surgical Procedure, Reconstructive, Surgical Procedures, Reconstructive[Spéc.]

E04  • Interventions chirurgicales (n.) • Procédés chirurgicaux (n.) • Procedure, Operative Surgical (n.) • Surgical Procedures, Operative (n.)



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