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The English word games are:
○   Anagrams
○   Wildcard, crossword
○   Lettris
○   Boggle.


Lettris is a curious tetris-clone game where all the bricks have the same square shape but different content. Each square carries a letter. To make squares disappear and save space for other squares you have to assemble English words (left, right, up, down) from the falling squares.


Boggle gives you 3 minutes to find as many words (3 letters or more) as you can in a grid of 16 letters. You can also try the grid of 16 letters. Letters must be adjacent and longer words score better. See if you can get into the grid Hall of Fame !

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analogical dictionary

Domaines (fr)[Domaine]

Mécanique spatiale (fr)[Domaine]

Matériaux-Thermique (fr)[Domaine]

Infrastructures (fr)[Domaine]

Véhicules spatiaux (fr)[Domaine]

Vols habités (fr)[Domaine]

Construction mécanique (fr)[Domaine]

Mécanique du vol-Mécanique spatiale (fr)[Domaine]

Mécanique du vol (fr)[Domaine]

Moyens de lancement (fr)[Domaine]

Médecine-Vols habités (fr)[Domaine]

Propulsion (fr)[Domaine]

Astrophysique (fr)[Domaine]

Thermique (fr)[Domaine]

Véhicules aérospatiaux (fr)[Domaine]

Mécanique des structures (fr)[Domaine]

Infrastructures-Véhicules spatiaux (fr)[Domaine]

Infrastructures-Moyens de lancement (fr)[Domaine]

Métrologie (fr)[Domaine]

Technologie spatiale-Vols habités (fr)[Domaine]

Propulsion-Pyrotechnie (fr)[Domaine]

Équipements (fr)[Domaine]

Moyens de lancement-Technologie spatiale (fr)[Domaine]

Mesures (fr)[Domaine]

Pilotage-Stabilisation (fr)[Domaine]

Structures (fr)[Domaine]

Guidage (fr)[Domaine]

Infrastructure orbitale (fr)[Domaine]

Infrastructures-Exploitation (fr)[Domaine]

Essais (fr)[Domaine]

Pilotage (fr)[Domaine]

Pyrotechnie (fr)[Domaine]

Véhicules spatiaux-Équipements (fr)[Domaine]

Propulsion-Pilotage (fr)[Domaine]

Technologie spatiale (fr)[Domaine]

Véhicules spatiaux-Essais (fr)[Domaine]

Propulsion-Mécanique du vol (fr)[Domaine]

Composants (fr)[Domaine]

Matériaux (fr)[Domaine]

Énergétique (fr)[Domaine]

Propulsion-Moyens de lancement (fr)[Domaine]

Qualité (fr)[Domaine]

Propulsion-Stabilisation (fr)[Domaine]

Mécanique du vol-Pyrotechnie (fr)[Domaine]

Navigation-Localisation (fr)[Domaine]

Infrastructures-Structures (fr)[Domaine]

Mécanique céleste (fr)[Domaine]

Thermique-Structures (fr)[Domaine]

Mécanique spatiale-Mécanique céleste (fr)[Domaine]

Mécanique du vol-Véhicules aérospatiaux (fr)[Domaine]

Physique-Optique (fr)[Domaine]

Télédétection (fr)[Domaine]

Navigation (fr)[Domaine]

Géophysique (fr)[Domaine]

Mécanique spatiale-Opérations (fr)[Domaine]

Localisation (fr)[Domaine]

Fiabilité (fr)[Domaine]

Propulsion-Véhicules aérospatiaux (fr)[Domaine]

Véhicules spatiaux-Mécanique spatiale (fr)[Domaine]

Qualité-Fiabilité (fr)[Domaine]

Guidage-Navigation (fr)[Domaine]

Infrastructures-Mesures (fr)[Domaine]

Véhicules spatiaux-Mécanique du vol (fr)[Domaine]

Stabilisation (fr)[Domaine]

ablative - acquisition - aerospace - HDD, head-down display - head-up display, HUD - head-level display, HLD - winglet - derating - allumeur de charges propulsives (fr) - splash-down - nozzle priming, priming - digital image analysis - angle of depression, depression angle - dip angle - viewing angle - angle of tilt, tilt angle - illumination angle - antivortex - apastron, apoapsis - swing-by - industrial architect - burn-out - gravity assistance - astronaut, cosmonaut - astronautics, space navigation - radar foreslope - bowser, fuelling vehicle - nozzling - sensor, transducer - active sensor - luminescence sensor - push broom sensor - passive sensor - capture - gimbal - photomap - satellite image map, space map - spectral map - detector cell - line center - scene center - multiband camera, multispectral band - speckle - launch timetable - feed system, fuel system - earthlight, earthshine - normalization coefficients - control - color composite, colour composite - count-down - count-up - despin - reentry vehicle - offgassing, outgassing - spin-down - spin down - ignition delay - destriping - negative mascon - detector, sensor - look direction - delay ground distance, delay ground range - cross polarization data - like polarization data - hyperspectral data - geocoded data - satellite based-data, satellite data - multi-angle data, multi-look data - ghost echo - angel echo - ecopoiesis, terraforming - radar foreshortening - banding effect - striping effect - survival kit - life support equipment, life support system - residual propellant - outer space - PBV, post boost vehicle - black-out, signal black-out - scan swath - digital filtering - despeckling filter, speckle filter - sea clutter - clutter - geocoding - geocode - geomatics - spin - assembly building - satellite angular elevation - image map - binary image - chronosequential image - low frequency image - high frequency image - soft copy - composite color image, composite colour image - color composite, color density slicing, colour composite, colour density slicing - filtered image - geocoded image - raster image - multisensor image - multidate image, multitemporal image - multisatellite image - radar multi-look image, radar mutiple-look image - satellite picture - radar single-look image - spectral image - slant range image - gradient image - imagery - imaging - imaging device, imaging system - weightlessness, zero-g, zero gravity - NDVI, normalized difference vegetation index - yellowness vegetation index, YVI - SBI, soil brightness index - mineralization index - turbid index, turbidity index - vegetation index - non such index, NSI - interfacing - interface - interface device - cross-talk - swath width - lidar - Mie-lidar - Raman-lidar - Rayleigh-lidar - Doppler-lidar - atmospheric lidar - imaging lidar - scan line - image line - ground resolution - radiometric resolution - spectral resolution - sampling grid - astrodynamics - space meteorology - microgravity - microgravity - SSM, strip selection mirror - mosaicking - mosaic - feature pattern - neochannel - nominal - radar shadow - active optics, adaptive optics - disposal orbit, graveyard orbit - concentrator solar array - flexible solar array, solar blanket - field walk - spectral affinity - image zoning - sampling interval - satellite track - periapsis, periastron - scanning line period - satellite-borne photography, satellite photograph, satellite photography - photoidentification - photointerpretation - photointerpreter - controlled mosaic - orthophotomosaic - ground control point - control point, ground control point, picture control point - check point - far range - near range - orbital position, orbital slot - combustion pressure - propellant - plasma propulsion - thermal protection - quasi-mosaic - SAR, synthetic aperture radar - side-looking radar, SLR - radargrammetry - radar image - satellite radionavigation - launching ramp, launch ramp - ground truth - image rectification - mascon - spectral response - image restoration - cosmetic correction - cosmetic correction - radar backslope - orbitation, satellization - satellize - satellite - tethered satellite - early-warning satellite - co-located satellites - phased satellites - scene - data strip - field strip - second go around - spectral signature - test site - limb sounding - limb sonder - Microware Limb Sounder, MLS - subimage - space science and technology - orbital station - space station - stereoradargrammetry - stereoradiometry - images registration - spin-up - spin up - AOCS, attitude and orbit control system - DORIS system - main system manufacturer - groundel, ground element, ground patch area - spaceborne remote sensing - range finding - landing gear - digital image processing - limb path - multiple path - interorbital transfer - swivelling nozzle - transatmospheric vehicle - clutterlock - oblique sight, oblique view - escape velocity - ground volume - effective volume[Domaine]



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